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To find out whether you can afford both love and career by Tarot divination?

Love and career are the two major themes of life, many people want to get both, can not only enjoy the sweet love, but also are successful in career, but few of them really can do this. Most people are have a good career, but love is not available; or have sweet love, but career is not good. If you are interested, let's do this tarot divination to see whether you can be affordable of both love and career.

The divination rules: Please keep relaxed, say to yourself: "Can I have both love and career?" Intuitively, and choose a card from the following four Tarot Cards.



This tarot shows that This tarot shows that you have a very strong dedication of the people, put all the time and energy in the work, but also because of the fear of falling in love may delay the work, until now has not been in love, of course you are not afford both love and career. In fact, love does not necessarily affect the work, if you can have a lover to support and take care of you in the back, which is more beneficial to your career.


This tarot shows that you can arrange your own life, can distingwish between career and love very clearly, you work hard at work time, seldom think about romance; at the rest time you focus on love,  make appointment, travel, eat, watch movies together with the lover. In this way, you can not only be busy with your own business, and also enjoy the sweet love, really are affordable with both love and career.

The Stars

This tarot shows that although in the eyes of outsiders, you are affordable with both love and career, but you do not think so. When love is sweet, you may feel your career lack of progress, but once you are successful in career, but you will feel that love is not satisfied. Sometimes the heart is the most not easy to meet, when you think everything is not going well, it is because of excessive desire, you need to know that content is happiness.

The High Priestess

This tarot shows that your personality is one track-minded, once you confirmed something, others are difficult to change your ideas. Between love and career, you can only choose one, or clinging to the love, but care nothing else in mind; or clinging to the career, will not think about feelings of things. As for whether love or career, is to see which one to come to your side firstly.

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