Tarot divines who would be the most suitable partner for you

Tarot rules: Keep calm state of mind and say to yourself: "Who is the most suitable for my partner?" And then choose one from the following four cards in the seat of your pants. Do not choose deliberately nor repeatedly.


Option 1: Temperance

Tarot divination results: You would be a relatively careless people, and your partner must be a careful and thoughtful person. He needn't to have a lot of money, but he must be able to compensate for your deficiency. So you would have good cooperation relationship with each other.


Option 2: Judgement

Tarot divination results: You would be a very talented person with leadership, and your character might be rather strong. It is not difficult for you to find a suitable partner, as long as the person is gentle and able to serve you control and could cooperate fully with you.

Option 3: The High Priestess

Tarot divination results: You would need a partner, he must have a high knowledge with a certain economic base. You would not be fit to start something from scratch with a partner. You'd better start your own business yourself, and then find a partner after you've haven development. Ortherwise it would be difficult to cooperate together.

Option 4: Page of Swords

Tarot divination results: You might be some lazy, and you would think of more but do less. You would not be suitable for starting a major task unless you could find a good partner. This person must have full of energy, and you must have the same hobby and common goal. And you must do the favorite cause, so you would do incredible things together.