On Thursday, July 7, 2022, it's difficult to control your behavior today. You think all the choices you make are right, but you may be quite a headache when you get along with others. It is suggested not to be too casual or too confident in your choice today. Friday, July 8, 2022

Today is a good time to read a book or a work that is beneficial to your personal growth. You will find that the power of knowledge can help you a lot. Try to improve yourself! Remember today that there is a golden house in the book.

Overall fortune from July 4, 2022 to July 10, 2022

On Tuesday, Mars enters Cancer's interpersonal house to help you expand your dating channels, and it is easy to meet new partners, or be introduced to new circles and environments. But Mars is in a position of losing power, which will make cancer's emotional problems more obvious and affect your interpersonal relationships. In other words, either you will be too emotional, or you will encounter more emotional friends, involving money, cooperation We should also be more cautious about lending. On Tuesday, Mercury will also enter cancer's life palace, improve your communication skills, make you willing to actively communicate with others, maintain friendly relations, and strive for appropriate opportunities for yourself.


Saturn is still retrograde in cancer, reminding you and your partner to pay attention to material pressure. In recent months, you should also pay attention to whether there will be disputes related to a sense of security and trust. When things happen, you should learn to improve your communication and thinking methods, rather than forcing others to make changes for yourself. Mercury's entry into cancer's life palace will bring you convenience in communication, easy to convince others, get outside support, and make better progress in emotional relations. But Mars in cancer's interpersonal house will make you easy to encounter rights and wrongs related to friends, and you should also know how to adjust your mind to avoid being affected by others to affect your emotions and life.Single dog: single cancer is in good luck in love, and it is easy to find interested objects in new friends, but it is still recommended to consider clearly, observe each other's behavior from the side, and then make a decision.

Companion: pay attention to the communication methods of both sides, and learn to interact in a way acceptable to both sides.

Career studies

Jupiter's career house in cancer helps you make clear your plan for future development. However, even if you have a sense of direction, you may still be in a state of confusion. You need to get out of trouble by yourself. You also need to set more short-term plans, which will help cultivate your action ability and adaptability. Fortunately, Mercury's entry into cancer's life palace will enable you to master good expression skills, and it is also easy to persuade others and get support related to cooperation and contacts. However, Mars in cancer's interpersonal house, in a position of losing strength, will make you more emotional sensitive, or you may be too dependent on some friends, and even have a tendency to credulous others. In case of trouble, you still need to learn to rely on yourself in order to avoid future troubles.Note to migrant workers: measure the appropriate direction of efforts, and do a good job in the current work in a down-to-earth manner.

Note to job seekers: cancer, who is unemployed, is in good luck to apply for a job, and it is easy to get good news about the job. There will also be an opportunity for interview or entry notice after Tuesday.Note to students: cancer students still need to learn to adjust their emotions. When it comes to planning for the future, they also need to consider the problems they may face in the future.


Overall fortune in June:

[see rising and sun cancer]

Cancer in June is soft. From June on, you will put down some self doubt and pressure and gradually become happy. On the 3rd, mercury returned to normal in the social and group activities of cancer. You may reconnect with some friends and colleagues. Learned more information and solved a knot. There may also be a change of group and rejoining the previous team. It is possible to reset the team goals and become more pragmatic. Or there may be personnel adjustment. Mercury changed its seat on the 13th, which improved its intuitive ability and made it more sensitive. However, your mood will be more stable than before. You can use intuition to understand the truth and act rationally instead. I like soothing sports, yoga, meditation, etc. Some kids will get a holiday and have a good rest. In short, don't worry about this June. Relax and believe that everything will slowly get better.

June is a good time for cancer to welcome change. The full moon opens on the 14th, in your field of work. Bring adjustment to daily work. You may be finishing up a project. Or they were assigned more important tasks and became busy. Some people are making work handover, or considering changing jobs, and begin to actively look at opportunities. If you have a pet, you should also pay attention to the health of your pet during this period. The new moon opens on the 29th. The new plan is adjusted actively. The new moon in cancer gives you new strength. Continue to pay attention to your emotions and accept the guidance of your heart. Do what you want to do.

June is a month for cancer to relax. Venus changed seats on the 23rd, a time for relaxation. Near the end of the month, you may want to take a break. Be more freewheeling in work and rest time. Although a little lazy, but in exchange for a good mood. There are many invitations to social activities, but many cancer people will consciously reduce social activities and prefer to be alone and relax.

About studies:

Cancer studies in June are a bit busy. At the beginning of the month, mercury returned to retrograde. Your state will pick up a little, and it is no longer slow. It is possible to readjust the goals and become more pragmatic. At the same time, the popularity has been improved. If you encounter problems, you can get the help of your friends and classmates. In the second half of the month, you may have to catch up with the progress or have urgent tasks to complete. Some people have to face exams. At the same time, entertainment invitations have also increased. If you want to have fun, you must finish what you are doing.

