Dream of killing a dog


  • A dog means loyalty. Killing a dog means you will betray others.
  • Dreaming that a friend kills a dog means that a friend will betray you.
  • Dreaming of beating a dog indicates that the dreamer will doubt those who are loyal to him because of his own mistakes
  • Dreaming of a dog biting a fish means that the career will prosper and the property will gather more and more. It is also a good omen for a happy event at home
  • Dreaming of dogs fighting fiercely means that the dreamer has no absolute right to speak and has no initiative in some things, so he is in trouble
  • Dream of dogs biting each other, suggesting that the dreamer may quarrel with people or cause trouble, and suffer losses
  • Dream of dogs and jackals fighting, suggesting that the dreamer has brought damage due to business mistakes, property losses, theft or loss of money
  • Dream of a dog biting its owner and losing money. It will compete with friends. It may be in danger of being killed by fraud. It is a precursor to spending a lot of money.