Tarot Divines Whether Your Lover Gives the True Heart to You

A lot of people say that marriage is a gamble. If you win a happy life, you will be unlucky if you lose. Indeed, it's hard to see through people's hearts. When they are in love, both of them show the best side. It is difficult to find out the shortcomings of each other and determine whether they are suitable for living together. Most of the time, only after marriage can we gradually discover the most real side of each other, and often at that time, we will find that the people around us are not worthy of a lifetime commitment, but then it is too late to regret.

Are you in hot love now? Do you want to know if your lover really loves you and is worth entrusting your life? Let's do this Tarot Divination.

Divination rules: You'd better keep peace of mind, while meditating:" Does my lover really love me and is worth entrusting my life?”, and then choose one from the following four cards intuitively.

1. Three of Swords

This Tarot shows that your lover might have reservations for your love, and might haven't given the true heart to you. Your lover might have experienced emotional harm before, so this guy might have a lot of insecurity in heart and would be hesitant in love, your lover might be afraid to be hurt again, dare not to give the true heart to you. If you really love this person, you'd better give your lover some warmth, tolerance and understanding to rewarm the other's cold heart over, at that time your lover would be dedicated to you.

2. Temperance

This Tarot shows that you haven’t completely given your hearts to each other, because both sides require the return in love, you could not determine whether the other has really put the real heart, so both sides would have some reservations mutually. In fact, love is both simple and complicated, the lovers should put their true hearts to each other. You'd better open your hearts and treat the other frankly, you would get the right answer.

3. Seven of Pentacles(inversion)

This Tarot shows that your lover might be a selfish person, and might haven't given the true heart to you, your lover might just hope your pay, and would not like to make any loss. You'd better think about whether such a person is worthy of your love.

4. Strength

This Tarot shows that your lover would already have put the true heart to you. You’re the right type and your lover might really love you and really hope to live with you forever. If you still worry about and hesitate, you'd better lay down these concerns and love this person completely. Believe me, your lover is worthy of your true love.