What months Zodiac born in will have the best fortune

Zodiac Rat

Best Birth Month : Lunar 1,5,7, 8, September

  • January-born genus Skaven, deep ancestral roots, heritage and more abundant, can get shelter generations ago. Parents, brothers, husband and wife are born in this month is a pet rat, his life is not over labor and food and clothing life.
  • the rat who was born in May, due to the positive Budding, this person was born in the rat will be hard, gloriously happy over a lifetime.
  • the rat who was born in July, on the occasion of the beginning of autumn born, so his life enough to live rich, over a lifetime of happiness.
  • August-born man is a rat, because this is precisely the dew on the occasion of May, so rich and prosperous life, food and clothing huge degree lifetime.
  • September-born man is a rat, because when the dew was born, so happy and healthy life of peace to spend a lifetime.

Zodiac Ox

Best Birth Month : Lunar 3, 7, 8, September

1, March is born cattle, Happy life happy, carefree freedom, lifelong worry about food and clothing, was respected abroad, often as a guest of rich people.

2, born in July are cattle, since the main is extremely strong, smart, intelligent, good temperament, rich ancestral relatives could help.

3, August-born are cattle, good health, good fortune than bad luck, life less sinister storm.

4, born in September are cattle, study hard, earned good grades, witty, courage and knowledge. Roses in their careers, there are elegant support.

Zodiac Tiger

Best Birth Month: Lunar 1,2, 3, 4, August

  • a tiger who was born in January, on the occasion of their New Year coincided month, Vientiane update, so the tiger was born in this month's Personality pure, strong-willed, careerism, a reputation.
  • a tiger born in February, its month is precisely Jingzhe season, so there will be amazing talent that can do something in the community startling career.
  • a tiger who was born in March, with a natural intelligence, Albatron straight, will make people do anything unexpected good results, lifetime repeatedly hit the big time, official constantly soaring.
  • April tiger born people enjoy the riches and honor, Gaoguanhoulu endless food and clothing, and there are good and virtuous wife Kuangzhu, there are kings outside support, the leaders of the sub Sun Xiaojing, but also to the official, Happy carefree life, always doing things prosper, life is not much trouble.
  • August-born tiger people born smart, thoughts resourcefulness surprisingly, articles matchless talent, ability to comprehend and have foresight, and his admiration by everyone, known in the world, acoustic vibration moon.

Zodiac Rabbit

Best Birth Month : Lunar 2, 3, 4,5,8 month

  • is a rabbit who was born in February, and his clothed rich and famous, the future is bright, in a wild wind and rain baptism, to make themselves become more smart and capable, experienced enough, out of a happy way.
  • March-born rabbit people, whether men and women, really paradise blessed person. I am smart and lively, open-minded, courage Superman. Hongyuan future life, brilliant career, and the extraordinary power
  • is a rabbit who was born in April, the fate of opportunities are good, relatively docile personality, temperament elegant, erudite, and his happiness, good luck.
  • is a rabbit who was born in May, most economically minded, very will operate their own businesses, but also cultural enrichment, interpersonal respectful, very honest with people, very popular, life, no disaster insurance, no disaster, luck .
  • is a rabbit who was born in August, is a great wealth of life. Their human kind-hearted, high moral character, great popularity, financial resources are abundant, descendants also live up to expectations, and thus wealth for life.

Zodiac Dragon

Best Birth Month : Lunar 2, 3, 4, 7, August

  • dragon people are born in February, getting money prosper, succeed precisely when the success of Good Hope, and finally Yields, status, power admired by others, there are soaring trend.
  • the dragon who was born in March, intelligent and talented, there is reuse of skills, utilitarian honor, to get UTS; willpower Jianrui, indomitable, Qingyun a road.
  • the dragon who was born in April, fame, wealth and potential grand home, energy Feng Pei, height fame, power will be rolled into resourcefulness.
  • the dragon who was born in July, everything achievements, Fluke is long, gall force before seeking extraordinary, health Good Hope, control them, utilitarian Victor Apps.
  • the dragon who was born in August, Aviva Les, Tamkang University, willing to make friends; Petrenko and third, fame, enjoy natural happiness.

Zodiac Snake

Best Birth Month : Lunar 3, 4, 5, 6, July

  • March-born snake man, intelligent Ying Wu, erudite, ideals, aspirations, things resourceful, resilient, self-made model.
  • April-born snake man, considered the world that rich man, and his resourcefulness, wealth and extraordinary talent strategy, can have honored to help.
  • May-born snake man, and his clever extraordinary, extraordinary courage, but also a strong will, learned, there are philosophers of mind, prescient.
  • June-born snake people, is the right Sheng Fu Good Hope thick that rich person, the wife of your husband Rong, illustrious sons, their sincere and honest person, strong-willed,'s most beloved VIP.
  • July-born snake man, and his sensitive and witty, talented. For honest people honest, thanks to his wisdom mind, open up great cause.

