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How could zodiac rat provoke good luck?

Zodiac rat people are smart, kind-hearted, sincere, frank, warm and cheerful, they are good at communication, they are also quite popular and attractive. How could zodiac rat attract good fortune?

A. To seek money and job at lucky place

Zodiac rat's earthly branches belong to Zi, five elements belong to water, and they are Liu He with zodiac ox, and San He with zodiac monkey and zodiac dragon. And the auspicious postion of Shen, Zi and Chen is in the west, so the west is the most auspicious orientation for zodiac rat. You'd better seek job and make money in this orientation firstly, you could get beat all the luck. In addition, northwest and north are also good for you. If your eight characters like water, so you'd better earn money in the south, then you would have more prosperous wealth.

B. To use lucky number and color more often

Colors and numbers are the most commonly encountered in our daily lives with a great impact on us. You'd better often use favorable colors and numbers to add bunus for your fortune.

1.  Zodiac rat's lucky colors

You'd better use gold, silver, gray, white, black, blue these lucky colors in clothes, belongings, home furnishing to have better luck. While the most taboo color is yellow system, so you must pay attention to avoid yellow system.

2.  Zodiac rat's lucky numbers

The lucky numbers are 4, 9, 1, 6, the most taboo numbers are 0, 5.

C. To wear auspicious mascot

In real life, we always wear the auspicious ornaments in order to increase the luck. We can not only get the beautiful decoration, but alss ward off evil spirits, flourish wealth fortune, get security and peace, increase the good fortune. But in the choice of jewelry, you'd better choose the suitable auspicious mascot to play good effect.

1. Suitable mascot

For the Chinese zodiac rat, the best mascot should be consistent with the own zodiac, such as zodiac ox, zodiac dragon and zodiac monkey. You'd better use these zodiac figure on jade, gold and silver jewelry, necklace, bracelet or ornaments and furnishings to get enhanced fortune. Accordingly, because Zi clashed with Wu, you must not wear the mascot of horse figure. Also you'd better not have horse ornaments or pictures at home; in addition, you could not wear sheep and rabbit figures of mascot.

2.  Suitable material

In the selection of the materials of mascot, you'd better use gold, silver, white crystal, obsidian, the Smurfs and so on as the mascot's materials, which would play a good effect.