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Zodiac and Constellations determine the character of the people

Rat VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: full of ambition, aggressive.
  2. Taurus : glamorous, popular.
  3. Gemini : charge and Yang smart, talented.
  4. Cancer : love daydreaming.
  5. Leo : lack of concentration, self-contradictory.
  6. Virgo : blurred life twists and turns, colorful.
  7. Libra : docile little aggressive.
  8. Scorpio : vicious rat life in order to destroy others for the purpose.
  9. Sagittarius : perseverance Boa new album, courage, can be accomplished.
  10. Capricorn : It's tough, not easily deceived.
  11. Aquarius : intellectuals, authoritative writer.
  12. Pisces : imagination, can do anything wrong.

Zodiac Ox VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: ambitious.
  2. Taurus: be gentle among cattle.
  3. Gemini: cynical BoA songs, but can be a good friend.
  4. Cancer: hard work, but no results.
  5. Leo: times are pressing, and finally able to get rid of the trend.
  6. Virgo: dissatisfaction with reality, it is best to be content with their work.
  7. Libra: beats, to socialize.
  8. Scorpio: dangerous people treasure the nursery rhyme song download, stubborn, impatient.
  9. Sagittarius: balanced character, but the general characteristics of the cattle.
  10. Capricorn: severe attitude, do not love to talk laugh.
  11. Aquarius: uncertain and elusive character.
  12. Pisces: loves to joke around, but be careful not to place undue.

Zodiac Tiger VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: the very impulse Boa photos, and sometimes even irrational.
  2. Taurus: all aspects balance, but is very sensitive to dare.
  3. Gemini: impulsive, irritable, dangerous man.
  4. Cancer: popular character.
  5. Leo: Love is in the present, love to show off their own.
  6. Virgo: very realistic, but I act.
  7. Libra: docile temperament.
  8. Scorpio: complex character, everything tempted to move.
  9. Sagittarius: full of the Year of the Tiger personality.
  10. Capricorn: thinking, but impulsive, it is a dangerous man.
  11. Aquarius: thinking, can the ideas into action.
  12. Pisces: crazy, very interesting, but it is dangerous Boa blog, especially on their own.

The Rabbit VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: barbaric and indulgence.
  2. Taurus: temperament the Wen Shunshan Liang.
  3. Gemini: dissatisfaction with the status quo, adventurous.
  4. Cancer: a sign of weakness, and good.
  5. Leo: surface docile temperament, but what is very irritable and violent.
  6. Virgo: smart.
  7. Libra: glamorous Legend of Martial Arts top Boa, very charming.
  8. Scorpio: means smooth, good at controlling others.
  9. Sagittarius: balanced character, clever and kind.
  10. Capricorn: stubborn, not Shun vulgar.
  11. Aquarius: loyal, best friend, but also writing.
  12. Pisces: Love socialize.

The Dragon VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: a sense of responsibility, no ambition.
  2. Taurus: talented, haoguang the radiance.
  3. Gemini: love fantasy, unrealistic.
  4. Cancer: love fantasy, can not face reality.
  5. Leo: very exaggerated and arrogant, annoying.
  6. Virgo: full dragon character, talented, bold, down-to-earth.
  7. Libra: full of self-confidence, courage, courage.
  8. Scorpio: vulnerable to bullying others.
  9. Sagittarius: good and silent, quiet and work hard.
  10. The Capricorn: modest, inconspicuous attention.
  11. Aquarius: mean, even frequent criticism.
  12. Pisces: confidently, strategizing, winning thousands of miles.

The Snake VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: very vicious.
  2. Taurus: very loyal, but very attractive.
  3. Gemini: The mood is very unstable.
  4. Cancer: lazy, indolent.
  5. Leo: enthusiastic work, perseverance.
  6. Virgo: Outer beauty, vicious heart.
  7. Libra: very polite, but be careful not to drop his trap.
  8. Scorpio: narrow-minded, would cause people to do bad things.
  9. Sagittarius: determination to achieve their ideal.
  10. Capricorn: full of philosophy, great wisdom.
  11. Aquarius: nervous, sometimes unduly worried, but superhuman insight.
  12. Pisces: apathy, all Cangzaixinli.

