Tarot Predicts If You have Found Your True Love?

Tarot divination rules:Keep the state of inner peace and meditate in the heart: "is my Mr. Right coming?" Then choose one card from the following four cards by feeling. Remember not to choose deliberately or repeatedly.


Option 1:The Empress

Divination results: Your true love has come already. If you're in love, your lover would be right your true love, you would be together forever. If you're single, you would meet a rather good opposite sex soon. Whether this person is your true love or not depends on your true feeling in heart.

Option 2:The Hermit

Divination results: Your true love has not come. You are very careful in love, so it's really hard for you to pay your true heart easily, maybe you've already haven companion, but you still can not determine whether this person is your true love or not. If you feel this relationship some reluctant, you'd better consider whether to continue seriously, because sometimes two people may feel more lonely than one person alone.

Option 3:The Lovers

Divination results: Your lover would be likely your true love, but it is not sure. Because your relationship is not very stable right now, sometimes good, sometimes bad. If you could ride out the run-in period, you would become lifelong companion. If you lacked of understanding and tolerance with each otheer, or you diidn't love each other deep enough, you might not ride out the run-in period, you would be very likely to break up and far apart from each other.


Option 4:Justice

Divination results: You haven't found your true love right now. You are demanding of your lover very much, you will not accept a person unless he or she can meet all your standards. Perhaps you are never short of suitors. Right now there is only one person who really loves you so much, you can entrust your whole life to this person, but you might not be satisfied with this person. You'd better reduce your conditions, do not let your true love go, otherwise it would be too late to regret.