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January 1, 2024~January 7, 2024


Overall fortune in August:

[please refer to rising and sun cancer]

August is the month of cancer's smart and capable efforts. This month, you should learn to drink and share freely. Whether it is your mood or your thoughts, sharing with others will always bring you happiness and surprise. On April 4, mercury changed its seat, showing its talent and communicating confidently. This month Mercury will enter the study and communication field of cancer. It's a good time to realize your ideas. You will have a strong desire to express your ideas and be willing to communicate with others. Your ideas are also clear and pragmatic, giving people a sense of reliability. Work efficiency will also be good. Communicate and connect with various departments. The procedure will be smoother. It is also suitable for business negotiation and contract signing. If you are engaged in education, it, transportation and other industries, your development will be better. Running will also increase, and there may be tolerance this month. If you are a student, you will usher in a period of academic improvement. Keep faith and work hard. This August, I believe that you can get what you want and show your own light.

Cancer in August will be more happy to enjoy wealth. On the 12th, Venus will change its seat and enter your wealth field. The next time will be when the financial situation improves. First of all, cancer's friends will want to enjoy life. Eat delicious food, go shopping, buy new clothes, and buy goods that you have been interested in for a long time. Consumption will increase, but it also brings good mood. In addition, there will be an increase in income. The work efficiency has become better, and some small partners have the possibility of salary increase. Or you find a new way to make money and have extra income. The opening of the full moon on the 12th will also affect wealth. Bring you cooperation, tax, financial management and debt affairs. You will deal with these matters from a more pragmatic perspective and consider how to reap more benefits. Some people may have to deal with relevant legal disputes.

Cancer will be more introverted in August. Mars will change your seat on the 20th. In the next time, you will become more introverted, restrain your energy, and pay more attention to your thoughts and heart. Seek more enlightenment about life. Cancer will also receive more information to understand the truth of something. Pay attention to interpersonal problems or hidden competition. During this period, you may also want to take a rest and apply for a holiday. Pay attention to your health. It's easy to sleep poorly. Mercury will change its position again on the 26th, and at the end of the month, it will begin to pay attention to family affairs. There may be family trips. Or to tidy up the room, repair and buy some household goods. The new moon opens on the 27th, bringing you more opportunities to communicate and travel. In the last few days of the month, you may have to run or deal with some contract affairs.

About studies:

Cancer will improve in August. At the beginning of this month, mercury entered the field of learning and communication in cancer. Your mind is very flexible this month. Learning efficiency is very high. During the holiday, the assignments and courses were completed very quickly. It is also suitable for writing and other liberal arts subjects. You will be very diligent and serious during this period. If there is an exam, I will take it seriously and my grades will probably be improved. Some people may also pass the tests, interviews and applications, and join new classes and courses.

Special attention to Astrology:

At 21:54 on the 24th, Uranus began to retrograde. There may be some changes in the interpersonal circle. For cancer, you actually prefer to contact stable people. In the face of unfamiliar people and environment, there is a little bit of social fear. However, in the past two years, due to Uranus, there will be some different people in the life circle. There are more and more friends of different ages and personalities. Different ideas in the group are also colliding. If you try to accept these different views, you will still have new achievements. You may feel unstable. So don't pay too much attention to the results. Just enjoy the process. In addition, pay attention to expenses. There may be unexpected health problems or unplanned large sums of money. During the retrograde phase of the planet, the secrets and karma of the past will be exposed. Of course, some things will make you anxious, but there is also the possibility that your wishes may be realized suddenly. Wu's advice is: follow the footsteps of your heart and explore the unknown. Your subconscious will tell you the answer. Believe in: & ldquo; You can do more than you think& rdquo;

About feelings and change:

Cancer's emotional attitude in August is more pragmatic. You will still be sensitive in the first half of the month, cancer. Pay attention to feelings and love. During this period of time, you will especially need a positive and warm response from the other party, and there is a great demand for emotion. That's how I feel safe. So suspicion is quite serious. Some problems are easy to accumulate in the mind if they are not explained. Some little friends will quarrel about it. The time around the middle of the month will be relatively strong. The second half of the month will be easier. You may travel together and go shopping together. The other party may prepare a gift for you. You will also think about some things and become weak in action. It's not so serious anymore.

