To divine if you will meet again after breaking up by Tarot

Tarot rules: Keep calm state, and meditate: "will I meet again after breaking up?" and select one from the following four cards with intuition,  remember not to make a deliberate or repeated selection.



Option 1: The World

Tarot Results: Although the affair is over, but your mind does not really put Ta, still thinking about the possibility of meeting again. As long as you usually pay more attention to Ta, want to meet again in touch with little difficulty, rather wait for a chance door, as the initiative to find some of Ta, the result is a success or failure, and only do the know.

Option 2: The Moon

Tarot Results: in fact, you fate entirely, although broke up, and my heart still thinking about each other, a great chance to meet again. Patiently waiting for it, the wheel of fortune will be re-sent to you in front of Ta, as long as you still worried about each other, reconciled not impossible.

Option 3: The Emperor

Tarot Results: The romance has ended, you both very difficult to be able to meet again. Ta now have their own lives, almost almost forget you, and see what meaning does not meet, and even meet again just nod, no difference with strangers.

Option 4: The Devil

Tarot Results: After breaking up, you will have the opportunity to meet, and once you meet there might reignite. If you really want to continue with him, then it would take advantage of, but if you just want the hearts of resentment, it has no feelings , and that there is no need to bother, and inviting worry unnecessarily.