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To divine why you will quit the job in the future by Tarot

Are you comfortable in the office now drinking tea and typing the computer? Have you thought how long can you do this job? And why will you it leave the job in the future? If you are interested, let’s do this Tarot Divination! Please relax, thinking of your work now and choose a card from below and see the result!


A: King of Swords

To draw the king of swords indicates that your present work seems to have no big problem. Would you like to compromise more realistic problems in the work and not to insist on yourself all the time? This card is to remind you sometimes don't have principles too much, or too adhere to your own ideas. Or one day if you are against the boss, you may be fired!

B: Swords Two

To draw this card indicates that the present work often brings you depressed mood, if you will not look at the salary’s sake, you have probably already resigned! But now it is not that easy to find good job! External competition is so big, and you temporarily endure and do it! If you really leave it one day, then it is mostly due to depression makes you really can't stay!

C: Swords Seven

To draw this card indicates that you are not very satisfactory to the current work; you will not give up a tree for the entire forest. Hold and wait. You will definitely do! In the future, the reason to leave out is that you must have found a better job!

D: Cups Six

To draw this card indicates that you are working with following the prescribed order, and there is no satisfactory thing. You have developed feelings for working people and things, so hope of doing it for long-term stability, even if there is not too much development also does not matter.

E: The Tower

To draw this card indicates that the gorgeous scene is an illusion for the present job. In fact, the company's internal had big problems, to borrow a word from China is our fate will do, just a matter of time. In the current position you may not know the internal flaws, but it looks like this job will not be too long, you will most likely be an off-duty!

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