On July 1, 2022, there may be some changes in your work on Friday, but such changes may not be a bad thing for you. Instead, you will have the opportunity to seize new opportunities. Of course, this is related to personal ability. Try to improve your ability as much as possible. There may be changes in your relationship, but you adapt well to such changes. Saturday, July 2, 2022

There will be a short chance of success in the workplace, but this harvest will not last long. You can think about how to use it. It should be noted that someone may try to steal your credit.

Overall fortune from June 27, 2022 to July 3, 2022

Mercury is still in Gemini, bringing you good expression skills. It is also suitable to master the right to speak, persuade others to listen to your ideas and accept your suggestions, and it is easy to be affirmed by the outside world and others. However, Neptune is retrograde in Gemini's career house on Tuesday. As a star of the times, it will have an impact on the overall environment from the social level in the next six months, and then gradually affect individuals. Gemini needs to pay attention to changes in the environment, pay attention to whether there are problems in the industry and company structure, and choose a stable direction in case of problems, so as to reduce the impact of the outside world, otherwise it may face major changes, Even cross industry development. The new moon on Wednesday in Gemini's house of wealth and wealth will help you improve your consumption habits, cultivate your savings awareness, and solve your debt pressure. Gemini will also be more clear about the importance of materials, consider new directions that are suitable, and want to bring a better material life to yourself and the people around you.


Mercury in Gemini's life house and Jupiter in Gemini's interpersonal house can help you improve your communication with your partner. You should not only learn to interact with friends and pay attention to opportunities that are beneficial to each other's development, but also pay attention to discretion and distance, so as to avoid the influence of friends on the relationship between the two sides and prevent the tendency to compare with others. The new moon in Gemini's house of wealth and wealth will bring you news related to making money, making profits and recovering money. It will also remind Gemini and their partners to pay attention to the pressure of material and life. Many things need to be prepared in advance in order to be prepared. At the same time, they should learn to meet each other's sense of security in order to have a more stable life.Single dog: a single Gemini is in good luck in love. It is easy to get good emotional news and determine new emotional relationships.

Companion: pay attention to the impact of communication and attach importance to material pressure.

Career studies

Mars and Jupiter are still in Gemini's interpersonal house, helping you deal with interpersonal problems, and will continue to get support from your contacts and resources at work. However, some choices and ways are not what you want. You need skilled communication to win the support of others. In the process of communication, you also need to learn to listen to the real ideas of others, so as to continue to gain insight into the needs of others for you. The arrival of the new moon will bring opportunities for Gemini to increase their income in succession. It also requires you to face up to the material pressure in life. Everything needs to be handled with a more pragmatic attitude, so as to reduce the pressure and impact brought by the environment and obtain a more stable life for you.Attention of migrant workers: pay attention to the material pressure and pay attention to whether there are problems in salary and treatment.

Note to job seekers: Gemini who is unemployed has good luck in finding a job and is easy to get a satisfactory job, but you should still pay attention to whether there are problems in salary and pay attention to the details of the contract.Note to students: Gemini students are not enthusiastic about learning. They may still have unrealistic plans for the future. Any choice should also consider the problems they may encounter in order to avoid repeating the mistakes.


Overall fortune in June:

[please refer to rising sun and Gemini]

Gemini finally has good luck in June. As June begins, many of your puzzles will disappear and your intuition will begin to become reliable. On the 3rd, Mercury will return to direct travel in the inner and hidden areas of Gemini. Your mind will be more confident. The progress of things has been improved and the information has been updated. You will know how to proceed. At the same time, your sleep state will be improved and your spirit will recover. We will pay more attention to health, get health information, buy maintenance products, start fitness, etc. In addition, there will be some behind the scenes and finishing work to be carried out. Your actions will be conservative. On the 13th, mercury changed her seat and entered Gemini. You will feel refreshed and your luck will be improved in all aspects. Think faster, organize clearly, and carry out the plan in your mind. It is a time to improve yourself. Gemini may consider changing their appearance or learning something new. In addition, some people will have good things in the family and get the support of the family. This June, give yourself a little confidence, you will reap prosperity and good luck!

Gemini will start making decisions in June. The full moon on the 14th opens in the field of your partner and partnership. During this period of time, emotional relationship is more sensitive. There will be changes and uneasiness. You need to change your position and learn to think from the other side. The full moon is always a double-edged sword. Lovers may have deep conversations, and the relationship may become closer. But if there is a problem, the full moon will dig it out. If it cannot be solved properly, the relationship may be terminated. The same is true for cooperation and business relations. Accept new partners or change partners. The new moon opened on the 29th, triggering new financial development. With the improvement of financial pressure, new opportunities will emerge. Some small partners may get salary increases and bonuses. It will be a happier time. You may also have a new financial plan and plan to buy something.

Gemini is charming in June. Venus changed seats on the 23rd, and the arrival of Venus was accompanied by luck. Near the end of the month, you will love beauty more, pay attention to your image and improve your appearance. At the same time, popularity has also improved. Take an active part in social activities. You will be the focus of the crowd. For some people, the work performance will also be good. Push forward your own plan, and there may be new opportunities.

About studies:

Gemini's academic performance improved in June. In the first half of the month, academic development was relatively flat. The result is not obvious. You are doing more review and inspection work. If you want to maintain the current state, it's good to have no decline. With mercury and Venus changing their seats in the middle of the month, your self-confidence will be significantly improved in the second half of the month. The idea will also become very clear, which is very helpful for solving problems. If there are exams in the second half of the month, the results and rankings will be very good. But you should also be patient and not be too proud.?

