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The horoscope of 12 constellations in the next ten years


You would grow up to be successful from 2010 to 2019. When Uranus passed through, your life would become very challenging. You would also get the maximum return at the same time. When you happened to re-review yourself and reset your way of life and rules, when you used your own creativity to explore the novelty, you would be changed by those accidental developments. You might never had imagined of.

Would you be fond of these surprises? I think you would not. You might even think that destiny would rob your security and your expected results. You'd better response to deal with these uncontemplated upheavals. You might hesitate whether you've still known yourself and what you want? However, though you would experience major test in these days, and you would be successful.

You would leave this world one day. If you were asked what you had done, learnt, understood or enjoyed in deed? You might answer that you had done and exprienced many things, but you would also talk about the second decade in the 21st century, because this decade would be the most memorable and happiest days for you.


Fortunately, you're tough. You would be given a great help by the universe in the next decade. But you have to wait for 18 months. That is because you might accept the gifts of Uranus——innovation, invention, change and release.

Saturn would pass through your opposite palace from late 2012 to mid-2015. It would lead you to a place to require your demands and at the same time adhere to the proposed commitment. You would feel very restricted, however, the situation would be strange that you could achieve a self-protection. Your life might seem not your own, but what you would get in return through self-sacrifice is your significant career. It would defuse resentments over the years.

You've been bothered by the low self-esteem issue constantly several years ago or even decades ago. You would finally cross this difficult in 2020. You are growing up into a more confident and successful person. You would become what you ought to be. This might be a slow and secure decade for you. You would become the prominent figure and get the power due to your wisdom, which could be what exactly the desire of others. It would be obvious that you have a more abundant connotations than others.


The most challenging years for you would be in 2015 and in 2017, when Saturn would run in your palace. You would find that you need to fight with someone or some things challenging your own style or holding you back. You might fall into the law or contract disputes, or might treat with some authorities hindering your efforts to make changes. Even though everyone knows you are flexible, but you are also a strong fighter also.

You'd better remember that if you bumped with tough attitude, you would feel like you would be holding your head run into a brick wall. If you pressed incompliant people or things, which would only split apart the point of views and intense the conflict. The trick is that you could learn from it and you'd better accept. You'd better accept it with an open-mind, even if in fact you were not wrong, but you were in adversity. You'd better know what is driving it if you want to reverse. Thus you would move forward with your patience and persuasion slowly and subtly.

You would feel a huge success at the end of the decade.  And because there would have many pleasant things, it would also begin like this. And, if you could adjust your pace step by step, then you would be able to win.


Pluto would remain in your opposite palace —— Capricorn for the whole decade. Saturn would be close slowly in 2018, and then the two stars would hang together. Neither Pluto nor Saturn would be easy to face. Although no one think that life is completely perfect, and when a planet is passing through your constellation, you would be blessed with.

Pluto is in charge of all unbodied great power, this is why we always link it together with nuclear power, politics and extremes. (OMG) subatom goes forward with terrific speed. Although we tend to believe it is stable In the structure. The calm and reasonable people might be afraid of secretly. Sometimes it seemed that scientists would find how to use the unseen energy. The views expressed by Innovators would be resonated with the underlying attitudes of millions of common people. Those experts would not believe Pluto is a planet, which is their fault but not yours.

You could have ability to show what had been covered, oppose those obviously wrong plans and call mighty force in the next decade. You'd never undervalue your ability to influence others, there would be nothing you couldn't adjust, there would be no power you couldn't weaken, and there would be no rule you couldn't redefine. You'd better wise enough to make use of this talent now!


In general, Mars stays in each constellation no more than two or three months. But it stayed in Leo until June of this year since October of last year. This is the best time for you. You'd better catch this rare opportunity in the next few months in addition to make decisions. You'd better take action to to make long-term plan.

Even if you lacked drive in 2014, you would get a second power because Jupiter would pass through from July, 2014 to August, 2015. Other astrological influence would have good and bad, but no matter how they changed, you'd better face with a good attitude, just like riding on the wind and waves.

The pressure that you've acknowledged for a long time in 2011 might occur momently. In February 2012, Neptune finally settled on your opposite palace, and the clouds accumulated on you head for a decade finally rolled away. You could not get along well with a person for a long time, both of you really should change attitude to each other. You could build a truly gorgeous decade with your own hands after solving this obstacle.


"Everything would be better tomorrow", this song has become the carol.

