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Tarot divines your result of online dating

This is a world of network. You can do almost anything at home through the Internet, which of course include love and romance. While success rate of online dating is not high, but there are more and more people through the network to fall in love. After all, its reliability is not high, people will inevitably worry about their love to be fruitless. Whether are you online dating now? Do you want to know about the result of it? Then do the tarot divination to see what it is said.

Divination rules: Please keep calm and meditate: “what result is my love online dating?” and choose one from the following five cards intuitively. Do not choose repeatedly nor deliberately.


Three of Cups(Inversion)

This tarot shows that you would likely to break up in your online dating. However, the relationship would become your lifelong memory, because you would be too crazy and sweet together. Although ultimately you could not be together, but the memory would be worthy. It is like doing a wonderful dream, wake up and then back to the original life, but you would often savor the sweet feeling.

Nine of Swords

This tarot shows that sweet love would become a quarrel and unhappiness to you. The two individual's personalities are very strong, even if separated, through the network you would also occur all kinds of friction and unpleasant things. You could surely can imagine the natural result of this kind of love. Perhaps it is not a bad thing to break up, but is one kind of extrication.

Ace of Pentacles(Inversion)

This tarot shows that this period of courtship would be difficult to have fruition, you would final break up. Your love would be purely the empty talk. You would have many obstacles and difficulties in reality, so you would be unlikely to be together. This spirit of love could not maintain long, finally the only left for you would be a beautiful memory.

Seven of Cups(Inversion)

This tarot shows that your love would not only be able to be successful but also you might have the possibility of being deceived. So you'd better be careful. Do not be perplexed by the other's blandishments. You must know the other’s all informations more, and then decide whether or not to contact with the person.

The Hierophant(Inversion)

This tarot shows that the ending of your online dating would be more optimistic, because both of you would give your heart to the other side. And your realistic conditions could also allow, so this relationship would be likely to have good result. You might feel a little uneasy for this form of love, also dare not to completely let go. As long as you could cross the bridge, sincere you would be together finally.