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To see which floor to live would be most posperous for zodiac

In our lives, people can not live without figures. In the choice of the number of daily needs, people tend to like the homonym with lucky numbers, such as two and three, two and eight, three and eight, six and eight and so on. In the selection of the floor when buying a house, most people tend to choose the third floor, eighth floor, 13rd floor, 18th floor, 20th floor, 28th floor and other floors, and avoid the choice of number 4. In fact, living in 8th floor, people are not always developed. It is very normal to have different fates for people living in the same floor. Therefore, it is only a psychological comfort to select floor with homophonic, which would not contribute significantly.

So, how to select the floor is better? From the Feng Shui point of view, all the things in the world have five element theory. The relationship between man and nature, the relationship between people and architecture can be analyzed through the five element theory. In general, the floor of Yin and Yang is divided as following: the odd-numbered floors belong to Yang, the even-numbered floors belong to Yin. The first floor and sixth floor belong to water, the second floor and seventh floor belong to fire, the third floor and the eighth floor belong to wood, the 4th floor and ninth floor belong to metal, the 5th floor and the 10th floor belong to earth, Over the tenth floor are by parity of reasoning. If the five elements of the floor are similar or promoting to the owner’s five elements, then the floor is suitable. If it is constraining, then the floor is unsuitable.

How to divide the five elements? The simpler way is to determine by the five elements of Earthly Branches according to the Chinese birth year. The year of Chen, Xu, Chou, Wei belong to wood. The year of Yin and Mao belong to fire; The year of Shen and You belong to metal; The year of Hai and Zi belong to water. Zodiac Dragon, Dog, Ox and Sheep friends should choose the fifth floor and the tenth floor or the second floor and seventh floor; Zodiac Tiger and Rabbit should choose the third floor and eighth floor, or the first floor and sixth floor; Zodiac Snake and Horse should choose the second floor and the seventh floor, or the third floor and the eighth floor; Zodiac Monkey and Rooster people should choose the fourth floor and the ninth floor, or the fifth floor and the tenth floor. Zodiac Pig and Rat people should choose the first floor and the sixth floor, or the fourth floor and the ninth floor.

We also can determine the five elements of people according to the Gua of the birth year, or to analyze according to the heavenly stems and earthly branches of year, month, day and time. We will not introduce one by one because they are too complex. The modern high-rise buildings are different with the ancient courtyard houses, whether we can achieve the purpose of living in harmony by the methods of ancient people have to be tested by time.