On Friday, December 3, 2021, I don't want to maintain my image. I want to seek happiness today. I suggest not to indulge too much. Some people may make wrong choices because of some difficulties or stimuli. Reason is very important today. Saturday, December 4, 2021

There will be quite good performance in financial transportation, so you can communicate more with the team or family today, and the probability of finding opportunities will be relatively high. In terms of feelings, although it can't be said to be plain sailing, if you want to fall in love well, today's experience is very good.

Overall fortune from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021

Venus in Capricorn's life palace helps you get recognition from the outside world by showing your personal ability and charm. This is also an easy stage to get help from contacts and resources. As long as you are willing to accept the kindness of the outside world, you are also easy to get advice from authoritative people and older predecessors. You should know a lot of things in mind and maintain a stable state of mind in order to bring you the desired results. On Wednesday, Neptune goes straight in Capricorn's communication house, calming the confused atmosphere brought by the environment, and will also let you take the initiative to pay attention to the changes around you and pay attention to the news that is helpful to you. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse takes place in Capricorn's Secret Palace, which helps you adjust your personal mentality and face the future with a more optimistic and calm attitude. You also need to observe whether there is a tendency to be deceived. Many things should be done without regret in order to avoid becoming your own burden.


Saturn and Jupiter are still in Capricorn's house of wealth and wealth, emphasizing the importance of material. Venus in Capricorn's palace of life will bring more changes related to yourself in the near future. You will also consciously adjust and change your personal image, and have the tendency to change your style, lose weight and fitness, even medical beauty and cosmetic surgery. On the one hand, you should pay attention to the pressure of economy, On the other hand, you should also ask your partner's views to avoid disagreements with your partner due to financial pressure and trust. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will help Capricorn solve the problems existing in the past. You will rearrange your life, pay attention to the restrictions and changes brought by the environment, and maintain a clear understanding, so as to bring a more stable direction for you and your partner.Single dog: single Capricorn has good luck in love, is easy to be courted by others, and will also choose objects that are suitable for themselves and can bring a sense of security.

Companion: paying attention to the pressure on the economy will also become a driving force for both sides to make progress.

Career studies

Venus in Capricorn's life palace brings opportunities to show your personal ability. It also makes you willing to actively interact with the outside world and pay attention to appropriate cooperation and development projects. This is still a stage to emphasize your personal uniqueness. Capricorn needs to adjust his personal attitude and style, choose an appropriate way for himself that is not easy to be replaced by others, and ask more elders and industry authorities in case of trouble, Will get advice and help from the other party. The sun and Mercury also coincide in the secret house. Recently, Capricorn will exist as a behind the scenes military master. Your workload will increase sharply, and you will even have to bear affairs that do not belong to you. However, as long as you complete them properly, you will get due returns. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurred in Capricorn's Secret House to help you adjust your emotional state, which is suitable for the stage of solving the past, But you still have to learn to emphasize the importance of yourself in order to get the respect that others deserve for you.Attention of migrant workers: adjusting personal status is the key, and we should also learn to take the initiative to pay attention to appropriate opportunities.

Note to job seekers: Capricorns who are unemployed have good luck in job hunting. They will get job news through changes in the environment recently, but it still depends on their choice.Note to the students: Capricorn students are easy to learn and are vulnerable to the influence of the past. They should also avoid being disturbed by others.

October is a popular month for Capricorn. At the end of the month, the sun and Mars will change seats one after another. At the end of the month, interpersonal activities began to increase. You will meet more people and expand your network resources. This will provide you with more options and will consider joining a new group. But not everyone is friendly. You also feel the hostility of some people and the strong sense of comparison and competition. Don't flinch. You still have a good chance of winning.

October Capricorn is ambitious academically. This month you are more competitive and set higher goals for yourself. He is also very high-profile in his behavior. But remember to set it within your ability and don't aim too high. The test results will be good and attract more people to pay attention to you. Some small partners run for cadres, and they are also quite likely to be elected. With the passage of time, the second half of the month will begin to be a lot more introverted. There will be new things to attract you. Pay attention to arranging the time for entertainment and study.