On Friday, December 3, 2021, some obstacles are built by yourself. Today, be careful not to give yourself too many negative hints. Feelings may encounter places that are not as good as you want, but there is no need to hum. Saturday, December 4, 2021

You can make more efforts in your career. Today's opportunity is quite good. If you tend to be conservative, you might as well remind yourself that you can seize the opportunity only if you are bold. Don't ignore health problems. No matter how good the opportunity is, it also needs physical cooperation.

Overall fortune from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021

Venus is still in the opposite house of cancer, which is conducive to improving stable relations and allowing cancer to receive feedback from cooperation and emotion. You will also try to contact cooperation projects related to popularity and resources, but many things need to learn to interact with others and actively learn from experience in order to have good results. On Wednesday, Neptune goes straight in the migration house of cancer, which is conducive to adjusting your learning attitude and determining the direction of long-term efforts. You will not be satisfied with the status quo and yearn for better opportunities, but you still have to measure the gap between ideal and reality, and learn to work hard gradually, not fantasy, in order to get the desired results. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse in cancer's work house will bring good news related to the workplace. You will adjust your personal attitude, try to contact new work projects, and get appropriate resources to expand your desired direction and maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships. It will bring you more help from others. In the near future, it will also be conducive to facing and dealing with matters related to money and debt, We should protect our rights in an appropriate way.


Venus is in cancer's partner house and Saturn is still in cancer's disease house. The economic and security problems brought by the recent environment will still be the reasons affecting cancer and partnership. You need to be mentally prepared for many things, face them gradually in an appropriate way, and learn to rely on your own ability instead of expecting too much from anyone else, Otherwise, it is not only easy to be disappointed, but also easy to have friction with others. Neptune's return to normal brings cancer the idea of re planning the future, and makes you willing to take the initiative to improve your dissatisfied living environment. The arrival of the new moon solar eclipse will get good news related to work and life for cancer. It is also suitable to take the initiative to safeguard your personal rights and interests, clarify your bottom line and avoid being crossed by anyone.Single dog: single cancer has good luck in love. It is easy to spark with new friends, but we should still pay attention to whether the other party is reliable and avoid excessive economic investment in the early stage of the relationship.

Company: focus on yourself and reduce excessive dependence on others, so as to better maintain the relationship with each other.

Career studies

Venus in cancer's opposite house emphasizes the importance of communication and cooperation, and brings good news related to contacts and resources to cancer one after another. You also have the opportunity to work or learn with older elders and authorities. You should be modest and low-key in everything in order to bring you better results. Neptune's direct movement in cancer's migration house will help you re plan the direction related to the future and try to restart projects related to the past. However, cancer should still pay attention to the restrictions brought by the environment and avoid facing anyone and things with too optimistic attitude. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurred in cancer's work house, bringing good news related to the workplace. It is conducive to obtaining new projects in the workplace and striving for appropriate opportunities. It will also take the initiative to improve interpersonal relations in the workplace. You will determine a better direction by getting help from others. You also need to pay attention to accounting problems. In the near future, you may have laws and regulations with others around rights protection A legal dispute.Note to employees: pay attention to interpersonal relationships in the workplace, actively adjust work attitude and strive for appropriate new opportunities.

Note to job seekers: cancer who is unemployed has good luck in job hunting. It is easy to get entry opportunities this week and will also find a suitable new direction.Note to students: cancer students have a flat study. They are easy to affect their study due to their emotions, interests and hobbies. They should also learn to cultivate their attention and avoid external interference.

Overall fortune in October

[see rising sun and cancer]

October is cancer's down-to-earth struggle month. Over the past few months, the universe has given you the opportunity to adjust your body and mind and face the people around you in a positive way. The new moon opens on the 6th, which will help you better understand the situation and build a sense of security. You need to gain trust between people. You can rely on others and become what others need. Now the new moon will push cancer to create some atmosphere and make the relationship closer through conversation and physical contact. Or, you will choose to stay where you feel safe, where you know, and do familiar things. The new moon will also promote the development of family affairs. It may operate things related to real estate or decorate the place where you live. It should be noted that Mars will also participate in the new moon. There may be relatives who need your help. You should also pay attention to the health of the male elders at home. There may also be some disputes and quarrels. The full moon opens on the 20th in your career field. The second half of the month will be busy at work. There will be projects and affairs that are due, and you have to finish them before the deadline. In addition, you may experience personnel changes. Work also needs to enter a new stage and start actual implementation, operation and so on. Some people may change their superiors, change their positions, or even leave their jobs. When the sun changes its seat on the 23rd, you must recognize some relationships and understand how to love. This October, calmly face life, everything is the best arrangement.

