What blood type of the Zodiac would be the most promising?

Zodiac Rat

A-blood type: Steady, focus on appearance, but also old-fashioned and negative. A little nervous, but with a high degree of patience and perseverance. Steady emotionally, treat marriage reasonably.

B-blood type: Straightforward, and can treat everyone equally, but not articulate, not live a collective life, a loner. Moody, women are sentimental, men have exceptionally strong ability to work.

AB-blood type: Think of everything carefully, do not determine rely on common sense, never eat the immediate loss. People may think they are almost indifferent, demanding. However, their inner feelings is extremely rich with strong activity, love to show off their skills, but people do not respect them, so they will often feel distressed.

O-blood type: Cheerful, remain faithful to friends, treat people frankly, but almost tenacious in some aspects. Frank and outspoken, easy to offend people, do not hate unpleasant things for long. Their sense of competition is very strong, do not pay attention in public places. Get into the swing of love actively, and ruling out win-lose. Even women are active and enthusiastic, this blood type is versatile.

Zodiac Ox

A-blood type: They pay attention to form, aspire for stability, character and industry have a certain principle, pay more attention to appearance and decoration. Stable personality, not dream of abstract things, willing to endure hardship, slightly neurotic, but patient and courageous, dare to unseat the emperor's spirit. In the face of challenges, too concern about the opinions of others, but persevering, but sometimes very persistent, can pick great responsibility.

B-blood type: They are refreshing, not hypocrisy, and treat everyone equally, but not very articulate, emotional ups and downs more intensely, changeable emotionally. But they have excellent originality, will get tired of things with time, always want to change a new environmental condition. When observing things, they will often make people surprised.

AB-blood type: They are too sensitive to things, their way of thinking formed "much talk, little action", often overestimated the opponent, this is their successful side, in the business plan, they will be able to get a large number of money.

O-blood type: They are smart, can always look on everything, do not care about personal gains and losses. The work is very good, and abide by routine. A man is a little stupid in love, let the wife ironic.

Zodiac Tiger

A-blood type:They are enthusiastic, but the idea is old-fashioned, do not consider the consequences, often make themselves stuck into the adversity, sigh for being underappreciated. They will encouter much disaster and trouble in youth, know far and wide for their military prowess in middle-age. They can lead everything, care for personal fame and gain. They have strong desire to conquer, ambitious, often dominate everything. In the family they will often train partners dare not go one step beyond the prescribed limit, they will also make an apology indescribably and do some absurd housework.

B-blood type: They are old-fashioned and very self-confident, often engage in some minor inventions, will make the leadership and the family feel excited, so often get praise. They do not like what they do, but think over the more interesting work. They are adventurous, often act in someone else's accident adventure, half good and half bad.

AB-blood type: They are very stubborn and cold, often sigh for not being understood by others, they are very jealous. Women prefer to snitch to a colleague or slander others. So they will feel more balanced, the principle of life is often violated about many discipline, do not observe the discipline. They are unwilling to submit nor learning from others. In the family they are a little selfish, so the family is well-off. He likes listening to his wife's bedside wind, and act arbitrarily.

O-blood type: They are open and aboveboard with chivalrous heart, often picture themselves doing a hero, often looking for a romantic getaway. The majority of their careers is necessary to keep the frontiers, so there is no romantic opportunity. They are fantasts, often think of the tenderminded things or people. Their ability to work is in general, but love to try to be brave, but often fail.

Zodiac Rabbit

A-blood type: They are delicate in feelings, beautiful naturally, often pretend to be donnish. Women will show very generous even they are very poor. They are too untruthful. They are very good, will not encounter adversity at work, both male and female are articulate and eloquent, but are very  sentimental. They have no patience, often get half the result with twice the effort, do shoddy work.

B-blood type: They are cunning and do wrong, attitude is absurd, often think of ways to make mischief, give people the dishonest impression. They like to pretend to be elegant and refined in manner. They are volatile in love, ultimately will be abandoned. The "clever people may be victims of their own cleverness." In face of adversity, they will still be so happy as to forget any worry.

AB-blood type: They are sentimental, but always feel people do not know. They cry in the darkness, especially for women. They will often suspect the other's love when falling in love. They are often in the self-contradiction. They are moody and often get angry with lover. They are unable to extricate themselves if doing wrong.

