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Tarot divines your flash marriage probability

Your friends and schoolmates got married and gave birth to a child already, as a single do you feel anxious? Are the normally rejected dating, flash marriage regarded into the account? Or do you choose to stick to the position and wait for your own feelings to you patiently? ... ... Let's do following tarot divination to have a look at your flash marriage probability?

A, The High Priestess

Flash marriage probability: -80%

For you marriage means everything, flash marriage is hard. Even if you stayed with the other part for a long time, if the other party is n the course and stepped in to your mine, you are also very likely not to convince yourself to forgive the other at a critical time but will choose to break up. This kind of personality is very good in other field, can effectively protect the interests of your own, but the need for coordination with compromise feelings of marriage, it is likely to be your biggest obstacle.


B, Justice

Flash marriage probability: 5%

You have a praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct peace, can withstand loneliness, also know when to refuse. Too many opposite sexes fell in love with you, but let you enter the marriage hall is indeed a difficult task. Because you know what you want and not what, this too sober character is easy to let you finally get lost.

C, The Wheel

Flash marriage probability: 50%

In the eyes of others your are lively and dare to love and hate, people around me are attracted by your lovely character, your nerve is less sensitive, can not distinguish between lover and friend, so frequently you missed the person or opportunity. But as long as you are sure what you want, the other is also for this purpose, flash marriage is not impossible!

D, Strength

Flash marriage probability: 99%

Persist in your old ways is your sign, a simple and imaginative mind is hiding behind your impulsive nature. You think love is irrational, as long as the feeling is correct and you can do nothing.