On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, we need to adjust our mentality. Today, we should be strong so that we won't be defeated easily. Although not to the point of losing money, great pressure is inevitable. Thursday, January 27, 2022

Although you are not good at facing conflicts, you may have to face them more or less today. Remember to fight for your rights and interests. You may lose your reputation because of your feelings.

Overall fortune from January 24, 2022 to January 30, 2022

As the last week of the year, Pisces needs to pay attention to the influence of interpersonal aspects, the changes of social circles and personal feelings in emotion. On Monday, Mars enters Pisces' interpersonal house and is in a powerful position to help you break through the bottleneck. It is suitable to contact new circles and new environment. It is also easy to get the opportunity to work and learn with older predecessors. The plan launched at the beginning of the month is expected to be further implemented, but it will be difficult in this process. Pisces needs to adjust his personal state, Avoid impulsive situations due to poor mood. Mercury retrograde returns to Pisces' interpersonal house on Wednesday, bringing more exploration related to the past and letting you know the real intentions of some people. Pisces will actively adjust interpersonal relationships and pay attention to who you keep a distance from. At the same time, the secrets you hide or problems you escape may also be discovered by others, especially during 2017-2020 Unsolved affairs may repeat the mistakes. We should be prepared and learn to face them calmly, but there will be better results. On Saturday, Venus goes straight in Pisces' interpersonal house. Although the later impact will last until early March, it is still a stage suitable for improving relationships, contacting new circles and integrating into the new environment. However, Pisces still needs to maintain a modest attitude in order to get recognition and help from others.


Jupiter is in Pisces' life house, and Mercury retrogrades back to Pisces' interpersonal house, emphasizing the importance of interaction and communication. Pisces and partners also have more opportunities to share network resources and contact each other's circles in the near future, but Mercury is retrograde after all. Focusing on the past, especially the direction related to emotion, may expose problems and lead to differences between you and your partner, The unintentional or intentional words of some friends may also lead to misunderstandings or differences between you and your partner, so you should see who is worth being friends and who should keep a distance. Fortunately, the return of Venus will help you reorganize your interpersonal relationships, but Pisces still needs to maintain a frank attitude and improve the relationship with your partner and people around you in order to have more stable emotional and social relationships.Single dog: Pisces, who is single, has good luck in love. It is suitable to contact the object introduced by his family. It is also recommended to choose people with the same life background.

Company: face up to the problems in the relationship and pay attention to the importance of communication.

Career studies

The sun, mercury and Saturn in Pisces' Secret House help you adjust your emotional state, pay attention to people and things in the past and avoid affecting your psychology again. However, mercury is retrograde after all and will enter Pisces' interpersonal house on Wednesday. You will still have more opportunities to interact with the outside world. It is easy to meet people and things in the past, or introduce them through friends, Exposure to new environments and circles. This week is the last week before the holiday. The staff will be busy and need to deal with the problems that may occur during the holiday in advance. Therefore, Pisces needs to focus on the individual and avoid excessive experience in social relations. However, Mars is in a powerful position in the interpersonal palace and will still bring you information related to contacts and resources, As Venus returns to direct, it will further bring you the desired news and results, but you still need to adjust your mood and pay attention to time management to avoid affecting your life.Attention of migrant workers: pay attention to the news and opportunities in the workplace, and pay attention to the people who are helpful to themselves in the interpersonal circle.

Note to job seekers: Pisces who are unemployed will get help from their predecessors in the industry. It is also recommended to pay attention to the guidance from teachers and predecessors.Note to students: Pisces students have a mediocre academic performance. They are prone to affect their studies due to their emotions, interests and hobbies. They should also pay attention to the relationship with their families.

Overall fortune in October

Pisces, who is looking for a job, should seize the period from May to July this year. Jupiter enters the first house and has the opportunity to work in his dream unit. Moreover, the opportunity is like God's help. The weather, place and people are in harmony. Your dream has come true. Prepare your resume well! But don't cheat. The twelve palaces of wood and earth are easy to be caught. Once caught, it will completely break their industry reputation and have no Jianghu status from now on!