Friday, December 3, 2021, is still a day to work hard in the workplace. Be careful and work hard for your career. Feelings are a little cold and even cruel to the other half. Many people will ask the other half to cooperate unconditionally with themselves. Saturday, December 4, 2021

In other words, you will require everything to cooperate with you, including the people around you. Love is not a necessity today, nor is it ignoring each other, but it is mostly social.

Overall fortune from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021

The conjunction of the sun and mercury in Leo's love house will bring you emotional comfort. In the near future, you will get a sense of pleasure through new emotional relationships, parent-child relationships, interests and hobbies, and adjust your concept of mate selection to clarify your emotional needs and bottom line. On Wednesday, Neptune goes straight in the ill house of Leo, which is conducive to improving the pressure on cooperation, investment and debt finance. It also requires you to face financial problems such as assets and money with a more rational attitude and re sort out your own resources and wealth. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurs in Leo's love house, which brings you good news related to emotion, which is conducive to determining and improving the relationship with lovers and children. Leo will also try to contact new hobbies, or have the opportunity to realize and develop interests into career direction, but we should still pay attention to ways and methods, and pay attention to whether it is practical and feasible to avoid trouble in the follow-up.


The sun is in Leo's love house and Saturn is still in Leo's partner house, reminding Leo not only to pay attention to the way of communication with his partner, but also to pay attention to his responsibilities and obligations in the family. This is still an obvious stage of pressure. Leo and his partner have to face the impact related to their elders and environment, and may also have to deal with the choices related to the future, Fortunately, the sun and mercury are in Leo's love house. As long as you are willing to interact with your partner, you will get the opportunity to improve your relationship, but you should still learn to listen to your partner's suggestions and avoid being too extreme or self-centered. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will bring news related to children to Leo and his partner. It is easy to get the news of pregnancy and childbirth. It will also narrow the relationship with lovers, partners and children through interests and hobbies, or start a new emotional relationship.Single dog: single Leo has good luck in love. It's easy to start a new relationship and meet people and friends.

Companion: pay attention to the pressure related to life, and learn to find fun in life for yourself and your partner.

Career studies

Venus in Leo's work house is conducive to improving work attitude and adjusting interpersonal relationships in the workplace. It will also bring opportunities related to work projects and job competition for Leo. You need to adjust your personal state, face and strive for everything actively, so as to get a better platform and development direction. Limited by the impact of the environment, Leo is easy to be given excessive pressure by older generations and industry authorities, and may also criticize your words, deeds or ways of doing things. In fact, pressure is also the driving force to urge you to grow. Learning to stick to it will eventually bring you good results. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will bring Leo an opportunity to improve emotional stress and make you willing to take the initiative to reduce stress. Some Leo will also have the idea of changing their interest into their work direction.Note to employees: adjust personal emotional state and avoid disagreements with elders and elders in the environment.

Note to job seekers: the unemployed Leo is in good luck. It is easy to get suitable jobs and positions. You should also pay attention to the changes in the environment.Note to students: Leo students are not doing well in their studies. Emotional problems are still a great pressure, and they also need the care and comfort of their elders in the family.

Leo in October is relaxed and happy. Venus will change seats on the 7th. She will have a more relaxed attitude towards life. She likes entertainment and wants to be accompanied. You want something new to happen. Some children will move and buy new household products, and get along well with their family and friends. Your hand will also be more generous. You don't care how much you spend. Creative, many ideas, sales performance is likely to rise. Your relationship with same-sex friends and children will become closer. There may also be good news about children. More recreational activities can cultivate new hobbies. I like chasing stars, watching dramas, playing games and so on. Emotionally, there will be an ambiguous relationship, or it may be holding the mentality of contacting and playing first and not in a hurry to establish a relationship.

In any case, no matter how hard it is, it can't last a lifetime. There will always be a turn for the better. With wood and soil transferred to water bottles at the end of 2020, the topic of lions has also shifted from work health to interpersonal cooperation. What aspects should lions pay attention to in 2021?

1、 Interpersonal cooperation, marriage and feelings are the key points

The eight palaces of Muhai will also bring powerful temptations. Such temptations are psychedelic and closely related to money, power, emotion and desire. Lions must not be confused by this more eccentric energy, or even tempted by some seemingly beautiful people and things that may actually be traps. This needs to be vigilant at all times.