Special Astrology:

At 05:47 on the 5th, Saturn began to retrograde. Until October 23, Saturn will retrograde in the fields of wealth and health education in cancer. If you are a person who likes to manage money, you should be cautious in the next time. You may have some unusual operations. For example, if it was conservative before, it would become more radical. Or maybe he was adventurous before, but now he is more cautious. However, the opposite operation effect is not very obvious, and the investment harvest is not particularly ideal. In addition, you should also pay attention to the health of your family and the income of your partner. There may be some unplanned situations. They should also work hard and quickly, maintain good work and rest habits, and keep exercising. Nothing is more important than health. Spinoza said: “ If you want the future to be different from the past, learn from the past& rdquo; Maybe in the days when Saturn is retrograde, we should learn to reflect, learn to change, learn to raise one against three in the past, and then take action.

About feelings and change:

Cancer's emotions in June are natural. Cancer, with company, Saturn will start retrograde this month. You will start to be more cautious in your emotional performance. The speed of emotional development will slow down, but it will also move towards a more pragmatic and stable direction. In the first half of the month, you will need to build trust and confirm something with your partner. I hope to get a clear and positive reply. Pay attention to the time around the middle of the month. You may feel dissatisfied. Or because of material differences with the lover. However, as time goes on, the mood will be more relaxed in the second half of the month. The emotional state will be a lot more casual. Some thoughts need not be expressed, and they can be felt by each other. Some friends may be in a different state from their lovers, but their feelings will not cool down.

Single cancer, this month is full of social activities. Take part in group activities and get in touch with friends. Someone will help you pull strings, and you can also meet people who make you happy. But you need to be patient. The relationship should develop slowly. Near the end of the month, you may also start the mode of secret love, but focus on observation first. Care silently and look forward to it first. Love is expecting a promise.?

Cancer or rising career / work [attention: ★★★★]

Career is a highlight of cancer people in 2022, especially two types of cancer people: first, cancer people who actively pursue further study and constantly pursue professional ability improvement (the further study here may be to study while working, or to learn in the process of working, and the form is not important); The second is cancer who has just started working or has just changed its environment.

Over the past six months from March to October, it is very beneficial for career cancer to be aggressive. You can easily expand your business, business thinking, and even your workplace. 2022 the better you learn and dare to try, the more opportunities for career progress will be. So my advice to you is to improve yourself before May, because there will be plenty of career development opportunities between May and October, and you should make yourself a prepared group.

  • Favorable months for cancer career in 2022: late March to October.
  • Favorable months for cancer work in 2022: mid November to mid December.
  • Favorable months for cancer cooperation in 2022: from January to early March; December.

Rising fortunes of cancer or cancer

For fixed salary cancer, 2022 does not need any special tips. Here we focus on the partial wealth type cancer.

The so-called partial wealth type means that your income does not depend entirely on fighting alone, but on others to a large extent, such as children provided by parents, housewives who make money by their spouses, entrepreneurs who rely on the performance of partners, and most agent intermediaries &hellip& hellip; wait. In 2022, you should pay attention to the other party that affects your income, pay more attention to the status of the TA (it is recommended to look at the other party's annual luck), be diligent in communication and emotional maintenance, do not be a shopkeeper, and do not quarrel when something goes wrong. Please remember that you are a community of interests. The reason for this is that in 2022, your income from this kind of association is not good. Therefore, you should take the initiative to find out the reasons and make timely adjustments to maximize the benefits.

In addition, if the related parties that affect your income have problems with their ability due to some objective reasons, you should be flexible, or make more efforts by yourself, or develop some other sources. Never hang a tree.

  • The month of good fortune for cancer in 2022: mid July to early September.
  • In 2022, cancer will enjoy a good fortune: late January to mid February; From March to early April.

Cancer or cancer rising emotions

On the whole, emotion is not the key point for cancer people this year. Cancer seeking love opportunities may wish to refuel more from October to November.

In particular, there are two possible problems for cancer partners who are deeply stuck in their emotional life: first, pure practical problems, such as the obstacles of money, work, distance, or family, make the distance between you unable to be widened; Second, the progress of the emotion itself is too slow, which makes you feel at sixes and sevens &hellip& hellip; This state, in fact, is the normal state of many partners, but cancer yearns for the deep feelings of harmony, so it feels very dissatisfied. It is suggested not to be too impatient. Some feelings have to be simmered slowly. 2022 is a time of great urgency. It's unwise to constantly force the other party to make a statement. Emotion, unable to reason, sometimes moved by a smile, is better than your booing for a hundred years.

If the above is indeed your case, my suggestion is to spend more time to improve yourself. The more natural and unrestrained you are, the more atmospheric you are, the more attractive you are, and get twice the result with half the effort.

  • In 2022, the month of cancer peach blossom Prosperity: October to November.
  • The month of cancer marriage prosperity in 2022: from January to early March; December.
  • The cautious month of cancer's emotional life in 2022: the first water retrograde period from January to February (only people with extremely poor family relationships need attention); During the retrograde period in December (ibid.).

Cancer or cancer rising studies [attention: ★★★★★★]

Almost a whole year (from January to May and from November to December) is favorable for cancer students, especially college students and adult learners. In addition, people engaged in scientific research, scholars engaged in academic research, practitioners and writers in the educational sector &hellip& hellip; 2022 is also a very favorable year. You just think of the spring. Your creativity and energy are endless. This is a year that can not be wasted. You always have small notebooks around you. You can't miss them.

Cancer academic boom months in 2022: January may and November December; From late August to September (primary and secondary school students).