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April 1, 2024~April 7, 2024


Overall fortune in August:

[please refer to rising and sun Gemini]

August is a stable month for Gemini's inner security. This August you will become strong, and you will gradually find your place in the transition between the past and the present. Mercury will change its seat on the 4th. Mercury enters your family. Focus on family affairs and gain a sense of security this month. Warm family life and friendly friends will make you feel touched and rich. As you spend more time with your family, you will also worry about your family's affairs. You want to take care of all the major and minor matters. Or if your family cares more about you, you will feel that your elders are nagging. When it comes to health care, they are more concerned about the health of their parents and elders. There will also be some operations on real estate and housing. For example, there will be places that need to be repaired. You need to contact the property and negotiate with the repairer. They may also want to buy new household appliances, or carry out local transformation and decoration. There are also some people who may move or change their city residence this month. Maybe you still have some things about the past that you need to deal with carefully. Keep a calm mind and face it with your heart. I believe you will reap a beautiful harvest in this August.

August is a progress month for Gemini to run more. On December 12, Venus will change its seat, and from the middle of the month, communication and travel will increase. Your desire to express yourself will increase. He was also braver than usual and spoke out his views. Of course, you also hope that your views can be recognized by others. Praise and praise will be especially helpful to you. If you are a student, your academic development will be good. During the work, it is suitable for contract formulation, negotiation, etc. there may also be tolerance and travel arrangements. Some small partners will be ready to buy new electronic products or vehicles. The full moon opens on the 12th. With the power of the full moon, you may make plans for going out and traveling. Or to prepare for further study, we should have a long-term knowledge reserve. At the same time, we should also deal with international affairs in our work. Remember to check the license and be careful that it may expire.

Gemini's energy will increase in August. On the 20th, Mars changed its seat and came to Gemini. You will be more energetic, and your life and work will start to get busy. You are likely to take over new projects and increase business volume. Or to challenge difficult problems and meet more competition. There may also be physical related matters in life, or going to fitness and growing muscles. Mercury will change its position again on the 26th. In the second half of the month, it will pay more attention to social activities, and there may be parties. At the same time, you will start to pay attention to financial affairs. The new moon opened on the 27th, emphasizing family affairs again. Some small partners may be ready to buy and sell houses. The number of family members increases, and there may also be family gatherings.

About studies:

Gemini's academic fortune in August is very good. During this period of time, you pay more attention to your studies and think about improving your performance. You may be prepared to take additional courses or prepare for the new semester. In the second half of the month, Venus will enter the field of learning. It will be especially beneficial to liberal arts and writing. They will also be more confident. If there is a project that needs competition, they will have a greater chance of winning. At the same time, there will be extracurricular entertainment activities this month, and the relationship with students is also good.

Special attention to Astrology:

At 21:54 on the 24th, Uranus began to retrograde. This period of time may be a little discontented for you. The operation of Uranus gives you new insights. You will feel that one force wants to maintain stability and maintain the status quo, but another energy wants to break through and break the balance. Sometimes this kind of thinking is unstable. You want to do something and change the status quo, but there seems to be no good way. In addition, you may also be exposed to more international and distant experiences, which will have some impact on your spiritual world and open your eyes. Your original beliefs may be shaken. If you are planning a long trip in the near future, you should make preparations in advance. There may be time and schedule changes. This change should not only be physical, but also spiritual. Start your journey of self transformation early. Learn to analyze, understand and improve yourself during this period. Jung said: & ldquo; There are two times in everyone's life. The first time is to live for others, and the second time is to live for yourself& rdquo; Now is a good time for you to respect yourself and live your life.

About feelings and change:

Gemini's emotions will gradually become relaxed in August. Gemini, you are still sensitive and passive in your emotions in the first half of the month. They will have their own little worries and are not willing to express them. During this period of time, I also care about my sense of security and like to live a stable home life with my lover. However, in the first half of the month, you will also be a little bit self-conscious and take things seriously. They also have a strong desire to control their partners. Fortunately, the situation will improve in the second half of the month. Your mood will be much lighter, your confidence will rise, and you can express your ideas with confidence. Your partner will encourage you to communicate more. You may also travel together for short trips. The time around the middle of the month is the time when feelings can warm up. There will be a new moon at the end of the month. Some lovers may decide to meet their parents or live together.

