Tarot divines whether you can handle the financial power after marriage

Usually men and women are equal in love, but once you get married and put into the boring routines, at this time holding the financial power will directly determine the status in your family. Is your lover willing to hand in all his salary to you? Do you have the ability to hold the purse strings? The following four cards hide secret messages, please choose one with this question from the following cards and check the result!

A: The Fool

He will not have any idea for who manages money. He will think that since two sides get married, and should not distinguish one from the other, it is very natural that he won't care too much on the money issue. However, his financial ability is not very good; he really needs a capable wife to help manage money. In this issue you'd better not worry about, you can directly manage the family’s financial power; he would be willing to give the money to you.

B: Justice

You will usually find a more rational partner, here rationality refers to the economic aspect. He is unwilling to hand in all his money to his wife to manage, because he will feel that he has no independent space. After the wedding, if you are lucky, you can still hold a part of finance, but fortunately it is difficult to grasp the other's purse, basically you spend your own money!

C: The Sun

This card indicates you are lucky, no matter how he spends money like water before marriage, or is too stingy to die. Once he gets married, he will become your dish on the table; you can eat whatever you want! Strong family values made he believe that men are not good at conducting financial transactions, so it is very naturally after marriage he will give all the income to you, and let you hold the purse strings. You can rest assured on this issue.

D: The High Priestess

You will pay attention to your feeling with each other, even after the wedding you will not show any eager to grasp the other’s purse. But you can let him give his money to you voluntary with a little wisdom. He will unconsciously be guided by you, for example you say it is good for him to hand in money to you, or words like these and so on. He will be moved by you seemly sincere look, then let you alone handle the financial power!