Zodiac Horse

Best month of birth : Lunar 1, 2, 3, 7, August

  • a horse who was born in January, and his qulity, sexual morality is, silence reticent, like friends, joy of life.
  • a horse who was born in February, and his honest and upright, dressed will be new, but inevitably the mad storm disaster, when the anti-shock number, there exist Masanori, surprise no great harm sensitive natures accompany extraordinary, four all directions, freedom leisurely.
  • a horse who was born in March, extraordinary courage, admirable, neighbors said the United States, far and near Wyatt, look for a job Dacheng, where the test must first login.
  • a horse who was born in July, extremely intelligent, gentle and elegant, there are elegant aid, full of energy and good luck, life without a major disaster. Qingping quiet, and located less ease worry.
  • a horse who was born in August, skills quick witted, and civil and military full, bold timid, JCDecaux Yi Ya, emotional harmony, there is ambition, courage, everything gradually succeed.

Zodiac Sheep

Best Birth Month : Lunar 3,5, 6,7

  • March-born people are sheep, intelligent and outstanding, extra profit, everything auspicious, food and clothing will Xia, wealth and health, enjoy natural happiness. Fame, wealth and energy into big business.
  • May sheep born human, financial, Goldfield foot, right bound high, the counsel smug, uttering a sound, strong-willed, down to earth; able command of the crowd, the subject of the difficulty, is also subject to admiration.
  • June-born people are sheep: righteous zeal, by the day of the blessing, were kind Hongrongda, advance and retreat without difficulty, life skills peace, conspiracy minded, true to its word; family fortune Longchang, Ronghua I, Kyoko evening blessing.
  • July-born people are sheep, wise and brave, Will Jianrui fortune will to good luck, to big business. Down to earth, enjoy godsend Lu, natural blessing, Fat fat, fiscal and then into also.

Zodiac Monkey

Best Birth Month : Lunar 3, 4, 7, August

  • a monkey who was born in March: to extraordinary intellectual skills, rivers and lakes are partners, neighbors, Arita, happy marriage, everything went along to the inverse of a bright future.
  • a monkey who was born in April, and his glory, something from the heart desire, good and bad and a half, it was mutual, physical and Shuo, eat warm food and clothing.
  • who is a monkey born in July, bumper harvest, doubling time doubled heat, and is cultivated receive timely, Enron leisurely degree his life.
  • August-born monkey who enjoy career pass, can be big business, prospects Rong Jin, Fluke infinite, not wealth also Yin Wang, talent virtue, harmony house.

Zodiac Chicken

Best Birth Month : Lunar 2, 3, 4, 8, September

  • February born Rooster people, access to free and cheerful, filled with enough gas for life worketh successful, Yoshihito heart level, to the old persons seeking a smooth, clear alpine Confucianism.
  • March-born Rooster people mettle intelligent, brainwave strain, increasing pensions Tim salary godsend Paul, Chengzu the shade, and his glory, full of food and clothing, the family name, exon Rong Sun.
  • April Rooster born people are optimistic by nature, the mind smart and homemade heart, things down to earth, there are trade minded, easy to scratch.
  • August-born Rooster people, courageous and prudent, gifted, and eventually became a noble, the counsel smug, Youzhijingcheng, the subject of admiration, fame, wealth.
  • September-born Rooster people, talented, developing larger, easy-going personality, voluntary action, independent exercise of power, getting money prosper, happy Happy.

Zodiac Dog

Best month of birth : Lunar 1, 2, 3, 8, December

  • January-born is a dog person, honest man, and his clothing Paul abundant. Able to get the care and helping the parents, to live a carefree life, life without large fierce disaster, spending his life in peace.
  • February born a dog, its people courage greater grew by nearly half a lifetime of living life, but there are elegant aid, life is not a catastrophic disaster.
  • is a dog who was born in March, delicate smart, after more than more energy, life happy carefree, smart and capable as their source of income is better, to do things like brains, thanks to the self into self-sustaining life.
  • August-born is a dog person, smart and capable, talented, able to get very many people appreciate, so life can cause rapid development of its financial resources will keep coming, and his food and clothing to enjoy endless.
  • born in December is a dog person, happy life splendor, enjoy platonic blessing. This life without toil, will receive silk cuisine, really human wealth, wealth and blessed person.

Zodiac Pig

Best month of birth : Lunar 1, 2, 4, 9, November

  • January-born man is a pig, erudite man neatly clean, clever scenery, so life fortune is excellent. And longevity, life without catastrophe, enjoy the natural world a blessing.
  • who is a pig born in February, extremely talented, happy life will be noble. Witty able to get the Kuangzhu generations ago, was honored but also of the support. Healthy, full of energy, attitude and good, really human wealth of the people.
  • is a pig who was born in April, and his wealth, happiness comfortably over a lifetime. Mettle smart, honest forthright man, talented, Chukouchengzhang.
  • September-born man is a pig, life does not have to worry about labor, food and clothing are very abundant, live leisurely day, just like the fairy-like freedom and happiness, but this month is a pig born people, to strengthen the physical exercise, otherwise the body is too fat can cause high blood pressure.
  • is a pig who was born in November, will be a happy life worry-free. Smart easygoing, handsome, and his honest, popular respect others, and his career can develop smoothly, whether at home or career are carefree. Life insurance no big disaster.