O-blood type: Remain faithful to friends, graceful, have many friends. They often indulge in the  novels of Qiong Yao, San Mao, Cen Kailun. They like the suddenly appeared love, but most of them have good grades. The male will smoke early, they are curious, particularly fond of women. A boy is looking forward to marrying a beautiful wife, a girl is looking forward to marrying a boy who is older than she.

Zodiac Dragon

A-blood type: They are upright and nervous, often champion the cause of the weak, have a few friends who are a few fair-weather friends. They have strong desire at work, bold and resolute in action, but often forget themselves. Therefore, they often suffer losses, let others convenient. Women are not the same, they often feel they are remarkable women in family.

B-blood type: They like to be alone, seldom wish for what they can't have, but they are talented and love nature. They often inexplicably compare themselves to the flying birds, fly out of this piece of wood one day and go to another world. They will unconsciously find they are too simply after growing up.

AB-blood type: Very active, like singing, sports. They feel it is a game in a dream when falling in love, hard to tell whether it is true or false, they often feel self-contented. They are selfless at work and have great achievements, friends have a lot of respect for them. They like to do they want to do, and like their parents very much.

O-blood type: They are cheerful, well versed in both polite letters and martial arts, communication is very broad, very sensitive to politics, love talking about national issues, but do not pay attention to situations they are in. Clear-headed and calm, fight for their own self-interest, but pretend to do for the country and the people, pretend to be victims, this is their smart behavior.

Zodiac Snake

A-blood type: A stable personality, often the record straight, a few friends, are a few fair-weather friends, but with a high degree of patience and perseverance. Work, a very strong, bold and often forget their own. Therefore, you often lose, easy to give to others. Women is not the same, whiny, is not afraid of people and things, often humiliating her husband in the family, but she felt a remarkable woman.

B-blood type: and his old-fashioned literary talent Smirnov, who love nature. Often inexplicable, compared himself to fly bird fly out of this piece of wood, one day unitary, to go to another world. Grow up, they unconsciously want to simply poor.

AB-blood type: often engage in some small invention, will make the leadership of the family and units, excited, so often been praised. Very active, like singing, sports, talk about love, you will be a game in a dream, it 's real, you often self-contented. Like they want to do, and very like their parents.

O-blood type: cheerful, you Nengwennengwu, communication is very broad, very sensitive to political risk is also large, often act in someone else's accident adventure, also half good and half bad. Clear-headed, failing to calm the other hand, all things to fight for their own self-interest, but filled with country and the people, that he is a victim, this is your smart behavior.

Zodiac Horse

A-blood type: Good endurance, a real doer, but do not pay attention to the usual performance, although do hard work but have general results. Easy to have violent temper, autocratic, selfish, they good at maintaining a good living, more courageous in the face of adversity.

B-blood type: honest, kind-hearted, neurotic, have psychological contradiction in the day-to-day work, often dream of some unrealistic things. Compassionate, like to heip others. Not calm, straightforward, and can treat others equally, when the weather is overcast, often have groundless worries or anxieties.

AB-blood type: emotional complexity, not law-abiding, adventurous, playing football and other sports, like martial arts, dream of becoming a hero to champion the cause of the weak, try to make the world fair. In real life, they do not know what to do indeed. Full of pride, blood boiling, versed in both literature and military affairs, muddle along, most people prefer to live in the wild.

O-blood type: Very emotional, love nature, and strive to pursue romantic love. 

Zodiac Goat

A-blood type: pay attention to situation, aspire for stability, have a certain principle in character and industry, pay more attention to appearance and retouch. Acting as if one is morally better than other people, neurotic, think themselves are great people, capable of doing great things. Years later, they may find they are really ridiculous and absurd. Most of them rely on others, in pursuit of stability.

B-blood type: flashy but not substantial, but very brilliant and talented, engaged in Instrument maker, singer. Women are fit to be nurse, they are gentle, considerate, compassionate, slightly neurotic, undivided at work and learning, do not like taking advantage of people, do not like to suffer losses, fasionable.

AB-blood type: sentimental, brilliant, delicate, elegant and refined in manner, extraordinary conversation. Can not withstand setbacks, also overwhelmed by the criticism. Women are able to keep their nose clean, and like their own parents and children very much, excellent housewife, good at housework and managing money. Sentimental, do not care about many things, do not hold a grudge, have pure heart.

O-blood type: have many hobbies, honest, like fantasy surrealistic things. Like to read some weird academic books before growing up, generally a late bloomer, can enjoy a stable life in old age. Love nature, always want to dissolve into the nature. Have a sense of vulgarity, very sentimental.

