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  • Dreaming of Ship or Rowing

    Dreaming of ships in and out of the harbor, be careful of your home safty. Dreaming of sleeping on the ship, you would be stolen. Dreaming of rowing alone, you are

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  • Dreaming of strangling

    To dream of someone strangling your neck indicates that you will be successful in career. A woman dreams of someone strangling her neck indicates that her husband will love her

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  • Dreaming about parsley or celery

    To dream of parsley represents good news. To dream of cutting the parsley indicates that ytou will deal with the janus-faced friends. A married woman dreams of parsley indicate

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  • Dreaming about silk

    To dream of only wearing a silk shirt indicates good luck for you.  To dream of wearing the silk clothes indicates losses that you will suffer in business. To dream of sal

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  • Dreaming about strawberries

    Strawberris symbolize good luck. A married person dreams of eating strawberries indicates a happy and harmonius life. An unmarried dreams of eating strawberries indicates that th

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  • Dreaming of offering sacrifices to the gods

    T dream of becoming a sacrifice of worship indicates that you will gain resounding fame. A woman dreams of sacrificing herself to the gods indicates that she can handle everythi

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  • Dreaming about villains

    To dream of a villain indicates that someone around you is concealing some very important things for you, you may have bad luck. To dream of a villain indicates that you may change w

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  • Dreaming about celebration

    To dream of an entrance ceremony indicates a few setbacks in study. A teacher who you don't like may say some hurtful words to make you uninterested in learning and lead to regression

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  • Dreaming about grains

    Grain is the necessity for human survival, it is a symbol of wealth. To dream of grains indicates that you will get rich. To dream of full grains indicates that you will make a f

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  • Dreaming about monks, nuns

    To dream of becoming a monk or nun indicates that your current life and complex human hearts really make you scared and want to escape from the real life. You'd better take a rest and

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  • Dreaming about bosses and leaders

    To dream of your boss working with you indicates that you can not develop your ability fully. This dream also reminders that there is trouble at work. To dream of insulting your lead

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  • Dreaming about punishment

    A married man dreams of being punished indicates that he will gain both fame and wealth. A woman dreams of being punished indicates that she will quarrel with her huaband.

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  • Dreaming about wars

    Dreaming of war indicate that you may have troubles at work, in life or feelings recently, you may suffer great pressure and feel worried a lot. You'd better have a good regulation.

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  • Dreaming of boating

    Boating symbolizes that you need to overcome the resistance of the water to move forward, dreaming of boating remind you that you should have the courage to face the difficulties and overcome

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  • Dreaming about hay

    Hay symbolizes wealth. Its color is similar to gold. The process of drying the green grass as hay is like the process of putting the commodities into treasures. To see the hay in the d

    article view 523 dream
  • Dreaming of cooking

    To dream of cooking indicates your expectation for delicious food, you hope to cook delicious food yourself. The staple food in the dream represents your love for family. A man dreams

    article view 2,316 dream
  • Dreaming about rattan

    Rattan is an instrument of torture to punish people, it is a symbol of punishment. Dreaming of rattan indicates that you will be punished because of your own mistakes. A student dreams

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  • Dreaming about Chinese Unicorns

    To see the Chinese unicorns in the dream indicates that you will be world-famous. A woman sees the Chinese unicorns in the dream indicates that she will give birth to a bri

    article view 185 dream
  • Dreaming about leopards

    Leopards can run very fast with great strength, representing that an attack that the enemy will launch on you suddenly. To dream of a leopard indicates that you will go against da

    article view 141 dream
  • Dreaming about silkworms

    To dream of the silkworms indicates that you will be engaged in a well paid work, which will also give you a prominent position. To dream of the silkworms spinning cocoons indicates

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