To test your character by way of taking off shoes

Most people will change the shoes at the door after back from work, and the way of taking off shoes can reflect the character of a person. If you don't believe me, let's have a look at the following article.

Toe caps are put at the door

It is so called " the last to enjoy comforts". You could get ready completely for everything, you would worship the perfection. You might have so many enemies in the society, and would not relax to the colleagues. You would depress your feelings and keep the countenance, also comply with social norms and action. However, you would keep too hard defensive armor, you mgiht cause many misunderstandings even for social welfare. From perspective of psychoanalysis, your moral and ethical sense would be very strong. You'd better unload a little burden off your shoulder.

Toe caps are put towards the incoming direction

You would consider the ways and means appropriately, you could achieve social balance. You would be thoughtful in real life. From perspective of psychoanalysis, you could balance with "ego, superego and original ego". And you could always give people a sense of maturity.

Take off casually

You would never consider the social system and rules, and put pursuit of the ego desire as the center. You might be more impulsive and like free and untremmelled life style. From perspective of psychoanalysis, you would have strong ego. It would be very good if you developed towards a good direction. However, if you developed towards bad direction, you would become a "straightforward " person.

The inmate helps you to take off

This kind of person is the most straightforward, who is very casual and more straightforward. This kind of person is not so kind as completely spoiled. You must pay attention to the coordination with the surrounding environment, or one day you would suffer a great deal.