On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, the day when the ruler continues to retrograde will bring some obstacles and poor communication, but for you, these small troubles are not a problem, and your attitude will be stable to resolve them. Patience should be used in the right place. For some unnecessary people, there is no need to be so attentive. Thursday, January 27, 2022

Although there are many obstacles, you still feel you can today in your heart. However, at present, the guardian star has begun to retrograde. It is recommended to act carefully in everything. There may be some risky actions at work. Remember not to fight uncertain battles.

Overall fortune from January 24, 2022 to January 30, 2022

As the last week of the year, Gemini needs to deal with matters related to cooperation, money, debt and economic pressure, as well as opportunities and choices related to long-term development direction. On Monday, Mars enters Gemini's house of illness to help you deal with problems related to finance and debt. It is also suitable to deal with the pressure related to authority and responsibility. You need to use a more calm and clear attitude to pay attention to the restrictions and opportunities in the environment. You should also pay attention to the opportunities that appear and go on at the beginning of the month. It is expected to get preliminary returns or follow-up development in the near future. Mercury retrogrades back to Gemini's ill health house on Wednesday to remind you to pay attention to problems related to finance and debt. You should also pay attention to recent opportunities. There may be hidden risks. Only by seeking stability can problems be avoided. This is also the stage of reviewing the unsettled affairs in 2017-2020, especially the financial and debt problems, which may tend to recur, Gemini is required to maintain a stable attitude in order to avoid repeating the mistakes. On Saturday, Venus goes straight in Gemini's ill house. Although the follow-up impact will not end until early March, it will still bring you returns related to cooperation, investment and money. It is also suitable to improve your helpful interpersonal relationships. In the follow-up, there will be opportunities to cooperate again or get resources.


Mercury is retrograde in Gemini's migration house and will retrograde back to the house of ill health on Wednesday, emphasizing the importance of material. It also requires Gemini and their partners to pay attention to the pressure and problems related to material, money, life and responsibility. Jupiter is still in Gemini's career house and requires you to determine the same direction of efforts with your partners, but many ideals need to be built on reality, Only in this way can it be realized. If the concepts and ideas of both sides are inconsistent, there may be differences, which needs more attention. Mars enters Gemini's house of illness and misfortune, and Venus also goes straight in the house of illness and misfortune. It is suitable to be used as a stage to solve the financial and debt pressure, but we should still pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of expenses in order to avoid the recurrence of similar situations or troubles, otherwise it is easy to be limited or constrained by the elders.Single dog: a single Gemini has good luck in love, has the opportunity to be introduced by his elders, and may also try to accept someone recognized by his family.

Companionship: strive for stability in everything and avoid illusions beyond your ability, so as to bring you a more stable life.

Career studies

Mars entered Gemini's ill health house on Monday, emphasizing the importance of material. It also requires Gemini to pay attention to opportunities in the workplace and look for more opportunities to make money and obtain benefits. Mars is in a powerful position and will bring the help of authorities and predecessors in the industry to Gemini, but you still have to do everything yourself in order to get the desired results for you. Mercury's retrograde return to Gemini's ill health house further emphasizes the importance of pragmatism. It also requires you to review the problems existing in finance and debt and avoid taking chances. Many things need to be dealt with again before they can be completely solved. However, you still need to pay attention to communication methods in order to be recognized and accepted by more people. Venus moves forward in Gemini's house of illness and misfortune to help you improve your interpersonal relationships and obtain the contacts and resources brought by your family, elders and predecessors in the industry. It is also suitable for the stage of improving your qualifications and resume.Attention of migrant workers: improve their personal work attitude, pay attention to changes and opportunities in the environment, broaden their horizons and maintain a pragmatic attitude.

Note to job seekers: Gemini who is unemployed has good luck in job hunting and has the opportunity to study or work in other places or foreign countries. It is also suitable for the stage of improving personal ability and resume.Note to students: Gemini students have good study luck. They are easy to get good grades or opportunities related to further education in the near future, but they should still pay attention to emotional problems and avoid making any decisions on impulse.

