Tarot Predicts If You Could Marry A Good Husband

Tarot divination rules: Please keep your peace of mind and meditate in your heart: "Can I marry a good husband?" Then choose one of the four cards below based on your feelings. Remember not to choose deliberately and not repeatedly.


Choice 1: Page of Pentacles

Tarot divination results: You could marry a good rich husband. Your husband would have quite ability of making money, so you need not worry about money after marriage! You would be very rich in terms of material life.

Choice 2: Four of Wands (inversion)

Tarot divination results: You would be less likely to marry a good husband. You could not get along very well with your husband, you would encouter emotional instability, your marriage would experience many twists and turns, you'd better get ready. Only two people have mutual tolerance and understanding, can you spend those difficulties.

Choice 3: Ten of Wands (inversion)

Tarot divination results: Your husband can not be regarded as a good husband, and you might always feel depressed and hard with him. Your husband could not be very considerate of you, and you must share all the chores in the family, he would rarely help you. You would be always very busy in life with a lot of pressure! 

 Choice 4: The Magician (inversion)

Tarot divination results: Your husband would be pretty good. Perhaps you could not be very satisfied with him, but he would be good at amusing you happy! Even if when you feel very bad, as long as he wants, he could quickly make you happy! You would not feel bored and lonely with him, because he could always get some fun things to enliven your life.