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Through Tarot to find out what is your current career crisis?

Is your recent work smoothly? What problem will you encounter for the next work? Do you have been very upset? Or have you early finished related work now only wait for harvest? Without further ado, choose the tarot card to see your unknown career crisis!

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A: Five of Swords

Things are in a bad way

You should carefully review your relationships, in front of others you are too strong, often let your colleagues think your movement is aggressive. Or, you don't know how to speak, and the boss performance attitude will not be accepted. To make a long story short you lack of tact means, you speak too straight, will not wrong yourself. So will only continue to slowly fall into a passive situation, work will become more and more difficult.!

B: Ten of Wands

Need to find the right time to be lazy

People working in the office are always lazy, but the way you act is very fierce, your luck is bad, just a stretch is seen by superior, performance is also falling into the grey situation, the unfinished work is always asked to take out, now it is the time to adjust your state, you really should make active performance!

C: Two of Wands

Whether have you thought to change a new direction?

People often need more courage when making exit decision than choose, when you feel more and more difficulty, you have worked very hard but still miss pace with colleagues, your boss's request at you are deliberately, then you'd better choose another road! People always want to go ahead, whether you want to or not, time will always push you forward, so cheer up, make serious choice of your career path in the future!

D: Seven of Pentacles

The boundless scenery is at the perilous peak.

The future is all sufferings have their reward for you, no one knows there are how many bitter tears behind your infinite scenery. Fresh flowers, applause and a lot of money, admiring eyes, these will be the harvest for you soon after, please remember to keep low-key, because this can let you win more permanent victory!

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