Zodiac Horse VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: violent Piqijizao.
  2. Taurus: Ken others envisaged, horse among the most selfish.
  3. Gemini: play fast and loose, never able to work is completed.
  4. Cancer: very sensitive, resulting in sometimes suspicion too heavy to.
  5. Leo: individualist, can do anything, but only for themselves.
  6. Virgo: the ability to work, but sometimes unrealistic.
  7. Libra: love to show off their love out of the spotlight.
  8. Scorpio: I am very enthusiastic, excitable, no self-control.
  9. Sagittarius: duty to complete the work within their own content.
  10. Capricorn: a sense of responsibility among the horse is rare.
  11. Aquarius: fighting spirit, willing to work hard.
  12. PISCES: meditation, often intended for their future.

Sheep VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: stubborn and love criticism, only to their detriment.
  2. Taurus: looks very charming, but his laid-back personality will make him nowhere.
  3. Gemini: head full of strange motive, frequent anxiety.
  4. Cancer: good-natured and amiable.
  5. Leo: very arrogant, and often self-contradictory, that can not be understood.
  6. Virgo: very rude, selfish, and ignore the others.
  7. Libra: sheep among successful people.
  8. Scorpio: very warm, intelligent, talented, but selfish.
  9. Sagittarius: goodness and perseverance, you can own achievements.
  10. Capricorn: be considerate, but also face the reality.
  11. Aquarius: very mysterious, do not trust in anything.
  12. Pisces: talented in the arts, but can not get along with others.

Monkey VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: very violent and strong, fiery.
  2. Taurus: do not hurt others, and full of charm.
  3. Gemini: vigor and vitality, good fantasy, love innovation.
  4. Cancer: very good, will not infringe on others.
  5. Leo: brash, violent and strong.
  6. Virgo: Hobby, is among the most hard-working monkey.
  7. Libra: joker, is only intended to discuss other people joy.
  8. Scorpio: unbridled head is full of trickery.
  9. Sagittarius: love fantasy, good and new.
  10. Capricorn: very shrewd and meticulous.
  11. Aquarius: very introverted, calculating.
  12. Pisces: creativity, adventure fine.

Chicken VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: often quarrel, and love a fight.
  2. Taurus: pampered, it is close.
  3. Gemini: energetic, never feel tired.
  4. Cancer: very honest, and very easy to be deceived.
  5. Leo: strong, brave, all can contribute something or someone.
  6. Block: down-to-earth, adventurous, content with their homes.
  7. Libra: character variable, elusive, but very interesting.
  8. Scorpio: fun, playing a game, but you can make friends.
  9. Sagittarius: among all the competition, he is easy to get the victory.
  10. Capricorn: unique character.
  11. Aquarius: It is tough, the sacrosanct look.
  12. Pisces: love fantasy, there are very many plans, but they can not be achieved.

Dogs VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: a warrior, go to research not understand.
  2. Taurus: a loyal friend, and shrewd.
  3. Gemini: goodness, but the fiery temperament.
  4. Cancer: sensitive, loyal and mighty, self-sacrifice.
  5. The Leo: talk too much, but Koubuzeyan.
  6. Virgo: love of arts and crafts, and technical personnel.
  7. Libra: sign of weakness, need support and guidance.
  8. Scorpio: very Jiexia the love bumbling.
  9. Sagittarius: very aggressive, and no one can stop him.
  10. Capricorn: often alert the nervous very nervous.
  11. Aquarius: very smart, is an intellectual.
  12. Pisces: faithful friend, can be envisaged for others.

Pig VS twelve constellations

  1. Aries: very good, make it easy to get close to.
  2. Taurus: very attractive, radiance haoguang.
  3. Gemini: small confused event savvy, you can have a high respect.
  4. Cancer: sometimes too honest, and by others to deceive.
  5. Leo: talented, arrogant.
  6. Virgo: You will always have enough money, certainly need not worry about money.
  7. Libra: very stupid, only use by people.
  8. Scorpio: Some smart, get some trick.
  9. Sagittarius: love, things are very cautious.
  10. Capricorn: scrupulous, meticulous.
  11. Aquarius: talented, ability to work.
  12. Pisces: talent, especially deep, talented.
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