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  • Dreaming of Laughing

    Laughter is an emotional fluctuation, loss of calm and caution, suggesting that the dreamer will encounter sadness and misfortune. Dreaming of laughing with the family indicate that

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  • Dreaming of Factory

    Dreaming of working in the factory indicate that you will have good turnaround or new opportunities in life. Dreaming of a busy factory or workshop indicate that you are going t

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  • Dreaming of Heaven

    Dreaming of heaven indicate good luck. A patient dreams of heaven indicates that the dreamer will live a long and happy life full of carefree love. A prisoner sentenced to death

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  • Dreaming of Workers

    Usually the male construction worker in the dream is on behalf of a powerful father, he can build a shelter housing. Dreaming of a construction worker or a mechanic repairing your hous

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  • Dreaming of Shadow

    Dreaming of your own shadow indicate that you will get ill, you'd better take care of your health. Dreaming of someone's shadow indicate that this person will get ill.

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  • Dreaming of Idols

    Dreaming of idols indicate that you will have good luck. Dreaming of the idol being burned indicate that the dreamer's time has come or get sick. Dreaming of the idol being

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  • Dreaming of Schoolgirls

    Dreaming of schoolgirls indicate that your luck for wealth will go up quickly, maybe you will get large sums of money. A single dreams of schoolgirls indicates that the dreamer will

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  • Dreaming of Servants

    A servant can help the master to solve the difficulties, so the servant in the dream is a symbol of the difficulties. Dreaming of hiring a servant indicate that you will be in trouble.

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  • Dreaming of Games

    Dreaming of the game indicate that the dreamer will be integrated into a group. Dreaming of becoming a game master indicate that you created a good living environment. Dreaming o

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  • Dreaming of a Pheasant

    Dreaming of pheasant indicate that you have deep friendship with your friends and live a happy life. A businessman dreams of pheasant indicates that the dreamer will make money in bu

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  • Dreaming of Looking For Someone

    Dreaming of looking for someone indicate that the person you are looking for has a very important position in your heart. Dreaming of someone looking for you indicate that you a

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  • Dreaming of Reptiles

    Dreaming of the coiled snake indicate that you will be lucky in reading, for example, the new math teacher is your favorite type, so, in order to get a good impression, you begin to study

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  • Dreaming of Younger Brother

    Dreaming of fighting with your younger brother indicate that you will be very harmonious with each other. Dreaming of your younger brother getting sick indicate that he will be very

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  • Dreaming of the Soft Shell Turtle

    Dreaming of the soft shell turtle indicate that you will make a fortune and get windfall. A businessman dreams of the soft shell turtle indicates that the business will be very

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  • Dreaming About Locks

    A lock represents wealth. We usually lock to protect property, so a lock represents wealth. Dreaming of buying a lock indicate that you will get rich. Dreaming of making a lock indicat

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  • Dreaming About Mime

    Dreaming of watching a pantomime indicate that you will be sad and worried. A man dreams of watching a pantomime indicates that he will worry about the housework. A woman

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  • Dreaming of Poetry

    Dreaming of writing poems indicate that your income will be reduced. An officer dreams of writing poems indicates that the dreamer will be faced with disaster. A student d

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  • Dreaming of Embracing

    Dreaming of embracing indicate that conflicts and misunderstandings will be resolved, interpersonal relationships will become more harmonious, which will be a good help for your career an

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  • Dreaming of Sludge

    Dreaming of passing through the sludge indicate that you will encounter danger and misfortune. Dreaming of the sludge indicate that you will avoid major hazards. Dreaming

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  • Dreaming of Volcano

    Outbreak or sleeping volcano is a warning to remind you that your repressed part (such as: sex) may give you trouble unless you let it be meet in real life. Dreaming of the crater next

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