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What months are best for 12 zodiac to be born?

Although it is not comprehensive nor accurate to look at horoscope and determine fate from terms of zodia, it is hard to pay attention to all sides of a matter accurately. But the Earthly Branches is also a word in Eight Characters, also occupies one of the positions. Therefore, we can find something through the zodiac and month together. For example, the best birth month for zodiac as follows:

1, Zodiac Rat

Best month of birth is the first lunar month and February. You would have abundant food and clothing, do not worry about eating a lifetime and could get very ​​rich.

2, Zodiac Ox

Best birth month is February and December in Chinese lunar calendar. The two months are best for ox in the whole year.

3, Zodiac Tiger

Best month of birth is first month of the lunar new year. Tiger is the king of the forest,  its five elements and nature belong to wood. Wood is frondent in the first month of the lunar new year. So this month is the most suitable for tiger.

4, Zodiac Rabbit

Best birth month is February in Chinese lunar calendar.

5, Zodiac Dragon

Best birth month is lunar month of October and November. The so-called dragon into the sea, or two dragons out of the sea. The two months are water. So these two months are the best months.

6, Zodiac Snake

Best birth month is lunar month of March and December. The two months are suitable for snake to live, so they are the best months of birth. 

7, Zodiac Horse

Best birth month is lunar month of February, March and June. Horse eats dry and wet grass, so these three months are the best months.

8, Zodiac Sheep

Best birth month is lunar months of February. Horse is grass-eating animal, therefore February is the best month of birth.

9, Zodiac Monkey

Best month of birth is the Lunar June and September. Monkeys and different with tigers. Monkeys must have mountains and stones for home. Therefore, in order to settle down to earth, the lunar month of June and September are the best months of birth.

10, Zodiac Rooster

Best birth month is lunar month of March and April.

11, Zodiac Dog

Best month of birth is in the lunar month of April, July and October. It is born auspicious to be born in the first month of each season.

12, Zodiac Pig

Best month of birth is in month of March and December, because its Lunar because of its hybrid nature staple food is miscellaneous as well.