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Test with Tarot Divination to See If You Will Believe the Rumors?

Tarot divination rules: Please keep your inner peace and say to yourself, "do I easily believe rumors?" Then choose one card from the following four cards by feeling. Remember not to choose deliberately or repeatedly.


Option 1: The Tower

Tarot divination results: Generally you would not believe rumors, you are not interested in rumors. When you hear some rumors, you would not care about. Of course, you rarely talk about messy rumors with your friends. It is rather difficult for you to believe in other people, and in any case the rumors.

Option 2: Judgement

Tarot divination results: In fact, it is easy for you to believe the rumors, as long as people tell you the so-called rumors, you will believe easily. Of course, you are not stupid, you will soon be aware of dubious, but you are very kind, you are always easy to trust others, thus you are easy to suffer losses.

Option 3: Five of Swords

Tarot divination results: You would never care about rumors, at most they are regarded as dispensable jokes in your life, and you would laugh at those who believed. Of course, you are also a very nagging person, you would be interested if you encounter anything you concern, but you will not care about too much.

Option 4: Seven of Swords

Tarot divination results: Here I have to say that you are super sagging people, you would be very easy to believe the rumors, even if you know it is a rumor, you would rather believe it to be truth than not. And sometimes you will be the source of the rumors.