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Tarot divines whether you have missed your happiness

Now the definition of happiness is the state when psychological desire is satisfied. However, the happiness we are here talking about is narrow happiness ---- sense of happiness brought by love. Are you immersing in the happiness of love, or have been ‘’one who has seen the ocean thinks nothing of mere rivers‘’? Let's do the Tarot divination!


A: Page of Cups

Happiness is still in front of you

That happiness belongs to you is waiting in front of you, you'd better pay attention to keep in good condition with abundant energy, and adjust everything in your life, make full preparation for the happiness.

B: Ten of Cups

Happiness is just in front you

Congratulations! You now are immersed in happiness, you can enjoy the feeling in detail brought by the lover! Everything has its eason, it is this kind of grief and joy can form a big happiness.

C: Five of Cups

Happiness has become the past

The person loved you really has become the past. You'd better put more energy into work and bigger and further pursuits.

D: Eight of Cups

The heart was dead and became ashes

In your feelings hurm is often more than happiness, even if you have loved someone, this person also let you love very painful. You'd better not hope to get the happiness of love now and in the future.