October cancer is free and comfortable. Venus changed seats on the 7th and became busy at work, but the atmosphere will be quite relaxed. There may be some environmental changes, such as the change of commuting time, the change of office, etc. You may also feel more congenial with female colleagues and have a better relationship. Or the other person is helpful to you. You may also come across some new things at work, or you are making longer-term plans. Some small partners will have the opportunity to carry out sideline and part-time work this month, and will also have a good income. It may also harvest some old-fashioned payments, settle the payments, and reduce the financial pressure. It should be noted that your state is free and a little lazy. At the end of the month, there will be things to come to an end. It's best not to pile up things to avoid being too busy later.

About Studies

Pay special attention to the stars

Cancer's emotional state will pick up in October. In cancer with company, Saturn returns to direct, and emotional anxiety will slowly decrease. This month can improve the sense of security. Your relationship with your lover may be a little dull, but it's quite regular. Doing more familiar and done things together will warm up our feelings. In addition, you will spend time focusing on family affairs. Do housework and get along with your elders. Some people's emotions will also be affected by their families. There may be some disputes to deal with in the first half of the month. At the end of the month, there will be more recreational activities, or you have to deal with children related problems.

Single cancer, this month's emotional state is relatively relaxed. Some time ago, your mood was a little more serious. Now you can relax a little. Generous, regardless, expect to get along easily. Pay attention to the work environment. You may have colleagues to help you connect, or meet interesting people through your career. On the surface, you are more casual, but I still hope the other party can take the initiative. Entertainment opportunities will increase from the second half of the month to the end of the month. Attend parties, go out to play, there will be peach blossom opportunities. Well, this October, focus on the moment and love what you love.

After the final running in period in 2020, cancer's topic in the seventh house will also have a result. In short, either separation or combination, the seventh house will bring a result to each other, and the final choice will be made in the fourth quarter of 2020 at the latest. Some cancer will win each other's sincerity because of their persistence, companionship, tolerance and understanding, and then get the ticket to get married. They can finally become regular. And these cancer who persist should also have a psychological preparation, that is, they should be prepared to share weal and woe together in the future, because the probability in the future is to experience tests together, and cancer may not get blessing, It may be more responsibility; There is another kind of cancer, which can't compromise on the relationship without solution. It's just a transformation, either you or me. The activation of Jupiter in 2020 is also reflected here. If the other party's status can't be shaken, cancer will choose a new platform, a better emotional object or partner, and the speed of this transformation is quite fast, It may be decided in an instant.

Fear at the spiritual level is closely combined with the test at the practical level, which will also be mixed with the separation and dispersion of interpersonal relationships, marital relationships and cooperative relationships. Therefore, the test for cancer in 2021 may be more severe than that in 2020. The transition from the seventh house to the eighth house means the transition from interpersonal relationship to resource sharing, and from emotional mutual integration to responsibility sharing. True love is not only the provision of emotional value and simple life companionship, but also the material sharing at the realistic level and the realm of paying without asking for return. Therefore, most of the relationships that can pass the test of the eighth house are skinned. As a result, most of the people are still alive and the relationship is still alive, but the feeling is not the emotion of the past.

The practical test of the eighth house will also reflect the competition in the workplace. For example, cancer will undertake some challenging jobs, and events related to debt, litigation and loans are easy to come to the door, and can not be solved for a moment; In other words, some assessments that are not easy to achieve the goals fall on cancer. If they are completed, they will have the opportunity to be promoted, and if they are not completed, they will be completely eliminated; The test of the eighth house will also be reflected in finance. For example, the investment is locked up, or there are all kinds of loans that are too heavy to breathe, for example, the borrowed money will not come back, and so on. However, the test of 2021 has the opportunity to activate. The most desperate time is often the time to stimulate potential and find a breakthrough, such as inheritance, family gifts and repayment of arrears, which helped cancer alleviate the financial pressure in one fell swoop.

2、 The key to getting out of trouble is to give yourself a new direction. When your thoughts and horizons are purified and sublimated, the high-dimensional self can get rid of fear instantlyFrom mid May to the end of July, cancer will get a new turn. For example, at work, cancer can contact a more professional and forward-looking high-end field, and then broaden its horizons and sublimate its ideas. With Saturn retrograde, those tense PK and severe tests will come to an end temporarily, although the turning point in the middle of the year may be just a signal, A belief, or a light and a window, but cancer can see the possibility of a turn for the better, which in itself can help cancer greatly alleviate the long-term pressure on interpersonal relations, cooperation and resource sharing. Fate will always give us a break. The middle of the year is a relatively relaxing time to seize it!

