On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, it's easy to fall into the confusion of believing too much in yourself and relying too much on your own experience to deal with problems, but the result may not be satisfactory. Will be more positive about feelings, but there are some signs of love in my heart. Thursday, January 27, 2022

It is suggested not to expect too much from your relationship. Although your luck may look good today, you may not meet the person you like. There may be some possibility of empty efforts in your work, so stick to it!

Overall fortune from January 24, 2022 to January 30, 2022

As the last week of the year, Aries needs to deal with matters related to career and life, and be mentally prepared for the pressure they may handle and face. On Monday, Mars enters the career house of Aries to help you make clear your plan for the future. It is also suitable to deal with the problems that have been delayed for a long time, and pay attention to the opportunities and tests in the environment. This will be a stage where pressure and opportunities coexist. It also reminds you to pay attention to the plans or ongoing affairs at the beginning of this month, and you are expected to get the right direction or initial return in the near future. Mercury retrograde returns to Aries career house on Wednesday to help you sort out and pay attention to the problems existing in the career environment. It is also suitable for the sorting stage. Pay attention to the changes in the environment, improve matters related to communication and direction, and pay attention to the unresolved career direction and development problems at the beginning of the month and even during 2017-2020, so as to avoid repeating the mistakes. On Saturday, Venus goes straight in the career house of Aries. Although the late impact of Venus retrograde will continue until March, it is still suitable for the stage of regulating interpersonal relationships and clarifying values, and it is also easy to improve the way to get along with older elders and authorities.


Mars is retrograde in the career house of Aries and Venus is retrograde in the career house of Aries. It will return to normal on Saturday, which means that this is still a stage of emphasizing the consistency of future planning. Aries and their partners may have disputes over different directions for the future. In case of problems, they should not only seek the same direction, but also learn to pay attention to each other's needs and pay attention to their partners' real ideas, In order to reduce differences and avoid affecting the relationship between the two sides. Mercury retrogrades back to Aries career house on Wednesday to help you and your partner pay attention to the changes in the environment, understand each other's essential needs through communication and interaction, and learn to interact in a way acceptable to both sides. Otherwise, the relationship will be affected by the families or elders of both sides, and avoid conflicts around the original families of both sides.Single dog: single Aries has good luck in love. It is easy to meet people who feel good in new dating circles, and may also spark with friends.

Companion: clarify the direction related to the future, and pay attention to the essential needs of both sides.

Career studies

Mars enters Aries' career house on Monday, which is conducive to facing and planning opportunities and choices related to career direction and cross industry development. This is also a stage suitable for dealing with thorny problems. As long as you make enough efforts, you will be recognized by your predecessors in the industry and push forward the plan that originated or is in progress at the beginning of the month. Venus is about to go straight in Aries' career house, and will continue to bring you better opportunities or find a more favorable development direction. But Mercury retrograde back to Aries career house will "disturb the line of sight" and interfere with the process of some affairs and plans, but what can be disturbed is actually unstable, pragmatic and prone to problems. Aries needs to recheck and check relevant affairs to avoid more trouble in the follow-up.Pay attention to the changes and opportunities in the environment, especially the opportunities at the beginning of the month, which will be more favorable in the near future.

Note to job seekers: Aries who are unemployed are in good luck and are expected to get help from their elders, but it may take time to wait, and the results may not be available until years later.Note to students: Aries students have better learning ability, but they are easy to be given too much pressure in the near future. They may have resistance and need more attention from their families.

Overall fortune in October

[refer to rising sun and Aries]

October is the day to prove Aries' ability and value. Change stimulates the fighting spirit of Aries, and the ability interprets the self-confidence of Aries. Life is bound to encounter some small resistance, but sheep are so strong. The more challenges and changes, the more you can give play to your intelligence and competitiveness. The new moon opens on the 6th. The new moon will help Aries open up interpersonal channels. You may want to participate in some public activities, or meet new contacts through others' introductions. The freshness brought by making friends is very gratifying.

In terms of work, I have the opportunity to implement new cooperation, sign orders, or find new partners. It's a good time to visit customers. Emotionally, the new moon will also help, have the opportunity to improve the intimacy of the relationship, and single people also have the opportunity to meet new peach blossoms. The full moon opens in Aries on the 20th. You may have just finished a plan. It's time to test the results. Maybe some little friends will give up, remove some things they don't normally use, or make a clear relationship with some people. A good end means a new beginning. The sun changes its seat on the 23rd. This is a time of love. You will open many things of love. This October, a relaxed and happy life will surround you.

