On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, there will be inexplicable anxiety urging you to keep moving forward, but in fact, many things don't need to be in such a hurry. Being busy is easy to make mistakes. In terms of investment, don't trust your vision too much today. At the same time, don't invest after listening to others say a few words. Thursday, January 27, 2022

The days with a more tolerant attitude also enable you to get along well with the people around you, which is also conducive to your progress in work. It must be right to finish the work at hand early in these two days. The attitude towards lovers is not much different from that towards the people around them, which makes the other half a little angry.

Overall fortune from January 24, 2022 to January 30, 2022

As the last week of the year, Aquarius needs to pay attention to personal emotional pressure. It should not only deal with unsolved problems in the past and avoid repeating mistakes in the new year, but also pay attention to personal responsibilities and obligations and learn to undertake relevant affairs, so as to help you have more opportunities for growth. On Monday, Mars enters Aquarius's Secret House and is in a powerful position to help you review the past and adjust your personal emotional state. It is also suitable for sorting out the problems that have been bothering you for a long time, choosing the right direction for yourself and waiting for the right opportunities. Some opportunities or choices that appear at the beginning of the month will be further promoted in the near future, which will also make you more aware of your needs. Mercury's retrograde return to Aquarius's Secret House on Wednesday will still bring more people and things related to the past. You need to re-examine your heart, release the problems to be solved, make up for irreparable regrets, and find hidden secrets, especially the affairs that have occurred during 2017-2020, which will have the opportunity to be completely solved and avoid repetition. On Saturday, Venus goes straight in Aquarius's Secret House. Although the late influence will not be completely ended until early March, it is still suitable as a stage to improve the emotional state and regulate the relationship with others. Aquarius will take the initiative to repair the relationship with some people and determine the intention of cooperation, but it is still necessary to adjust the emotional state and avoid unpleasant differences in the follow-up.


The sun and Saturn in Aquarius help you focus on yourself. Mercury, Mars and Venus are all in Aquarius's Secret House, bringing memories related to the past. It also requires Aquarius and their partners to learn to be honest, solve problems related to the past and avoid repeating mistakes. Mercury and Venus are in the retrograde phase, which brings about the exploration of the past. You should also pay attention to the way of communication, otherwise you will have the tendency to turn over the old accounts, which will deepen misunderstandings, lead to contradictions, and even lead to cracks in the relationship. Fortunately, Venus will return to normal on Saturday, which will help Aquarius alleviate the emotional pressure and let you face up to the potential problems in the relationship and emotion, Deal with it in the right way to avoid affecting your future.Single dog: single Aquarius love is going smoothly. You should learn to accept a new beginning in order to usher in a new life.

Company: find a suitable way of communication and avoid paying more attention to past problems.

Career studies

Mercury will retrograde in Aquarius's vital sign and return to Aquarius's Secret House on Wednesday. It is still a stage affected by the past. It reminds you to pay attention to unsolved problems and be mentally prepared. The recent workload will be obvious, or you may bear all kinds of pressures that do not belong to you or have not been paid attention to in the past. It is also easy to meet your past friends or partners again, But there are some old problems that need to be solved in order to avoid affecting your work and life again. Fortunately, Mars enters Aquarius's Secret House and is in a favorable position, which will help you deal with relevant problems well. However, in dealing with problems, you should still be cautious and take care of the needs of others, otherwise you may spread news that is not conducive to you. Venus moving smoothly in Aquarius's Secret House will bring opportunities to adjust interpersonal relationships and improve the way you get along. It will also enable Aquarius to restart projects or cooperation that have not been carried out in the past, but it still needs to be in line with the actual situation in order to help you achieve the desired results.Note to migrant workers: learn to pay attention to the present, but also solve the past and avoid being affected again.

Note to job seekers: Aquarius job seekers who are waiting for employment are doing well. Emotional problems are still the key. You will have your own plan. At present, it is also the waiting and preparation stage, but you should still pay attention to the impact of the environment.Note to students: Aquarius students have good luck in the exam and are easy to get good grades. In the near future, it is also suitable for reviewing and consolidating knowledge.

About learning

In October, Aquarius's personal charm will be greatly improved. You will become popular, talented and energetic. With Aquarius, you are relatively peaceful most of the month. Be tolerant and won't quarrel with your lover about small things. Because you don't like disputes these days, concession can avoid disputes. Mercury is still retrograde in the first half of the month, and you will have some nostalgia. You can go to places of commemoration with your lover. Revisiting old places can deepen feelings. However, in the first half of the month, we should also pay attention to communication, just endure and accumulate grievances, and there may be more outbreaks later. Emotional sensitivity will increase in the second half of the month. May love more. Your temper will grow.

Practicing the personalized route by pulling away is a classic state of Aquarius in recent years, but this may not be what Aquarius wants. Aquarius also has a strong ambition, but there seems to be a strange energy, that is, the stronger the ambition, the more lonely you feel, the stronger the ambition, the more you want to pull away. This is like a same-sex magnet. The closer it gets, the more it repels it. Inexplicably, it goes out of a way to make the Aquarius mixed.

Love luck: