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  • What is the Implication of a Mole on the Nose?

    In Physiognomy, moles on different parts have certain implications, some are lucky and some are sinister. Generally speaking, moles on the invisible place of human body are good, and on the visible

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  • Dreaming about Stairs

    Climbing stairs is a process. The main purpose of climbing stairs to go to another floor or space. Climbing stairs is more difficult than taking the elevator.  To dream of climb

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  • Good Marriage Mole

    Everyone has mole on the body more or less, the place of your mole can display your character, love, health, career, wealth, family, and other situations. In addition to more know your advantages a

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  • Dreaming of Jumping Out of the Building

    From the psychological dream interpretation point of view, the person in the dream actually is yourself because the dream is usually indicating the vague meaning, many dreams are the opposite

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  • Dreaming of Fainting or Losing Consciousness

    Dreaming of fainting or losing consciousness indicates that you will meet sacred things, receive good news, or suddenly recognize the truth. Dreaming of fainting suddenly may indicate orga

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  • The omen of pregnant women's dream

    According to the Dream Dictionary theory, many dreams are very efficacious, they can indicate the fortune is good or bad. There are many such kinds of dreams, such as the dream of getting rich

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  • Dreaming of Flood Indicate a Big Fortune

    Many people dream of water, while water is generally linked with wealth, so dreaming of water always indicate good wealth recently. Dreaming of the flood indicate a big fortune. Let's take

    article view 1,842 dream
  • Dreaming about Fruits and Vegetables

    Vegetables and fruits are the essential foods in people's daily life, which can provide people with a variety of nutrients. Dreams about vegetables and fruits would mostly i

    article view 2,361 dream
  • Dreaming of Picking Up Money

    Dreaming of picking up money indicates a good omen, you will get windfall soon.  Dreaming of picking up money or valuables indicates that you'd better pay attention to your

    article view 4,171 dream
  • The Lucky Moles on Women's Body

    We all have many different moles on our body, and the locations of these moles are related to the person's life in the fortune. Some girls cleared up some moles in order to be more beautif

    article view 6,380 mole
  • What Is the Predication of Dreaming About Some One Jumping Off A Building?

    Who appeared in your dream would be just yourself from a psychological point of view, because the prediction of dream is usually obscure. A lot of dreams would be opposite to the reality. In f

    article view 7,614 dream
  • Dreaming of Being Chased By Dogs

    Dogs are human's most loyal friends, dogs are on behalf of human relations, especially friends. Dogs represent that the unfriendly people who you meet in life and career caused some proble

    article view 9,341 dream
  • The Dream of Coffins would Indicate Power and Money

    The Coffin dream is not a bad dream, but an auspicious and a good dream. From the career perspective, the dream of a coffin indicates that the dreamer would have excellent performanc

    article view 11,255 dream
  • Mercury Retrograde for the First Time in March 2019

    Introduction: The study of constellations has become a popular, most people know little about constellations, encounter bad things, put the responsibility on the water inverse, water inverse w

  • Dreaming About Sea

    To dream of swimming to the horizon means that there is a tendency to change rapidly in love. You may fall in love with your lover's friend, but you'd better treat love seriously.

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  • Which dreams indicate that the pregnant woman will give birth to a boy?

    Dreaming of animals Dreaming of a dragon indicate that the son who is born in the future can be a big man. Dreaming of a python or serpent indicate that the dreamer will give bir

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  • Modern People Should Pay Attention To the Daily Fengshui of Home

    Fengshui of home is fashionable and is a required course for people. It is a combination of science and art. It uses elements of nature and home furnishings to change the knowledge of the individua

  • Dreaming About Breasts

    To dream of your breasts becoming bigger indicates poor health. You will get sick due to the partial eclipse, you may suffer for anemia, dizziness, arthritis, pain and other diseases. You

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  • The Three Constellations Would Live Happily In the First Half of 2019

    Of course, time is different from time. Some fragments are beautiful and unreal, but they are really useful. They expand the boundaries of life and make people live a wider life. They are a ki

  • Dreaming About Teeth Bleeding

    Many people know that dream of losing tooth indicates a bad omen, the most common explanation is that somone in the family will die. Then what is the prediction of teeth bleeding? 

    article view 1,682 dream