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What zodiac could make Zodiac Pig the happiest to live together?

People born in the Year of the Pig are kind, naive, honest, treat people honestly, generous and magnanimous, they treat work very seriously and go all out to do a good job. Coupled with their docile and open-minded temperaments, always leave room for people and will not doom people to death, and therefore they are very popular with a lot of friends. The drawback is that they care about the views of others on their own too much, so in the face of difficulties and setbacks, they are easily to lose will to fight due to the lack of confidence. What zodiac could make Zodiac pig the happiest to live together?

First: Zodiac Tiger

The earthly braches of zodiac pig and tiger are Liu he, they are the best marriage group. Two zodiac people are very in tune with each other, they attract each other and please each other, they are very affectionate. Although both sides sometimes may come into conflict, but they will have timely communication, mutual understanding and try to accommodate each other's shortcomings, so soon they will crash and burn, their feelings are very strong and have a happy marriage.

Second: Zodiac Rabbit

The earthly braches of zodiac pig and rabbit are San he, they are also the happy marriage group. The two zodiac people get along very well, they have the dedication spirit, and never greedy. Both are able to tolerate each other's shortcomings, their marriage life is plain and warm, happy and satisfied.

Third: Zodiac Sheep

The earthly braches of zodiac pig and sheep are San he, they live together very appropriately, which is a fine marriage group. The two zodiac people care for each other when living together, they have mutual understanding and respect with marital harmony, their marriage life is very satisfied.

Fourth: Zodiac Dog

When the zodiac dog and zodiac pig are together, their life is very harmonious, which is also a happy marriage combination. They have both mature and stable state of mind, and can maintain loyalty and restraint in the marriage; the family rarely has fierce conflict. They are good at properly handling contradictions, seeking common ground while reserving differences.