Everything would derive an improvement. The beginning of the last decade was so beautiful for you. Would this decade surely be a start in disguise for you? Or is it really improved that the situation is moving towards the direction of your interest, but just need the expense of other things as the price?  You'd better not yoke yourself into it If you did not concern about the prediction of aerolite.  

Have the circumstances we talked about already been concluded into all the ways to make you go astray? Now let me tell you that the most obvious feature of this upcoming decade is that Neptune would replace Uranus to safeguard at Virgo. The quiet degree would be just like the trouble water degree in the past decade. And it would take you close to one of the most cherished dreams, and try to help you achieve it.


Moon visits Libra once per month, while sun visits Libra once per year. Mercury and Venus become the annual visitors, while Mars will visit after several months. What would affect you is not the visiting time, but are the slowly moving planets. Jupiter would be staying in Libra from September, 2016 to October, 2017. Saturn recently had entered Libra and stayed until 2012.

In addition, you would have a short-time improvement. Indeed, it is a good thing when Saturn enters Libra. It could help you sort things out, but also let you settle down. You could meet the challenges from the universe at that time.

Uranus would be staying in Libra's opposite palace from 2010 to 2019. Some people or some things would have a devastating impact, forcing you to re-plan and re-make commitment. But the good side is that in the course of reversing your life, this force would release you from years of unnecessary obstacles. This would arouse your nature creative and resourceful side, and it would make benefit in all walks of life.


It is well-known that you are passionate, sensitive and are hot on protecting your privacy. This is true partially. Your words and deeds are controlled deeply by your emotions. It seems that you have no logic or goal. The reason to metion of this is that we are entering the new decade. You would realize your huge wisdom. 

However, that doesn't mean you don't know you are so clever. I'm sure you've known already. But you haven't maken full use of your wisdom. 

Pluto would be running slowly in the sky for the next decade, and create the atmosphere where you could make others hear your fair ideas. Saturn would be passing through Scorpio from 2012 to 2015. You'd better take a step back to have a brighter future! You would find some way to rearrange your nonideal fields in your life at present. You'd better take workable plan and a wise strategy to change the dismal situation. You would be looking forward to what would happen. You would really know the realization from now to 2020!


Are you living a life naturally?  Would you worry about if you couldn't have any development in the next decade or even within the next ten months? You might feel embarrassed if you heard this prediction.

You've refused to explore the future until now. You've controlled by temporary impulse all along. You would have a chance to make you feel interested in living a routine life like others from Christmas in 2014 to Christmas in 2017, Saturn would enter your constellation at that time.

Jupiter would enter Sagittarius before your birthday in 2018 and would be staying for a whole year. You could live a relaxing life and you could also become more successful. That would be the day.


Jupiter and Saturn would stay in Capricorn by the end of this decade (in 2019). And you would read your astrological forecast for 2020 then. Pluto would still be there! While under the influence of its challenges, plus your own annoying worries, you might always wonder whether you could still be alive. You would be more likely to be alive in the world, even in high spirits and very good health. Believe me!

Capricorn is worth loving just like a good wine or the cheese, the older the better it tastes. I bet if someone had done the survey, they would find that Capricorn people could be more longevous than  national medium value. 

It would be too short even you are longevous, if you were under pressure to bear pain or self-denial! And Pluto is running in Capricorn, and it would be in favor of this view. You'd better forget those excuses that made you refuse to make fun. This decade would the time for you to get on your own strength, nothing could beat you for a long time.


How was your life before 1998? Neptune entered your constellation at that time. It came with hesitation and stayed until April, 2011. It came back in August, 2011 and left in February, 2012. It would come back after 150 years later.

It would bring some other time problems. Neptune might had solved some of your major structure problems. It might had maken you know when and where to find the source of your security. It also had opened your creativity and helped you realized several brave dreams. You'd better make good use of it.

You would find the sense of calm, peace and success again. You would enter a decisive decade. You would understand what the first decade in the 21 centry would mean to you and realize your potential hidden deeply in your heart from childhood.


What was happened in March, 2003? Uranus started to visit Pisces in 2003 and left in 2011. Neptune came after three weeks later.

I didn't say that you could push anything after 2003. In fact you like changeable life. You might find that your new guarder have the different personality. It is your close friend who cares you very much.

Uranus would be staying in your constellation for the next decade. You could only meet again after 164 years later. You'd better enjoy the lucky time with it for the next decade.