Tarot Predicts Whether He Really Loves Me or Not?


We believe that all women want to meet a men who loves them and cares about them. But not all people have good luck like this. Mostly things go contrary to their wishes. Do you want to know whether he really loves you or not? To think of your lover in your mind and meditate, "does he love me or not?" Depending on the intuition from below, choose a card, you'll find the answer.

1. The Sun

The sun symbolises a patriarchal, represents a kind of selfless love, so his love for you needs not to be returned. This card indicates that your partner likes to take care of you, he doesn't want your money or body, he simply love you. Congratulations!

2. The Hermit

In measuring other divination this card is a low-key card, is not a good card. But in measuring whether the other one loves you or not, it is on behalf of the man stealthily loves you, whether you have groundless talk, illness and death, he will be with you. The hermit is alse a symbol of wisdom, so when you are in bad mood, have a talk with him. You will get some intelligent release. You are so lucky!

3. The Stars

This card shows that you are very attractive, the card is a very good brand in testing the love and career. However when it is used to measure whether the person loves you or not, this card represents that you are a little strong sometimes, or your light is too bright to let men to pursue you. Do not be discouraged, try to convergence about your light. The one who loves you would appear one day.

4. The Magician

The magician represents the elusive love, choosing the card indicated that he is cold or hot to you, sometimes he is so good to you, sometimes he is not good to you. But that doesn't mean he doesn't love you, that is his nature. He is too busy to call you. When he is free, he will think that you are lonely and poor, his heart feels very guilty, he will be good to you suddenly. Remind yourself of the two words: "follow kama".

5、The High Priestess

The priestess represents that you are officious in many things, you help him too much, causing him to feel you are so ordinary now. The priestess has no love forune in the meaning of the card, but tends to make judgement and unhold justice. This means your personality is to uphold justice, right is right, wrong is wrong, such as no smoking, no drinking, which will make him feel a little scared. You should play the role of a girlfriend, but you play the role of a mother. You should make appropriate convergence flood of motherhood, also let him do something.