Single cancer, the first half of the month to deal with ambiguous relationships. You may be expecting the other party to take the initiative, but it is likely that the progress is not very good. And then complain about each other in your heart. If you don't want to miss the opportunity, you should take the initiative and not always ask others. New peach blossoms may appear around the middle of the month. But this month you may also have some house. In the second half of the month, my attention to emotion began to drop, and I prefer to stay alone. Some people may fall into the circle of love but not love or polygonal relationship. Love is managing life together.

Cancer or rising career / work [attention: ★★★★]

Career is a highlight of cancer people in 2022, especially two types of cancer people: first, cancer people who actively pursue further study and constantly pursue professional ability improvement (the further study here may be to study while working, or to learn in the process of working, and the form is not important); The second is cancer who has just started working or has just changed its environment.

Over the past six months from March to October, it is very beneficial for career cancer to be aggressive. You can easily expand your business, business thinking, and even your workplace. 2022 the better you learn and dare to try, the more opportunities for career progress will be. So my advice to you is to improve yourself before May, because there will be plenty of career development opportunities between May and October, and you should make yourself a prepared group.

  • Favorable months for cancer career in 2022: late March to October.
  • Favorable months for cancer work in 2022: mid November to mid December.
  • Favorable months for cancer cooperation in 2022: from January to early March; December.

Rising fortunes of cancer or cancer

For fixed salary cancer, 2022 does not need any special tips. Here we focus on the partial wealth type cancer.

The so-called partial wealth type means that your income does not depend entirely on fighting alone, but on others to a large extent, such as children provided by parents, housewives who make money by their spouses, entrepreneurs who rely on the performance of partners, and most agent intermediaries &hellip& hellip; wait. In 2022, you should pay attention to the other party that affects your income, pay more attention to the status of the TA (it is recommended to look at the other party's annual luck), be diligent in communication and emotional maintenance, do not be a shopkeeper, and do not quarrel when something goes wrong. Please remember that you are a community of interests. The reason for this is that in 2022, your income from this kind of association is not good. Therefore, you should take the initiative to find out the reasons and make timely adjustments to maximize the benefits.

In addition, if the related parties that affect your income have problems with their ability due to some objective reasons, you should be flexible, or make more efforts by yourself, or develop some other sources. Never hang a tree.

  • The month of good fortune for cancer in 2022: mid July to early September.
  • In 2022, cancer will enjoy a good fortune: late January to mid February; From March to early April.

Cancer or cancer rising emotions

On the whole, emotion is not the key point for cancer people this year. Cancer seeking love opportunities may wish to refuel more from October to November.

In particular, there are two possible problems for cancer partners who are deeply stuck in their emotional life: first, pure practical problems, such as the obstacles of money, work, distance, or family, make the distance between you unable to be widened; Second, the progress of the emotion itself is too slow, which makes you feel at sixes and sevens &hellip& hellip; This state, in fact, is the normal state of many partners, but cancer yearns for the deep feelings of harmony, so it feels very dissatisfied. It is suggested not to be too impatient. Some feelings have to be simmered slowly. 2022 is a time of great urgency. It's unwise to constantly force the other party to make a statement. Emotion, unable to reason, sometimes moved by a smile, is better than your booing for a hundred years.

If the above is indeed your case, my suggestion is to spend more time to improve yourself. The more natural and unrestrained you are, the more atmospheric you are, the more attractive you are, and get twice the result with half the effort.

  • In 2022, the month of cancer peach blossom Prosperity: October to November.
  • The month of cancer marriage prosperity in 2022: from January to early March; December.
  • The cautious month of cancer's emotional life in 2022: the first water retrograde period from January to February (only people with extremely poor family relationships need attention); During the retrograde period in December (ibid.).

Cancer or cancer rising studies [attention: ★★★★★★]

Almost a whole year (from January to May and from November to December) is favorable for cancer students, especially college students and adult learners. In addition, people engaged in scientific research, scholars engaged in academic research, practitioners and writers in the educational sector &hellip& hellip; 2022 is also a very favorable year. You just think of the spring. Your creativity and energy are endless. This is a year that can not be wasted. You always have small notebooks around you. You can't miss them.

Cancer academic boom months in 2022: January may and November December; From late August to September (primary and secondary school students).