Test whether your ever lover would be an unreasonable person when you broke up



When you are together, everything is OK. But when you broke up, what will he or she do? Would he or she be unreasonable, crazy or something? Let's do the following Tarot divination.

Tarot divination rule : Keep calm and peaceful, meditating in your heart: "If you break up, lovers would become an unreasonable person?" Then choose one from the following four cards.

A: The sun inversus

Select this one shows that if you break up, your ever lover would tell people around he or she everything about you. He or she would be special unreasonable. Seemingly your lover is very sunny, but in fact he or she is selfish. He or she does not consider other people's feelings. Even he or she would use exaggerated way to discredit you, to demonstrate his or her innocence.

B: Wheel of Fortune

This one indicates that when you broke up, you would be friend at least. Of course, now both of you have a good relationship, and do not have the crisis to break up.

C: Priestess inversus

This one shows that if you broke up, he or she would gradually fade out of your life, almost no connection between you. He or she would not do anything to avenge you, it will not become an unreasonable person.

D: leader inversus

This one indicates that if you broke up, he or she may not let you go, probably he or she would choose a more insidious way to revenge you. Now your lover is a relatively Ayutthaya, careful thought, a bit black people. If you do not have much interest among you, but simply a relationship, you may not have any big trouble when you broke up. But if he or she paid a lot for you, he would revenge you when you broke up.