Some cancer will be seconded to work in other places in the middle of the year, or sent abroad, or have the opportunity to contact people and things with a more ideological realm. At the ideological level, they will take the lead in helping themselves review the past and present because of the broadening of their horizons, and have new plans for the future. The fear of those stuck confrontations and the deprivation of resource cards will be greatly reduced.

In June, there will be a Gemini new moon solar eclipse and water retrograde in Gemini. This is an opportunity for cancer to be purified at the spiritual level. Cancer has a great opportunity to contact religion, mystics, spiritual cultivation and other fields. Cancer will also pay attention to its physical and mental health. If the pressure is too high, it will release negative emotions by venting itself in exchange for a more refreshing self, It also has the ability to meet the challenges in the second half of the year.

In the workplace, the topic of interpersonal relationship has come to an end. Cancer will also change the platform and bid farewell to its opponents, so as to regain its dominance in interpersonal and cooperative relationships. But next, cancer will face the test of reality. For example, can challenging goals be achieved in a tight market environment? After the original resources are deprived, can we do it all by ourselves? Some right and wrong pots in the unit may have to be buckled on their own heads, and they can't get rid of it. Can they cope with it? Therefore, in the new year, cancer needs to make achievements under the severe market environment, so it must do its best, or even take the wrong edge. There are some risky events that may have to be touched. The greater the risk, the greater the turnaround. In fact, even if cancer doesn't want to take risks, the more risky karma will still fall on cancer, so since it can't be avoided, Then go up against the difficulties. There is always room for the eight palaces to turn around. Think of it as a practice!

Fortunately, from May to July in the middle of the year, cancer is expected to see new hope and work pressure will be greatly reduced. Although the assessment is not over yet, there are many ways to solve the crisis, especially to get in touch with higher-level people and things, which can help cancer extend its career field to the far side and greatly broaden its horizons, This can help cancer look at itself from a higher perspective and pave the way for a new attempt in 2022.

Cancer looking for a job is a good opportunity from May to July in the middle of the year. The opportunity is related to distant places, foreign countries, trade, publishing, creation, education, religion, occult science, psychology, medical treatment, charity work and other fields. Seize this opportunity. Once you make a change, your interpersonal relationship will change greatly, and you will know different types of people, Bring you more social experience!

For single cancer, this year may encounter a very mysterious, excellent, rich, powerful but uncontrollable candidate. Cancer should carefully investigate whether the other party has another half and can not be tempted by the mystery of appearance. There is still a gap between temporary passion and long-term commitment; Relatively speaking, the people you meet from May to July in the middle of the year will be more refreshing. They may be met in the further study of higher education, or when they participate in a promotion training or an interest community. The other party has ideas and realm, and can drive cancer to open up their horizons. Such candidates are worthy of deep cultivation.

If a married cancer survives the test of the first two years, the relationship between the two sides will show two extremes this year. The close relationship at the practical level and the alienation of intimate relationship. Cancer should also be ready to help the other party bear the pressure of debt. For example, if the other party is in financial difficulties, cancer needs to pour out all his money to help, and cancer should be prepared that the money can't be taken back for a while; On the other hand, the situation of uneven financial distribution between husband and wife will also appear, so that money and intimate relationship are easy to be affected. However, in that sentence, any husband and wife will face the test of reality. If they can stick to it, the relationship is expected to be sublimated with a new emotional state. However, we should first experience the reality and be ready to share weal and woe. Some married cancer will face the battle of property distribution after divorce. This year is basically a year of constant struggle. Although they may not get as much as they expected, they may eventually reverse.


Firstly, there are debts to be borne; secondly, the arrival of foreign aid is more laborious; thirdly, the financial distribution is uneven; fourthly, there are additional responsibilities derived from debts. In the most difficult times, there is also God's support, but this support came unexpectedly, such as getting a larger loan, or family gifts, insurance compensation, winning a lawsuit, etc. when you are faced with financial difficulties, you should have faith, that is, there is room for everything to turn around!

Care tips:

In the new year, the test for cancer is severe and realistic. When you feel the fear of being on the verge of extinction in your heart, and when you are carrying unbearable debt, remember that one sentence is very suitable for you, that is, there is no way at the end of the mountain and water, and there is another village!