Special Astrology:

At 05:47 on the 5th, Saturn began to retrograde. Until October 23, Saturn will retrograde in Gemini travel and higher education. There will be some wavering in faith. A thing you believed in before may change, reducing your sense of trust and feeling a little shaken. If you are applying for a visa, certificate, or going through the formalities for going abroad or studying abroad, you will obviously feel that the process is delayed during this period. There will be some things to be prepared over and over again. The plan of long-distance travel is also easy to be blocked, such as the change of destination, ticketing problems, etc. Facing Saturn retrograde, Gemini needs to be patient and keep the general direction unchanged. Work slowly. Descartes said: “ Conquer yourself before you conquer the world& rdquo; Calm down and start your good luck slowly. The witch believes that you can certainly win the harvest, because where there is a will, there is a way.

About feelings and change:

Gemini needs to think twice in the face of feelings in June. Gemini with company, you can't hold your breath in the face of emotion this month. Whether it's good or bad. You all want to push things forward and see the results quickly. In the first half of the month, you were relatively introverted and conservative. Some inner feelings are not clearly revealed, and they want to see what the other party is doing. There will also be some small partners who are in different places, gathering less and leaving more, and communicating less with their lovers. With the opening of the full moon in the middle of the month, your intersection will increase. Things will go faster. Of course, the outcome depends on what you do. It's easy to get emotional at the full moon. It's better to say to yourself: slow down and make a decision after thinking clearly.

Single Gemini, your emotional state is not very clear in the first half of the month. The relationship may be ambiguous, or you may be in a state of secret love for others. The full moon, which opens in the middle of the month, will push things forward. You'll soon see the other person's clear attitude. For some inappropriate ambiguous relationships, you will have the courage to say no in time. There will also be small partners who welcome good development and receive confessions from each other. Love is when happiness goes on.?

Gemini or Gemini's rising career [attention: ★★★★★★]

Career is the first key word of this year!

Dear career Gemini, please first recall that from May to July of the 21st year, if you had encountered some new opportunities, started some projects, or made some progress in your career, 2022 would be the time to improve. 2021 is just a small test. 2022 is the main promotion period. We must not waste a minute.

Don't worry if you haven't met or missed opportunities in 21 years. Please sum up your lessons in time. In the first half of 2022 and the end of 2022, please polish your eyes to capture opportunities. Those who are capable should take the initiative to create opportunities. This is a period of time to get twice the result with half the effort.

Gemini, who have worked hard enough, can expect to be promoted and raised in 2022 and achieve important achievements in their career goals.

  • Favorable months for Gemini career in 2022: from January to may, from the end of October to the middle of December (the overall state is good and there are many development opportunities).
  • Favorable months for Gemini work in 2022: late October to mid November (smooth daily business and support).
  • Favorable months for Gemini cooperation in 2022: November to December (benefit team, benefit contract, benefit negotiation)

Gemini or Gemini rising fortunes

Gemini, who did well in business last year, will see benefits in the second half of 2022, such as promotion and salary increase, income increase, dividend cashing, etc.

The year 2022 is also a good year for the Gemini who work for large companies or institutions and are their own bosses. In addition to the reward or bonus, it is also very easy to get the recognition of reputation, such as the honor of excellent and advanced.

For Gemini who depend on others for their income, such as housewives and business partners, the first quarter is generally good for your financial luck. However, due to the adverse financial problems during the period, they have requirements for the quality of the relationship. If partners are harmonious and cooperate, both sides will gain significantly; On the contrary, the plot is complex. In addition to money, it is also hard to avoid hurting feelings.

  • Gemini good month in 2022: mid June to early August.
  • In 2022, Gemini's good month for money: January March; December.

Gemini or Gemini's rising studies [attention: ★★★★]

Study is another key area of Gemini friends' 2022, especially higher education, vocational skills, and adult learning.

Since the end of 2020, Saturn has put pressure on Gemini's studies, “ Hardship ” In particular, for Gemini people with active temperament, Saturn's pressure is very uncomfortable. 2022 is the last year of Saturn's pressure on their studies. Except for those who have just entered school, it should be said that most students have long been used to this kind of pressure. From a practical point of view, I think it's good to have Saturn to supervise your progress. It's more effective than a lucky star. Unless you don't work hard and waste your time.

So come on for another year! In this year, you should fully follow the rhythm of Saturn, not only learn knowledge and skills, but also pay attention to practice and actively understand the society and your future industry. Saturn is pragmatic and does not engage in the ivory tower &mdash& mdash; Seriously, such Saturn thinking is really reliable!

  • Taurus academic boom months in 2022: late January to mid February, March to early April (for college students and adults); From late July to early September (the study of primary and secondary school students and the knowledge expansion of all taurus).
  • Taurus academic caution month in 2022: during the first retrograde period from January to February, if there is an exam, you should avoid being impetuous.

Gemini or Gemini rising emotions:

Venus retrograde in the first quarter will affect the emotional life of some Gemini people, especially if you or your partner (one or both) have too much control, or are facing some common financial problems, then the emotional quality is particularly vulnerable to challenges. Although the plot may be a little heart piercing, in the long run, if the challenge in the first quarter is passed, your relationship will be more reliable. If it is not passed, some problems should be brought to the table in time.

The nature of emotional problems is special, so it is better to communicate sincerely. If you do too many tricks, you will inevitably fall into a more complex plot, which will be emotionally unfavorable.

For the vast majority of Gemini people (especially those who are emotionally stable, single or just socializing), emotional problems are not the key point of 2022. Most of the people they meet are friends, and their circle life will be more active. Therefore, 2022 is more suitable for friendship cultivation and the expansion of interpersonal circle.

  • The month of Gemini's peach blossom prosperity in 2022: late September to October.
  • The month of Gemini marriage prosperity in 2022: mid November to December.
  • Gemini emotional relationship cautious months in 2022: January March and the end of the year (retrograde period).