Single Gemini, in the first half of the month, you may enjoy your single life more. I have expectations for emotional relationships, but I dare not try them easily. Passive and timid. Some people may also have the end of an ambiguous relationship, and leave it alone and fail to finally develop into lovers. But don't worry, the situation in the second half of the month will be much clearer. You will be confident, cheerful, willing to communicate and show yourself. It is very likely that you will meet the people you chat with at the party through introduction and other means. Pay attention to the time around the middle of next month. It will be a time when there are more opportunities. Love is learning and growing together.

Gemini or Gemini's rising career [attention: ★★★★★★]

Career is the first key word of this year!

Dear career Gemini, please first recall that from May to July of the 21st year, if you had encountered some new opportunities, started some projects, or made some progress in your career, 2022 would be the time to improve. 2021 is just a small test. 2022 is the main promotion period. We must not waste a minute.

Don't worry if you haven't met or missed opportunities in 21 years. Please sum up your lessons in time. In the first half of 2022 and the end of 2022, please polish your eyes to capture opportunities. Those who are capable should take the initiative to create opportunities. This is a period of time to get twice the result with half the effort.

Gemini, who have worked hard enough, can expect to be promoted and raised in 2022 and achieve important achievements in their career goals.

  • Favorable months for Gemini career in 2022: from January to may, from the end of October to the middle of December (the overall state is good and there are many development opportunities).
  • Favorable months for Gemini work in 2022: late October to mid November (smooth daily business and support).
  • Favorable months for Gemini cooperation in 2022: November to December (benefit team, benefit contract, benefit negotiation)

Gemini or Gemini rising fortunes

Gemini, who did well in business last year, will see benefits in the second half of 2022, such as promotion and salary increase, income increase, dividend cashing, etc.

The year 2022 is also a good year for the Gemini who work for large companies or institutions and are their own bosses. In addition to the reward or bonus, it is also very easy to get the recognition of reputation, such as the honor of excellent and advanced.

For Gemini who depend on others for their income, such as housewives and business partners, the first quarter is generally good for your financial luck. However, due to the adverse financial problems during the period, they have requirements for the quality of the relationship. If partners are harmonious and cooperate, both sides will gain significantly; On the contrary, the plot is complex. In addition to money, it is also hard to avoid hurting feelings.

  • Gemini good month in 2022: mid June to early August.
  • In 2022, Gemini's good month for money: January March; December.

Gemini or Gemini's rising studies [attention: ★★★★]

Study is another key area of Gemini friends' 2022, especially higher education, vocational skills, and adult learning.

Since the end of 2020, Saturn has put pressure on Gemini's studies, “ Hardship ” In particular, for Gemini people with active temperament, Saturn's pressure is very uncomfortable. 2022 is the last year of Saturn's pressure on their studies. Except for those who have just entered school, it should be said that most students have long been used to this kind of pressure. From a practical point of view, I think it's good to have Saturn to supervise your progress. It's more effective than a lucky star. Unless you don't work hard and waste your time.

So come on for another year! In this year, you should fully follow the rhythm of Saturn, not only learn knowledge and skills, but also pay attention to practice and actively understand the society and your future industry. Saturn is pragmatic and does not engage in the ivory tower &mdash& mdash; Seriously, such Saturn thinking is really reliable!

  • Taurus academic boom months in 2022: late January to mid February, March to early April (for college students and adults); From late July to early September (the study of primary and secondary school students and the knowledge expansion of all taurus).
  • Taurus academic caution month in 2022: during the first retrograde period from January to February, if there is an exam, you should avoid being impetuous.

Gemini or Gemini rising emotions:

Venus retrograde in the first quarter will affect the emotional life of some Gemini people, especially if you or your partner (one or both) have too much control, or are facing some common financial problems, then the emotional quality is particularly vulnerable to challenges. Although the plot may be a little heart piercing, in the long run, if the challenge in the first quarter is passed, your relationship will be more reliable. If it is not passed, some problems should be brought to the table in time.

The nature of emotional problems is special, so it is better to communicate sincerely. If you do too many tricks, you will inevitably fall into a more complex plot, which will be emotionally unfavorable.

For the vast majority of Gemini people (especially those who are emotionally stable, single or just socializing), emotional problems are not the key point of 2022. Most of the people they meet are friends, and their circle life will be more active. Therefore, 2022 is more suitable for friendship cultivation and the expansion of interpersonal circle.

  • The month of Gemini's peach blossom prosperity in 2022: late September to October.
  • The month of Gemini marriage prosperity in 2022: mid November to December.
  • Gemini emotional relationship cautious months in 2022: January March and the end of the year (retrograde period).