Overall fortune in October

October is full of charm for Gemini. The new moon opens on the 6th. The new moon evokes your longing for a better life. You may ask for leave to go out and play and go to an amusement park. If you buy good-looking household products, accessories and toys, you will hope that the pace of life will be easier. Entertainment related invitations will also increase. It's fun to have a party with friends, chase dramas and play games. In addition, there will be news about children. If you are preparing for pregnancy, you may succeed. As Mars also participates in the new moon, money and expenses in entertainment, love and children have also increased. You may also begin to prefer activities that can distinguish between winning and losing, such as competitive and adventure activities. The full moon opens on the 20th in your social and group areas. A group activity may come to an end. There may also be a corresponding project end in the work. There may also be personnel transfer, job replacement, etc. Life will renew members, clean up contacts and so on. The sun changes its seat on the 23rd. During this period, you may encounter some workplace ambiguities, which shows that your charm in the workplace is very attractive. The witch's suggestion is: there is always only one rule in the workplace, that is to insist on doing the right thing and be responsible for your pay and your youth at the moment. This October, act with hope and you will win your respect.

Gemini in October is full of hope. On the 7th, Venus changed seats, Venus entered the field of emotion and cooperation, and the popularity and cooperation heat were mobilized. Make new contacts, or get on with some people, and prepare to establish long-term cooperation. For sales performance, it will also be improved, which is suitable for expanding customer resources. If there are legal related matters, we can see that they are promoted very quickly in the next three weeks. Emotional aspects also began to rise, and there will be new peach blossom opportunities for single people. People with company will have a vision of the future and become closer.

October is when Gemini is busy with work. At the end of the month, the sun and Mars will change seats one after another. Work will get busy. As the business volume increases, you may operate several transactions at the same time. There will also be running and communication brought by work, and there are many places to connect and contact. Competition is also intensifying, which may be internal comparison or external competition. You don't need to worry about it. After experience, you will find that your ability has increased. If you are looking for a job or changing jobs, you can pay attention from the end of this month to next month.

Gemini's studies in October are relatively easy. The new moon will bring entertainment and make you happy to develop your hobbies. Affected by Mercury retrograde in the first half of the month, the learning efficiency will not be very high and there will be a sense of procrastination. Your self-confidence is not very strong. You give in to difficult problems. The state will improve in the second half of the month, Mercury will go straight, and Mars will change its position. Self confidence has increased and schoolwork tasks have increased. You need to look back and devote yourself to your study.

This month, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and mercury return to normal. This month, retrograde planets began to move forward. This will be a good omen. For Gemini who likes to try different things, some of your plans were at a standstill before. For example, I want to travel far, study abroad, participate in courses, further study, carry out operations related to international trade, etc. Now you may reconsider what is feasible and start acting. Your thoughts are also more active this month. There are many recreational activities. Playing will find a new breakthrough. After Mercury goes direct, your thinking will be much clearer. No longer avoid, some things always have to face it head-on. You'll want to pick up the pace quickly. But now it takes patience. In addition, you will also see the competition. Don't admit defeat. By the end of the month, energy will rise sharply. The witch's suggestion is: no matter what is good or bad, as long as you face it positively, there will always be good results!

About feelings and change

Gemini's feelings in October are worth looking forward to. Gemini with company, with the change of Venus at the beginning of the month, the emotional state is optimistic and relaxed. You will be very warm, generous to your lover and willing to give. You'll have a lot to do together. There are new hopes for the future, and there may also be opportunities for travel and long-distance travel. There are also many recreational activities. We will have a good time together. For married people, there may also be good news about children this month. Successful pregnancy or childbirth.

Single Gemini, emotional affairs are quite active this month. We should seize the opportunity to get rid of the bill. The new moon at the beginning of the month will bring you all kinds of entertainment activities. Participate in more parties and have the opportunity to contact the opposite sex. Some friends may like chasing stars and playing games, but they can't just stay at home this month. They must go out and touch people more. There will also be opportunities on social software and the Internet. Someone may take the initiative to pursue you. The other party will also be very warm and generous. You may feel uneasy in your heart, afraid of the rapid retreat of enthusiasm, and dare not enjoy it wholeheartedly. Well, be brave to love this October. Don't linger.

