Tarot divines your lover would break up with you

People in love are sweet, but also worry about personal gains and losses. As long as the lover has a little change, which will make you think of if your lover will break up with you?  If you have such a doubt, then let's do the tarot divination to see if your feeling is Right.

Divination rules: Please relax and meditate to yourself “Will my lover break up with me?” and choose one from the following four cards intuitively. Remember not to choose deliberately and repeatedly.

Pentacles Six

This tarot shows that your partner doesn't want to break up with you. Recently, your lover has great pressure of work, and puts the most attention in the work, and may ignore of you, which let you think that he or she doesn't care about you. In fact, he or she really loves you, and wants to spend the whole life with you, how will your lover break up with you? If you are dissatisfied with him or her, you can point out the shortcomings, not stuffy in the heart to make blind and disorderly conjectures, and that will be the real threat to your relationship.

The Sun

People selecting this tarot do not need to ask your love, your relationship is very solid, the lover is good to you, and has no idea of breaking up with you. Your lover feels very happy and cheerful together with you, and you have no obstacle in material. In short, you are at the most sweet time.

Ace of Wands

This tarot shows that your relationship is very well at present, you don't worry about things of breaking up. Your position in his or her heart is very important, because you are the only one that can understand him or her, and you are the soul person for your lover, you two are both lovers and friends, this relationship is the most solid, and nobody can separate you.

Swords Nine

This tarot shows that your lovers has idea of breaking up with you already, just had not made up the mind and hesitated and tangled. The reason for this is because you are totally too strict on your lover, whether clothes, or talk, you put forward a very high request, which let your lover feel a lot of pressure together with you, and lives very tired. That your lover is still hesitant because that he or she is also reluctant to the sweet moment with you in the past, if you don't reflect on your own, continue to be strict to your lover, then your relationship will eventually go over.