Test to see if you would be bullied by others easily

Psychological test question: You get to know an e-friend on a forum, you have similar hobbies, have similar tastes and interests, talk about anything. One day this e-friend invited to meet you, and you accepted. But when you meet this person, you have an urge to immediately go away. Which of the following reasons would make you want to go away?

A: e-friend is in bad shape

B: e-friend's words and deeds are too vulgar

C: e-friend looks too ugly

D: e-friend has no other legitimate career

E: You have too big age gap with e-friend

Psychological test results A:  being bullied index is 55﹪

You are quite soft-hearted, when others bullied you, although you were very angry at that time, but you generally do not care about afterwards. So your character can make you relatively easy to make friends, you are popular. But if you encountered some people with particularly poor quality, the other side may easily grab your weaknesses and repeatedly bully you. So you should have your own bottom line in making friends. Do not haggle over every ounce, nor let other bully you, if the other party is really unreasonable, you'd better counterattack.

Psychological test results B: being bullied index is 80﹪

You are uncontentious person, you would rather be bullied by others in order to have a good karma,  just blindly forbear. Although you would not offend people, but you would easily become the underdog. Although it is a virtue to be based on that harmony is what matters, but it must be established on the basis of mutual respect, if you only blindly self-surrender, while the other is insatiable, that you do not need to forbear. You'd better fight back to earn respect.

Psychological test results C: being bullied index is 90﹪

You're not a person to compromise, but your mind is too wide, you do not mind even if you put-upon, as long as the other is not too far, you will not care. Such character actually makes you live a very happy life, but you really suffered your friends, when they are watching you being bullied without fighting back, they will be so anxious about you.

Psychological test results D: being bullied index is 40﹪

You're not a good bully object, people respect you and you respect people more, if people bully you, you must fight back in double. You adhere to the principle, allthough it is difficult for you to be bullied, but it is not easy to make friends too. if you are more pliable, you would be more popular.

Psychological test results E: being bullied index is 0﹪

You not only will not be bullied, but also you would bully others. In fact, you are not so bad, but you are very strong, particularly feisty. You dislike that kind of yes man, if you meet such man, you may wish to bully the other. If experiencing an equally powerful person, you will become friends with each other instead.