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The most suitable office fengshui for Zodiac Tiger

Tiger ranked the third in Zodiac, people born in Zodiac Tiger are independent and self-important, like to make action alone, like others to obey them, like to be older brothers and protectors of the general population. But they always do things radically and recklessly, so easy to mess things up, this is one of the reasons of failure. However, a Zodiac Tiger person will never be defeated, in case of setbacks, resistance or failure, he will act decisively, from scratch, until he succeeds.

Let me introduce the most suitable office fengshui for zodiac tiger.

First. The important position in the office

1. Position level

We usually divide office rooms on the principle of the proper formalities between young and old and monarch-subject relationship in fengshui. The puisnes of lower position had better sit near the door, while the executives had better sit in the center of the office. People of higher position had better sit back. Of course we have to consider the good and bad of the position, for example, whether it is a power position.

2. Power position

Power position is the important fengshui position for the management echelon. Among the Nine Stars (fleeting flying stars), "six white" star is in charge of the power, in general, the power position had better tie the individual character "official star". The fengshui experts lay out according to the house, while the power position had better be placed behind the office, because you can command the frontline staff.

3. fiscal position

Each office has a fiscal position, and the fiscal position should be placed at the safe location in the financial room.

Second. The lucky office fengshui position for Zodiac Tiger

  • People born in 1914 are suitable to face northwest;
  • People born in 1926 are suitable to face east;
  • People born in 1938 are suitable to face west;
  • People born in 1950 are suitable to face northwest;
  • People born in 1962 are suitable to face east;
  • People born in 1974 are suitable to face northwest;
  • People born in 1986 are suitable to face east.

Third. The office fiscal position for Zodiac Tiger

  • Zodiac Tiger born in Wuyin year, the office fiscal position is in the east;
  • Zodiac Tiger born in Gengyin year, the office fiscal position is in the east;
  • Zodiac Tiger born in Rengeng year, the office fiscal position is in the south;
  • Zodiac Tiger born in Jiageng year, the office fiscal position is in the southeast.

Fourth. The office fiscal position taboo for Zodiac Tiger

1.Do not place the heating appliance products on the office fiscal position;
2.Do not stack items arbitrarily on the office fiscal position, nor covered with dust all over;
3.Do not put artificial flowers, dried flowers on the office fiscal position;
4.The top of the ceiling of the office fiscal position can not make water, the wall or the floor paint should not be fallen off.

Fifth. The office layout taboo for Zodiac Tiger

1. unfavorable to sit back on to the door

The door is the position to hold spirits, either good or evil spirits will come in by this door. If you sit back on to the door without backing, you would be easy to be shocked by the hybrid. Also if you sit back on to the door, you would be in a tense atmosphere, always feel someone peeking behind you. So you would become too nervous, unable to do things calmly, your attitude would also become impetuous, even have poor kidney function, back pain, encounter the villain and dispute at work, etc., this situation in fengshui is called "cold air blows your back."

It is best to adjust the direction of the desk, in order to be against the wall, broadside on the door and windows. It is best to hang a landscape painting on the back wall, this " linked by common mountains and rivers" pattern can make your position more secure.

2. do not put a mirror in front of the desk

The mirror is the taboo item, it is called "light evil" in fengshui, it is used to avoid evil and ward off evil. But if the mirror lights you every day, you will often have dizziness, make mistakes, have poor sleep and other problems over time. So, try not to let you light by the mirror every day.

3. unfavorable to be too dim in the office

Do not make the office too dim, you'd better maintain adequate sunshine and broad vision. Plenty of sunshine can make you in high spirits, and a broader vision is to make you open-minded, cool-headed, which can let you have good luck.

4. suitable lucky plants

Zodiac Tiger friends had better place daffodils, white orchids, rubber trees and other plants in the personal office. Because Zodiac Tiger's five elements are wood, so it is particularly suitable for Zodiac Tiger to grow plants of five elements are water.