Tarot divines your best way to have a love affair?

Tarot divination rule: Keep calm state and meditate: " What is the best way to have a love affair?" and select one from the following four cards with intuition. Do not make a deliberate or repeated selection.


Option 1: Eight of Swords(inversion)

Tarot divination result: If you really love your lover, you'd better open your heart to accept the person. You'd better have a forgiving heart, after all, two people grew up in different environments, it is inevitable there will be many different habits, then you should understand and tolerate each other. Do not get too preoccupied to look at each other's strengths, do not stare at your lover's deficiencies, so you two would get along happily.

Option 2: The High Priestess

Tarot divination result: The best way is to love the person is to maintain the current state, because the current situation is your best state. You'd better enrich yourself.

Option 3: Eight of Pentacles

Tarot divination result: You'd better have some skills to love this person, do not think it's enough to love the person, sometimes love also needs to have skills. You'd better not love blind.

Option 4: The Lovers

Tarot divination result: You'd better not do anything might hurt your love relationship, and more considerate and tolerate each other's deficiencies. You should think about in your lover's shoes. You'd better pay more attention to some small details, win each other's respect and love with your sincerity and tolerance, which is the best way to love the person.