On Friday, December 3, 2021, you will choose to watch on many things and will not take the initiative to participate in them. It is difficult to say whether such a decision is right or wrong. It depends on your own choice. Some problems are not unsolvable, but you prefer research to action. Saturday, December 4, 2021

The energy brought to you by the power of the new moon is positive and full of positive colors, so take action today. Feeling too confident is not a good thing. Don't always stay where you are today waiting for others to come to you.

Overall fortune from November 29, 2021 to December 5, 2021

Jupiter and Saturn are still in the secret house of Pisces, which requires you to adjust your personal state, solve various problems left over from the past, and learn to face the truth, so as to help you improve your personal ability and achieve real growth. The sun and mercury coincide in Pisces' career house to help you determine your long-term career direction. You also need to take the initiative to pay attention to the news from the outside world and find suitable opportunities for yourself. However, mercury is in a position where it has lost its strength and can not show positive characteristics. Many things should learn to be consistent with words and deeds and avoid fantasy and rhetoric, so as to bring you the desired results. On Wednesday, Neptune goes direct in Pisces' life house, reminding you to readjust your personal state and pay attention to the restrictions brought by the environment to avoid the recurrence of the past. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurs in Pisces' career palace, which brings you the direction related to career development and cross industry, and is also conducive to the implementation of relevant plans. However, you should still pay attention to the gap between ideal and reality. If you can't get a pragmatic solution, it's still difficult to get the desired results.


Jupiter in Pisces' Secret House and mercury in Pisces' career house remind you and your partner to make clear their plans for the future. In the near future, you will also find secrets hidden by both sides, which may affect the relationship between the two sides by meeting some unresolved matters in the past. On Wednesday, Neptune goes straight in Pisces' life house, allowing you to re sort out your current life. You also need to pay attention to the changes and restrictions brought by the environment. The more you stay awake, the more you can avoid the impact on life and emotion. Saturday's new moon solar eclipse occurred in the career palace, requiring Pisces and your partner to determine plans related to the future. You are prone to disagreements, or you have different directions for long-term development. You need to communicate properly, otherwise it may affect the relationship between the two sides, even cold war, breakup, divorce and so on.Single dog: single Pisces love is smooth and easy to be immersed in emotional fantasy, but there may be no real progress. It is suggested to adjust your personal mentality and try real love.

Company: only by determining the consistent direction of efforts can we bring a more stable relationship to each other.

Career studies

The conjunction of the sun and mercury in Pisces' career house helps you determine plans related to the future. It is also suitable for the stage of adjusting career direction and contacting cross industry platforms. You will be dissatisfied with the current environment, eager to contact better circles and relationships, and have the tendency to actively interact with the outside world, but Mercury is in a position of losing strength, Pisces will make mistakes in expression, and it is easy to cause trouble for yourself due to improper wording. You need to adjust your personal communication mode. The arrival of Saturday's new moon solar eclipse will bring good news to Pisces in career and help to determine and implement relevant plans. However, we should still consider the limitations in reality. We should not be too idealistic in everything, otherwise there will still be a large gap due to the gap between ideal and reality. We should have dual choices in everything in order to be prepared.Note to migrant workers: to determine the long-term direction, we should also deal with the current work.

Note to job seekers: Pisces who are unemployed have good luck in job hunting and are easy to get the help of their elders and family elders.Note to students: Pisces students have good academic luck, but emotional problems are still the key. They are also prone to weariness due to poor mood.

Overall fortune in October

Pisces, who is looking for a job, should seize the period from May to July this year. Jupiter enters the first house and has the opportunity to work in his dream unit. Moreover, the opportunity is like God's help. The weather, place and people are in harmony. Your dream has come true. Prepare your resume well! But don't cheat. The twelve palaces of wood and earth are easy to be caught. Once caught, it will completely break their industry reputation and have no Jianghu status from now on!