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How could zodiac Ox provoke good luck?

Zodiac Ox is egoistic, stubborn, jaundiced, smart, clever, and ruly with strong traditional concept and warm heart. You always feel that love is like a business, you would deserve a reward for your efforts. How could you attract good fortune?

A. To seek money and job at auspicious places 

Zodiac Ox's represented earthly branches belong to Chou, five elements(Wu Xing) belong to earth, and they are Liuhe with zodiac rat and Sanhe with Si snake and You rooster. Because the lucky position for Si, You and Chou is at Wu, that is in the south, so south is the most auspicious for the Ox. You'd better look for job or business in the south, you would get unexpected good luck. The northwest, southwest and north are also auspicious, you would be lucky to find job and money at these orientations. While the earth makes water for wealth, you'd better make money and find job at these orientations. You could also place red pot plants in the south to prevent the villain, increase popularity and urge marriage.

B. To use lucky colors and numbers

The lucky colors and numbers are the most met in ordinary life, which have great influence to us. You'd better more use your favorable colors and numbers to add bunus for your fortune.

1. Lucky colors

You'd better use yellow or red in buying clothes, belongings, home furnishing supplies to enhance your fortune. The counteractive colors are green and blue system, you'd better not use these two kinds of colors as could as possible in life, otherwise you might have bad luck.

2. Lucky numbers

The number 8 is the most lucky number for the the Ox. In addition, 1, 4, 7 are also the zodiac ox's auspicious numbers. You'd better use these lucky numbers in choosing mobile phone number, license plate number, password number, floor number, seat number to bring good luck. While 2 and 9 are Zodiac ox's most taboo numbers, you'd better not use as could as possible.

C. To wear the right mascot

The best mascots are the zodiacs are consistency with them, Zodiac Ox is consistency with Zodiac Zi rat, Si snake and You rooster. You'd better use these three zodiac on jade, gold and silver jewelry, necklace, bracelet or ornaments furnishings at home to bring good fortune and avoid disaster effect. Zodiac Dog, goat and horse are counteractive with the Ox, so you'd better not choose them, otherwise they might bring you bad luck.

At the same time many people like to wear Brave troops, but it is not sutable for everyone, it is a kind of fierce animal. Blindly wearing might bring unfavorable influence to you.

The favorable materials for zodiac Ox's mascot are stone, jade and red and purple crystal. You could wear mascots of these materials to have good effect.