On Friday, December 3, 2021, it's easy to roll over because of greed. It's important to restrict your desire to invest, be cheated or lose money because of greed. It's important to stretch out your feet at the bottom line of your feelings to try to roll over because of greed. Work will not disappoint your efforts. Even if you stand in your own perspective, no one will say anything about you. Saturday, December 4, 2021

When there are many temptations, it is easy to trigger some inner desires. Today, it means a little. Be loyal to your partner. Pay attention to the seemingly good opportunities. When you don't fold the means for interests, you often step on the pit.

Overall fortune from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021

Mars in Scorpio's life house forms a sextile with Venus in the communication house, which brings strong action force to Scorpio. It also makes you willing to actively interact with people around you and look for helpful news and opportunities. This is still a stage suitable for solving problems. The combination of the sun and mercury in Scorpio's communication house also brings you opportunities to make money and recover money, However, mercury is in a position where it is difficult to give full play to its positive characteristics. Scorpio should not only pay attention to the way of communication with others, but also avoid trusting anyone's commitment to prevent the possibility of being cheated. Neptune goes straight in Scorpio's love house on Wednesday to help you readjust your emotional needs. By improving your concept of mate selection, face up to your real thoughts, and pay attention to whether the environment will have an impact on your emotional relationship. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurs in the house of wealth and silk in Scorpio, which brings you good news related to making money, income and recovering money. However, you still need to adjust your consumption attitude, reduce expenditure beyond your ability, and obtain a more stable life for yourself.


Mars in Scorpio's life house and Venus in Scorpio's communication house require you to pay attention to the changes brought by the environment, pay attention to the way of communication with your partner and people around you, learn to transpose thinking, so as to better understand the ideas of people around you, avoid subsequent differences and misunderstandings, learn to ask the views of people around you and avoid making decisions for each other without authorization. Neptune returns to direct on Wednesday. Although it changes the overall environment, for Scorpio, through the influence of the environment, it will bring side changes in emotion, so that you can pay more attention to your feelings, and will no longer treat emotion in an overly idealistic way through appearance. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will make Scorpios and their partners pay more attention to the importance of material. Both sides will consciously save and adjust their consumption ideas. At the same time, they have the tendency to recover arrears and safeguard their personal rights and interests. This is also a stage suitable for solving debt and economic problems. Scorpios and their partners should still pay attention to family changes and pay attention to the health of their elders, We should also pay attention to whether there are unplanned expenditures or disputes with relatives over money and real estate.Single dog: a single Scorpio is in a smooth relationship and is vulnerable to pressure from the family. For example, the type of object he likes is not accepted by the family, or the object introduced by his elders doesn't like him, etc.

Companion: when something happens, we should learn to understand each other and think from each other's point of view, so as to achieve transposition thinking.

Career studies

The sun and mercury coincide in Scorpio's house of wealth and wealth. Making money and obtaining more material sources will become the focus of Scorpio's attention in the near future. You hope to have opportunities to learn and improve yourself in the process of making money. You should also safeguard your rights and interests and strive for appropriate projects and opportunities in an appropriate way. However, mercury is in the position of losing power, which will make you make mistakes in communication, It is also easy to have disagreements with others. Mars is in a powerful position, so that Scorpio has the courage to change the dissatisfaction status quo, but Mars will still affect Jupiter in the family house, which means that the existing environment will have an impact. Scorpio should protect personal rights and interests in an appropriate way, and may also ask for leave to go home to deal with problems or deal with problems in the environment. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will bring good financial news to Scorpio. It also requires you to adjust your consumption habits and take the initiative to solve and improve money related problems.Note to migrant workers: to determine a practical and feasible way, we should first learn to solve and deal with the problems existing in the environment.

Note to job seekers: Scorpios who are unemployed have good luck in job hunting. They are easy to get job opportunities through their relatives and friends. At the same time, they are suitable for short-term study or consider going to other places for development.Note to students: Scorpio students have good luck in learning. Emotional problems are still the key. In the near future, they may have a tendency to turn over old accounts due to poor mood.

In the past 2020, Mu tuming was concentrated in Scorpio's three palaces, so Scorpio will have a very turbulent situation from the perspective of luck. What the three palaces embody is all kinds of frequent business trips, which inevitably brings a sense of fatigue. Especially when Mars enters the health palace in the second half of the year, Scorpio must pay attention to his body because he is too busy, otherwise his body overdraft will produce various emergency diseases. Scorpio is in such a busy, hard and tired state. It is estimated that he does not have much energy to invest in love. Even if he does, he is full of secret love, let it be, and even self sacrifice. He is unlikely to have a good state to take the initiative to fight for anything. He has a mentality of letting it be and walking in change. Whether it's career or emotion, the first thing to deal with is the immediate task. As for the major plan of life, it's put aside for the time being (except for some Scorpios in the second quarter).

When Scorpio is busy, he will certainly think about the future, and the future Scorpio thinks about is often related to the settlement of basic fields, such as where to camp for life development, buy a house, decorate and settle down, and have successful technology, so he wants to establish his own school and personal studio, etc. Scorpio's Thoughts on career and marriage are closely related to the subject of the fourth house. With this desire to end the rush to camp, Scorpio will gradually settle down his life in 2021 and give himself a peaceful home.

From mid May to the end of July, with Jupiter turning into Pisces, that is, Scorpio's emotional house and children's house, Muhai is in the same house. Moreover, it is a Dreamy Pisces house, which will bring magical opportunities to Scorpio's feelings and children. In fact, it is more important for Scorpio to move first, because it starts his inner desire for love, children and happiness, Therefore, you will get closer to the relevant objects. Fate must be the result of the joint action of internal and external factors. Scorpio in the middle of this year is like a dream come true in love. It is really super sweet to talk about love with the people you like. Although the time is very short, Scorpio still has many practical choices and topics to implement in the first and second half of the year, But don't delay the romance in the middle of the year. Speaking of this, I really want to bless Scorpio!