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  • Dreaming About Strangers

    In reality, most people are hostile and alert to strangers. Strangers in dreams represent enemies. A man dreams of a stranger means that he will be against his neighbors. To drea

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  • Dreaming of Waking Up

    To dream of waking up represents good luck. Life has two characteristics, one is illusory, the so-called 'Life is but a dream',  another is bitter. In dreams, sleep represents the

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  • Dreaming About Spring Water

    The spring water is clear and sweet, symbolizing the happy life. Happiness is not wealth, but the clear eyes and sweet heart. To dream of spring water means sweet life.  A man dre

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  • Dreaming About Peppers

    Pepper has a strong irritant, eating will make people react fiercely, symbolizing the embarrassment of privacy leakage. To dream of peppers means that the dreamer's privacy will be publi

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  • Dreaming About Birds

    To dream of the crane flying in the air indicates that you will have good fortune.  To dream of frolicking with the little bird standing in your hand hints that you will fa

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  • Dreaming About Danger

    To dream of 'danger' represents your depressed mood and the current difficulties. The different situations of dangers in dreams also indicate the different extent of the difficulty tha

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  • Dreaming About Old People

    To dream of old people indicates that you will be guided in development or you are afraid of death. A man dreams of old people hints that he worries that his sexual ability will decl

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  • Dreaming of Meat or Eating Meat

    Eating meat in dreams has the meaning of family life. To dream of eating cooked meat means that you are living a comfortable life. To dream of eating raw meat means that your fam

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  • Dreaming About Orphans

    Orphans represent wealth. Although the orphans lost their parents, but also they can live in their hearts, they are assertive and are very likely to gain more success. So in dreams, orphans re

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  • Dreaming About Lights or Lamps

    Lights represent hope. Lights can ignite hope in people's hearts. The lights at home represent happiness and warmth, and the lights in the office show that the dreamer is full of hope and

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  • Dreaming About Rainbow

    To dream of incomplete seven-color rainbow indicates that unpleasant things will happen, especially you've have some problems with human relations. You'd better stay away from

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  • Dreaming About Pits

    Falling into a pit is a decline of position, representing the failure and setback of the cause. A woman dreams of falling into a pit means that she will be bullied In family life, and

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  • Dreaming About Bedroom

    One's own bedroom represents one's secret. To dream of someone else breaking into your bedroom means that your secret may be discovered. To dream of changing the furnishi

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  • Dreaming About Rain or Storms

    To dream of walking in the rain with an umbrella indicates that happy things will happen recently.  To dream of walking in the rain with your lover indicates that your

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  • Dreaming about Foxes

    To dream of foxes on one hand reminds you to beware of a villain around you, your opponent is like a fox. On the other hand, it means that the people around you may be hiding a secret for your

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  • Dreaming of Drowning

    Water usually represents human emotions. If water brings you danger in the dream, which means that you will fall into some depressed emotional life, or you will be under the control of bad emo

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  • Dreaming about Plum Blossoms

    To dream of plum blossoms symbolzes that you are indomitable and perseverant, you will succeed through hard work. To dream of plum blossoms defying frost and snow indicates that you

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  • Dreaming about river water

    The rivers in your dreams on the one hand, have the meaning of breeding and nourishing, symbolizing the endless life, representing the creativity, women or other water represented things. On t

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  • Dreaming about paintings

    Dreaming about paintings A painter or a person engaged in related work dreams of oil paintings is a symbol of the dreamer's artistic pursuit. A married person dreams of

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  • Dreaming about prisons

    The prisons in dreams often represent the obstacles to personal development, such as some outdated concepts, or some authoritative figures, leaders, parents, etc., or some stereotyped thoughts

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