On Friday, December 3, 2021, do something you haven't done before, or go to a place you haven't set foot in before. In short, don't think about the past today. Try a different way of life. Some people's feelings may have come to a crossroads, whether to move forward or backward, left or right, are their own choices. Saturday, December 4, 2021

There will be some demands on love, so that it is difficult to get the results you originally wanted. Today, I don't have many firm ideas. I'm just happy and free.

Overall fortune from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021

Venus in Libra's family house is suitable to improve the relationship with family, relatives, roommates, landlords and property. You will also take the initiative to pay attention to the news and direction beneficial to yourself in these interpersonal relationships and seek opportunities that are helpful for personal development. As long as Libra is willing to show interest and work hard, you will get help from the elders around you With the help of predecessors in the industry, we still have to be pragmatic in everything in order to get satisfactory results. On Wednesday, Neptune goes straight in Libra's work house to help you adjust your work status. It also requires you to rationally choose the right direction of employment and workplace, and pay attention to personal health problems. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse takes place in Libra's communication house, which is conducive to improving the relationship with people around you and adjusting your external expression. You will also get favorable news for personal development through interaction with people around you, so as to realize the direction of efforts in the short term.


Venus in Libra's house of family and Mars in Libra's house of wealth and wealth remind Libra and partners to pay attention to the pressure in the family. In the near future, we should still pay attention to the problems related to finance and debt. Many things need to be faced by both sides in order to be properly solved. On Wednesday, Neptune goes straight in Libra's work house to improve the pressure brought by the environment. It also allows Libra to face life with a more pragmatic attitude. You will also hope that your partner will give necessary responsibilities to the family. The two sides will have some discussions about the trivial things in life. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will bring changes to Libra's interpersonal relationships, which is conducive to adjusting the way to get along and narrowing the distance. Libra will also determine the direction in the short term, and may have plans related to her partner's field development and short-term travel.Single dog: a single Libra is in love and has high expectations for emotion, but you still have to choose the right person, not just the one who makes you excited.

Company: pay attention to and solve the pressure related to life in order to bring you a stable life.

Career studies

Venus is in Libra's family house, and the sun and mercury coincide in Libra's communication house. This is still a stage where work will be affected by life. Libra should not only pay attention to the arrangement of time, but also carry out the work at hand in an orderly manner to avoid planned conflicts. At the same time, you should pay attention to the way of communication with people around you. Mercury is losing its strength The position where it is difficult to give full play to the positive characteristics will make you tend to be too optimistic, or inadvertently hurt the feelings of others without knowing it. You should not only think in a transposition, but also pay more attention to the limitations of the environment on individuals. On Wednesday, Neptune goes straight in Libra's work house to improve the problems caused by the environment. You also need to adjust your attitude towards work. You can't think too idealized and maintain a pragmatic attitude in order to obtain stable results. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurs in the exchange palace, which brings Libra short-term plans. It is also conducive to getting relevant information and plans in advance through interaction with people around you. Libra may have the opportunity to travel for a short time, go to other places for development or further study, and it is also suitable to pay more attention to the changes of the outside world.Note to migrant workers: Recently, Libra should not only adjust their attitude towards work, but also pay attention to the changes brought by the environment to find a suitable new direction and a new way out for themselves.

Note to job seekers: Libra who is unemployed has good luck in job hunting. In the near future, it is suitable to take the initiative to find a job, and it is also easy to find a job with the help of relatives and friends.Note to students: Libra students' learning is not poor, but easy to be influenced by the outside world. If you want to have good grades, you should adjust your learning methods and devote yourself to your studies.

Therefore, Libra has always had a dull feeling in the past two years, but the basic part is involved in karma and must be dealt with first, otherwise the transition of life will not reach the next stage. The basic part involves many levels, and also has various causal relationships with other areas of life. For example, Libra moves because of marriage or divorce, or is trapped because of the intractable trifles between parents, children, brothers and sisters at home; Or there are urban changes due to career changes, or Libra, an independent entrepreneur, has been looking for the foothold and starting point of career. There are also some Libra in health preservation, because if you want to have more connections with the outside world, Libra must adjust your physical and mental state to the best. And this is a very long process, not a subject that can be solved overnight.

So Libra is looking forward to having a good love affair next year, going to his favorite country, practicing his creativity in his favorite career field, showing his long brewing plan, creating a very lively interest team, and so on. In short, Libra is no longer willing to be normal. Even if it's hard next year, she must experience some human fireworks.

Wood and earth itself are two kinds of energy. Saturn always brings unsolvable karma, and Jupiter brings magical opportunities. When these two kinds of energy enter the fifth house of Libra at the same time, it will make the most relaxed and pleasant field involved in karma and no longer easy. The good side is that love is deep, and the other side is that deep love is rare.

However, it is obvious that this topic is more serious. Firstly, Libra's attitude towards love has changed from the previous casual and perceptual, but added a considerable number of rational elements, such as not only love, but also a result. If you meet a person you like, Libra is willing even after a long-distance love run, or Libra is no longer touched by the beauty of appearance, Instead, they focus more on substantive pay and gain. The subject of love itself is random and relaxed. Once love and responsibility are hooked, we should be prepared to have fun in hardship. For example, Libra may meet a very excellent person in 2021. Fate also gives you an opportunity to get married with each other, which is similar to an unavoidable karma. Instead, Libra is willing to pay, operate and get a result because of Saturn's karma, but it is easy to get married and the result is very difficult, Therefore, the phased requirement is not to have a psychological preparation.

In the middle of the year, Libra is expected to obtain identity confirmation and recognition, such as obtaining a certain professional qualification or certification, and the job opportunities are easy to be related to creativity, art, design, health care, etc., as well as the field of venture capital finance. We should grasp the magical opportunities brought by the middle of the year, because it can help Libra have a clearer focus on the future career path.