Friday, December 3, 2021, is a very sober day. Even if you have a good chance, you will choose to keep a low profile and will not rush forward. If you want to impress you, you should give up your mind today. Saturday, December 4, 2021

Today, you will think about the future. When everything is unknown, you may need to ask yourself when you are afraid of the future. The appointment may be delayed or blocked. Keep in touch with each other today!

Overall fortune from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021

The conjunction of the sun and mercury in Aquarius's interpersonal house brings you help in networking and resources. It also makes you want to jump out of the current environment and get in touch with a different life. However, Saturn and Jupiter are still in Aquarius's vital house, emphasizing the importance of responsibility and obligation. You also need to face the existing and unsolved problems in the past. If you escape or delay, Will still be a burden on yourself. On Wednesday, Neptune went straight in Aquarius's house of wealth and wealth, adjusting the pressure brought by the environment and giving Aquarius a chance to ease its financial problems. You need to be more pragmatic in facing the economic situation, improve the situation of excessive consumption, and keep pragmatic in terms of financial management or money making concept, so as to avoid more risks. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius's interpersonal palace will bring good interpersonal news and help to contact new circles, relationships and platforms. Aquarius will also have ideas about cooperation and investment, but we still need to consider whether it is practical and feasible to avoid subsequent debt related disputes.


Saturn and Jupiter are still in Aquarius's life house, while the sun and mercury are in Aquarius's interpersonal house. They emphasize the importance of communication and require Aquarius and partners to pay attention to the planning related to the future and interpersonal relationships. You will face the future with a more optimistic attitude and get the opportunity to understand each other through sharing network resources, just any important affairs or planning, We should pay more attention to the views of both sides, as well as environmental and economic restrictions, so as to avoid unpleasant disputes in the follow-up. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will bring Aquarius and partners the opportunity to contact new circles and new friends. You will consider new money making and cooperation projects, but you should still pay attention to whether these opportunities are really reliable and feasible. In case of trouble, you should pay more attention to the views and guidance of your elders.Single dog: single Aquarius has good luck in love and is easy to meet people who can talk in the new environment and circle.

Companion: pay attention to the emotional changes of both sides, and pay attention to the importance of communication.

Career studies

The sun and mercury in Aquarius's interpersonal house will bring you opportunities to contact new circles, and there will be news about contacts and resources. However, Aquarius still needs to adjust its personal mentality and strive to be pragmatic and stable in everything in order to avoid the impact of the environment. Many things can't completely rely on the help of others. Try to do it yourself, To prevent subsequent disputes. Mars in Aquarius's career house continues to interact with Jupiter in the house of life. Emotional problems will still affect Aquarius's career performance. With Neptune moving smoothly in the house of wealth and wealth, the environmental constraints on Aquarius's material aspects will be gradually eliminated, but we still emphasize the importance of emotional stability. We should also invest, borrow or spend outside our ability carefully, Otherwise, it will still bring restrictions to your life. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will bring more accurate interpersonal related news to Aquarius, but you should still pay attention to whether the other party is reliable and whether the ongoing projects and directions are pragmatic, so as to avoid subsequent economic disputes.Note to migrant workers: pay attention to the changes in interpersonal relationships, but also pay attention to the appropriate direction, so as to avoid too hasty and too idealistic choices.

Note to job seekers: Aquarius job seekers who are waiting for employment are not doing well. Emotional problems will affect their performance and play. They should also choose the direction that is suitable for themselves and has a stable income, not just their personal preferences.Note to students: Aquarius students have good luck in the examination. They are easy to get good results. They are also suitable for learning and further study.

About learning

In October, Aquarius's personal charm will be greatly improved. You will become popular, talented and energetic. With Aquarius, you are relatively peaceful most of the month. Be tolerant and won't quarrel with your lover about small things. Because you don't like disputes these days, concession can avoid disputes. Mercury is still retrograde in the first half of the month, and you will have some nostalgia. You can go to places of commemoration with your lover. Revisiting old places can deepen feelings. However, in the first half of the month, we should also pay attention to communication, just endure and accumulate grievances, and there may be more outbreaks later. Emotional sensitivity will increase in the second half of the month. May love more. Your temper will grow.

Practicing the personalized route by pulling away is a classic state of Aquarius in recent years, but this may not be what Aquarius wants. Aquarius also has a strong ambition, but there seems to be a strange energy, that is, the stronger the ambition, the more lonely you feel, the stronger the ambition, the more you want to pull away. This is like a same-sex magnet. The closer it gets, the more it repels it. Inexplicably, it goes out of a way to make the Aquarius mixed.

Love luck: