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Lucky plants for zodiac with different five elements

Whether in the home or at office, many people like to put some flowers to purify the air and beautify the environment. In fact, from the point of view of feng shui, a reasonable choice for your own plant can also bring you good luck. However, because each person's birth time is not the same, and zodiac is also different, so the suitable plants and flowers are also not the same. Here take a look at what the lucky plants for zodiac with different five elements.

First. Zodiac Rabbit and Zodiac Tiger

These two zodiac's five elements belong to wood, so the selection of plants is suitable for turquoise, the most taboo is white. The best numbers are three or eight. Alternative plants are asparagus fern, jade plant,  ginseng ficus microcarpa, orchid, Rhodea japonica, Rhapis multifida Burr, airbrom leaf, Valuable coconut, mini coconut and Zamioculcas.

Second. Zodiac Monkey and Zodiac Rooster

These two zodiac's five elements belong to gold, white and silver-based plants are the best selection, the most taboo is red. The best numbers are four or nine. Alternative plants are white orchid, murraya jasminorage, Silver Laurel, Fujian Tea, golden lily, Michelia fuscata, Milan, Osmamthus fragrans var and honeysuckle.

Third. Zodiac Pig and Zodiac Rat

These two zodiac's five elements belong to water, the best selections of plants are mainly black, gray and blue, the most taboo is yellow. The best numbers are one or six. The suitable plants are Brasenia schreberi, Neottopteris nidus, Nephrolepis cordifolia, Beaucarnea recurvata Lem, Ivory, mosaic Ivy, mosaic rich bamboo, Brazil, Crinum asiaticum L.,Chlorophytum comosum and oil tea camellia.

Fourth. Zodiac Snake and Zodiac Horse

These two zodiac's five elements belong to fire, and the best selections of plants are red, pink and purple, the most taboo is black. The best number are two or seven. The suitable plants are Bougainvillea, Flos albiziae, Camellia japonica, dragon tree, asparagus fern, Schefflera octophylla, ivy, cinnamon, Brazil Ti, Pachira macrocarpa and Polyscias fruticosa.

Fifth. Zodiac Ox, Zodiac Dragon, Zodiac Sheep and Zodiac Dog

Four zodiac's five elements belong to earth, the best selections of plants is yellow, the most taboo is green. The best numbers are five or ten. Alternative plants are Michelia fuscata, Milan, bracket-plant with golden heart, may flower, Millennium wood, mini Ti, colorful Ti, and Pandanus utilis.

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