Gemini, how are you doing in 2020? I think Gemini is not easy, no, not easy. These three words are not enough to describe the difficulty of Gemini. It should be said that it is a kind of purgatory test. The eighth house of Mu Tu Ming tests Gemini's bottom line, deprives Gemini's resources, and the angle of the planet keeps Gemini on the edge of struggle. Moreover, this pressure can't be said clearly. Gemini is not a person who likes to express his heart, Naturally, there is a sense of loneliness. I feel that many problems can only be digested by myself, and there is no need to complain. ​

However, the competition for resources, uneven distribution and the fear of being photographed on the beach at any time have always strained Gemini's nerves, but Gemini has nowhere to hide. Mars passes through Gemini's upper hemisphere almost all year round. A strong and urgent energy pushes Gemini onto the stage of performance. If in the past year, the water sign has strong expansion ability because of its strong contacts, and the earth sign has improved its self-confidence because it can be yourself, then Gemini is really the only passive group in the wind direction series of recuperation. Uranus moves in and out of the twelfth house, making Gemini always want to live in isolation, but the external energy, even if Gemini lives in isolation, will still dig into the figure of Gemini, either weakness or bright spot. This internal and external contrast further intensifies the division of Gemini and makes it to the extreme. That is, I'm on my way, no matter how you toss outside, I have my own persistence in my heart!

If other constellations can clearly see their enemies in this year, Gemini is expected to see not only the enemies, but also the hands of destiny beyond human control. (for example, the British prime minister proposed mass immunization, which was widely criticized, but he got a new crown and entered the ICU for rescue. He passed by the God of death. After he recovered and discharged from the hospital, his support rate increased and he had a son.)

All Gemini have the test of resource depletion and near extinction, as well as physical and mental overdraft. Until the end of the year, there is also a Gemini full moon lunar eclipse. Coupled with the wooden earth transfer Palace at the end of the year, Gemini starts a new plan with the last fight, moves towards a new direction and field, and can finally take a breath!

After writing here, I can basically conclude that I will have a large number of writing and learning tasks and travel plans in 2021. Although taking this step may involve gains and losses at the realistic level, Gemini will obviously go happily. After all, the arrival of this direction is based on the inspiration of fate. The new topics, new fields and new directions that Gemini wants to explore also seem to be doomed. Many Gemini will sigh and wonder how fate suddenly injects a light into my life! Then move on in this new direction!

In the new year, although the exploration is a new topic, the solution is still the test of the eight palaces. Only in the way, it is realized by accepting or opposing a certain idea, or by further study in higher education and studying abroad. However, the topic of the ninth house is not only the appearance of learning and learning, but also the belief and values. Can Gemini accept new ideas? If you can accept it, how do you accept it? Accept it all? Or will it be accepted after innovation and integration? Will Gemini's own ideas be recognized? If not recognized, will Gemini compromise? If Gemini doesn't compromise, how can the outside world recognize you in turn? If Gemini neither accepts the ideas of the outside world, nor can they be accepted by the outside world, the life and death crisis that Gemini will face will naturally surface. (refer to China and the United States)

The collision and game, innovation and promotion in this ideological field will permeate all aspects of Gemini's life, including Gemini's conflict and acceptance of corporate culture, or whether they are consistent with their family, friends and other half. It seems to be a problem of ideas. The reason why it becomes a problem is that if there is no unity in ideas, then actions will not be unified. Then everyone goes his own way. Gemini is easy to put themselves in a dangerous situation because of ideological issues.

Therefore, in the new year, whether Gemini turned over or fell to the bottom may be between Gemini's thoughts after repeated thinking and game.