Zodiac Monkey

A-blood type: clever and active, fond of play, like to play a practical joke. Irresponsible at work, forgetful, fickle in love, sensitive to new things. Too concerned about the opinions of others in face of challenges, but stick to it indomitably, will be able to win of course.

B-blood type: silent, clever, cute, like to take advantage of others, do not take the initiative to do things, general school work. Very strong in sports, fond of play, unmotivated. Good at becoming a middleman to reap the benefits.

AB-blood type: sensitive and nervous, carefully think of and determine according to common sense. More concerned about their stakes, people would think they are almost indifferent and demanding. In fact they are entimental, show a bold and unique style. Their self-awareness is strong, emphasis on effectiveness, but lack of patience and perseverance, but good at dealing with relationships.

O-blood type: cheerful, full of determination, sense of obligation, treat people frankly. Their personality characteristics sometimes are tenacious. Outspoken, offend many people. But they are forthright, will not remember unpleasant things for long time. Good at work,  very good at trying to read somebody's face, also very flattering.

Zodiac Rooster

A-blood type: conservative, fear of other people to grab their job. Also like to steal the skills to learn from others, will persevere and focus, do not complain from beginning to end. Therefore, their personality is very strong,  set their teeth no matter what difficulties and setbacks to hold the heroes. To outside pressure, but they are "the higher have policies while the lower own ways of getting around them.", try first to make their mistake sound less serious and then to reduce it to nothing at all.

B-blood type: calm, always want to lead others to serve them, always head the list of successful candidates, muddle along, generally unflinchingly, but they can look out for themselves, know when best to leave off. Can keep their feet in trade and political communities, do business unsuccessfully, do not lose too much fame and property in politics. Very sociable, but have happy family, lack of economic resources, although they have capacity but without financial resources, or less effective.

AB-blood type: dignified and chic appearance, emotional, instable thinking. Women are very gentle, they are real housewives, good at keeping family in good order, so the family is very stable. Have a great hobby in literature and art, good at acting that others can compare with.

O-blood type: cheerful, loving cultural performances, usually they like sports, impromptu performances, women are good at singing, withch attracted the jealousy of the people. They often regard others as kind and beautiful in the face of adversity. They usually can not live a very rich life, life is not much wealthy, but they are very healthy.

Zodiac Dog

A-blood type: honest and faithful, talkative, most nervous, empty-headed, dependent. But they are very dedicated, able to get the trust of leaders and friends. Do not care about the loss, do things slowly, people can not wait. Falling in love, they always feel inferior, making people feel they are not reliable and break up with them.

B-blood type: love to joke, giving the impression that they haven't grown up. Often happy to help the others, often make others embarrassing because they are more of a hindrance than a help. In daily life, they can get it up and put it down. They can fulfill their duties, not superficial, but do not be careless, like drinking and gambling, they are debauched people.

AB-blood type: Savage and overbearing, unreasonable, foolhardy. They like to take advantages of others, but do not want to eat losses, few true friends.

O-blood type: a strong personality, strong self-esteem, not subject to command and constraints, look themselves great. But they have full of justice, can treat people and things correctly, like to work in the field, always want to seek to do others down. Very devoted in love, and excluding gains and losses, even if the women will be the case.

Zodiac Pig

A-blood type: honest and straightforward, cute, responsible till the end. Headache is that they fail to grasp the main point. Simple-minded is a major feature, so they often make careless things. Thoughtful, caring, courteous, they can get the respect and trust of the people.

B-blood type: straightforward, point-blank, bold. Aggressive, sloppy, very generous to do anything. Of course, being a woman, will behave like a man no matter from which of the point of views, without a little female character. Melancholy impulse to do things towards established target, but impetuous, often leading to failure. Under a large crowd they are always generous, do not stage fright. This generous behavior with frivolous action make them particularly funny.

AB-blood type: soft inside despite their hard shell, have a gentle smile in the face with anyone on any occasion, they have a mind of their own heart, not affected by others. They are strong people. They have their own unique ways for work or study, or daily life from an early age, will not be influenced by others.

O-blood type: blindly go forward to the goal, simply and straight, not rigidly adhere to the small things. And once enthusiastic about a certain thing, they will be attentively, never ignore the recommendations of others. They often make mistakes that others do not, but they do not mind.