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Who would be the happiest people to live with Zodiac rabbit?

Zodiac rabbit people are gentle, implied and benevolent, they love peace and quiet environment, they love art too. They are very lucky on the commercial and financial transactions, they have a strong sense and a precise vision, they always can come up with a proper solution and make profit from it. Zodiac rabbit people would have good fortune in youth and middle age, they would become weak at old age. Zodiac rabbit people would better pay attention to the accumulation of thrift in order to save some money against the old age. Let's have a look at who would be happiest to live with Zodiac rabbit?

The First Place:Zodiac Dog

Zodiac rabbit and zodiac dog are Liu He in earthly Branches (Di Zhi), so they would be the most suitable to find a zodiac dog lover, which would be a good marriage. Rabbit male and dog female would be made for each other. The female's frankness could make them get on well with each other, and the male's goodness could make up for the woman. Zodiac rabbit female and zodiac dog male could be together happily, because the girl would give boy a peaceful, harmonious family, and the girl's charm would deeply attract him. They would have deep love and live a happy life.

The Second Place:Zodiac Sheep

Zodiac rabbit and zodiac sheep are San He in earthly Branches (Di Zhi). They would be very suitable to live together. Zodica rabbit female and zodiac sheep male could rely on each other, care for each other, so they could have a very happy marriage. Zodica rabbit male and zodiac sheep female would be a very great couple, of course the girl must be satisfied with the peaceful life.

The Third Place:Zodiac Pig

Zodiac rabbit and zodiac dog are San He in earthly Branches (Di Zhi), they would be suitable to get married. Zodiac rabbit female and zodiac pig male would be tilling the farm and womenweaving, and live a happy life. Zodiac rabbit male and zodiac pig female would be the happy couple, two people would support each other, would be crowned with success. They would build up a family and embark upon a career.

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