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Zodiac Dragon people live with whom will be the happiest?

In China, the dragon symbolizes the emperor or male, represents the power. The zodiac dragon people have strong physique, enough energy and dynamism, lofty ideals. They are face-saving and like to be on a show, they are wisdom-type people, but lack of the minds of patience, they are easy to give up halfway. They are Indifferent apparently, in fact they have chivalrous frame of mind, show consideration for the others, not afraid of hard work. They want to be perfect for everything. Le't take a look at with whom zodiac dragon will be the happiest to live.

First,  Zodiac Rooster

The earthly branches of Zodiac Dragon and Zodiac Rooster are Liuhe, they can build the perfect marriage , male dragon and female rooster can be very happy and harmonious; female dragon and male rooster can also live a very happy life.

Second, Zodiac Rat

The earthly branches of Zodiac Dragon and Zodiac Rat are Sanhe, they are very suitable for couples. Male dragon and female rat can have very harmonious marriage, the wife will give a great help on her husband's career, she is really a good wife. Female dragon and male rat are also very happy, and the wife can both manage the house and make money, she will give the man a lot of satisfaction.

Third, Zodiac Monkey

The earthly branches of Zodiac Dragon and Zodiac Monkey are Sanhe, they are a good match. Male dragon and female monkey can be the great good match, the woman will give the useful advice for man's career,she can help the other to correct over-confident drawback. Female dragon and male monkey can live in harmony, the man has enough charm to conquer the woman and make the woman pay her true heart with good cheer.