2、 In the middle of the year, Jupiter entered the career house, and Gemini had the opportunity to become famous because of the big pattern

From mid May to the end of July 2021, Jupiter will enter Gemini's career house, also the house of noble and officer. This house will highlight the value of Gemini, but this process is very mysterious. Because Neptune is also in the tenth house, Gemini's professional image and status may have been unclear for many years, or it may be a role of sacrifice and dedication. After Jupiter enters the tenth house in the middle of the year, suddenly, the image of Gemini in the past will be highlighted, but there will also be polarization here. Good Gemini will be famous, while bad Gemini is notorious. Uranus advances in the twelfth house, and all wins and losses have a strong color of cause and effect fatalism. Gemini also has a great chance to suddenly become popular, just like a dream come true. (Gemini can quietly ask yourself, is the original dream still there? Have you been working hard?)

Water retrograde is in Gemini in, so the past cultivation is very important, because water retrograde will bring everyone's attention to Gemini, find out the good and bad of Gemini in the past, and examine Gemini's past experience, behavior, performance, etc. Although Gemini has the opportunity to become famous, the external evaluation is different. It may be that Gemini is famous as a winner and gets negative comments, or Gemini is famous as a victim, but the outside world supports and sympathizes with Gemini's fate.

Anyway, in the new year, Gemini should uphold mindfulness, adhere to principles and have a big pattern. No matter what the outside world thinks of you, when your values become one, and are promoted, displayed and recognized through your efforts, fame comes naturally, and once you succeed, it is Dacheng.

Business operation:

In the new year, Gemini has a great chance to contact a field with higher end, more professionalism and more room to play. This field may be the core professional field of Gemini's unit or the field of innovation. Whatever it is, Gemini has the opportunity to further expand their career stage and get rid of the anxious PK.

In the middle of the year, Gemini has the opportunity to be promoted or transferred to an institutional department focusing on public welfare, which is an important position. Although Gemini's position may still be vague, it is true that Gemini's identity has been highlighted. If Gemini must take income as the standard to measure the quality of opportunities, the pattern is too small. Qinggui, the word, can help you find another way to achieve professional success in the next few years, so the test of the eighth house will be done naturally. This is like using the current income to judge the quality of an opportunity. It is short-sighted. If you can see the essential value of this opportunity and its all-round significance to yourself, even if it is sacrificed in the short term, you can achieve greater achievements in the future.

Job hunting Gemini, your opportunities are far away, related to communication, publishing, higher education, foreign things, creation, and preaching. Many Gemini will start traveling around the world to widely publicize their values. Therefore, in 2021, Gemini will have many career opportunities, and most of them are good opportunities. It is possible to be promoted in the middle of the year, such as entering a well-known unit.

Emotional luck:

However, in the new year, the solar and lunar eclipses also subvert the Gemini partnership in the field of Gemini marriage and feelings at the beginning, middle and end of the year. Single Gemini has the opportunity to establish a relationship with their partner, or they may later deny the relationship, or deny it first and then give birth. The three water retrogrades are also concentrated in the house related to feelings. The road of feelings is still a variety of running in. The results depend on the fate of each Gemini.

Gemini, who only has the other half, may work in a different place. One party is transferred to a distant place, and both parties have distance pressure. However, if handled properly, they can help each other expand their horizons with the help of the other half's fate, and the field of life will be extended to a distant place. The Gemini of the old husband and wife should also pay attention to whether their ideas are consistent. If they are consistent, they can greatly increase their intimacy and blend with each other. (Pluto's eighth Palace)


In the new year, the pressure on Gemini's money is greatly reduced, but it is not as big as last year. On the contrary, it is much more stable, which is related to Gemini's change of income mode and the phased transfer of Gemini's life topics. In 2021, Gemini is expected to upgrade their status, thus driving the rise of income. This rise is not a simple wage rise, but has the possibility of making unlimited money. In addition to death, the power of the eighth house has infinite meaning, so Gemini is also expected to realize wealth and freedom due to identity upgrading. However, in 2021, the problem of money is not the core. The core is that Gemini should break the ideological deadlock, which is the premise of upgrading the wealth level.

Care tips: the new year is worth looking forward to. The beginning is smiling, but the end is not just sublimation!