October Aries has dreams. Venus changed its seat on the 7th, and Venus entered your field of travel and higher education. You may be thinking of a plan to travel or improve yourself. The next time is suitable for execution. For the future, there will be good ideas and new ideals and pursuits. You will be happy with these thoughts, but you should move quickly. Don't miss luck and become a fantasy. The work may also involve long-distance travel, business trips and contact with international affairs. There will also be free dispatch and learning opportunities. You may also want to improve your ability, learn a foreign language and sign up for courses. They will also be interested in art and writing and cultivate their sentiment.

October is the active period of Aries. At the end of the month, the sun and Mars will change seats one after another. Aries' vitality will increase significantly. The desire is strong. You are very confident and believe that you can succeed. Just this month ago, we made a plan, and now we will take action next month. Desire will push you to act, but too strong a sense of gain and loss is also easy to cause disputes. Be careful not to be greedy. Some little friends are ready to start the exercise plan to be careful of trauma. There may also be explosive spending on money consumption. It's better to keep some reserve money.

About Studies

October Aries is really good at learning. With Venus changing seats, test scores can be improved. At the same time, it is also suitable for preparing papers, defense, submitting various applications, etc. The course content is going well. You will have the opportunity to upgrade to a more advanced course. There may also be exchange students, overseas exchange arrangements, or scholarships. However, it should be noted that Mercury is still retrograde in the first half of the month. This October, there is still some procrastination in doing things. We should encourage ourselves to act quickly.

Pay special attention to the stars

This month, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and mercury return to normal. This month, retrograde planets began to move forward. This will be a good omen. For Aries, interpersonal relationships and group activities are slowly going smoothly. If you have misunderstood before, you can mediate. You may also re-enter the group and get the corresponding position. I get along well with my classmates and friends. Mercury's direct travel makes communication smoother and message transmission faster. You can express yourself more clearly. Some delayed trips can be arranged again. Before, you will hesitate, escape and don't want to make a decision. There will be a chance to think again this month, and there will be new progress either passively or actively. Near the end of the month, self-confidence will be stronger and efficiency will be greatly improved. The witch's suggestion is: believe in your decision, take action as soon as you want to do, and don't leave regrets for life.

About feelings and change

In October, Aries emotions begin to return to normal. With Aries, the occurrence of the new moon at the beginning of the month will promote emotional development. Some people may be experiencing competition. You will be positive and fight for yourself. Also want to take from each other, but remember not to be too greedy. As Mercury goes direct in the second half of the month, misunderstandings in relationships will be clarified and relationships will be repaired. You and your lover can talk to each other and open their hearts. If your relationship was stable before, you will be closer this month and may decide to start a family and rely more on each other.

Single Aries, there is an emotional opportunity this month, but you should adjust your mood and seize the opportunity. The new moon lights up the emotional field and brings new people into your life. However, your contact may smell of gunpowder in the first half of the month, or there may be multi angle competition. As Mercury goes direct in the second half of the month, the context of things will be more clear. You can also see each other's thoughts more clearly. In the development of feelings, pay more attention, but don't worry and control your emotions. Well, this October, believe in the energy of love and that good things will happen.

In the past two years, especially since 2018, Aries has been under pressure to cover itself. This pressure is mainly concentrated in several aspects. One is that the breakthrough in the career field has encountered difficulties. For example, the boss Aries is facing great pressure in the face of the contraction of the market environment and his own financial turmoil. He has set goals and actively struggle, but he always meets various obstacles to achieve goals.

In other words, Aries is the type that is more frustrated and more courageous. The harder it is, the harder it works. There is a kind of fearless spirit that I can handle. This busy state reached the peak in the second half of 2020 when Mars continued in Aries house for half a year, so Aries is really tired in the fourth quarter; There are also those who are pressured by their officers and elders. They are not free enough and have a lot of responsibilities. These Aries are helpless in dealing with the pressure from their officers, but their status has been pushed to a high position. This is like that the ass determines the head. When they are pushed to the backbone level of responsibility, they should take the lead to rush forward no matter how hard they work, But this responsibility wave after wave, so that Aries is easy to get angry and get sick because it is too busy.

However, in 2020, Aries will be shouldered with responsibility and glory. The two complement each other, or they are mutually causal. For example, if Aries needs to shoulder responsibilities because of its position promotion, it is worth the fatigue, because the identity itself is different from the past and is a leader in the industry. Even if everyone is complaining, Aries, as a leader and backbone, should set an example, Set an example. Such relatively positive Aries will take their identity to another level in the past year. By 2021, they are expected to relieve their pressure by operating personnel and materials. Some Aries have too much responsibility and pressure, but because they redouble their efforts, they get a promotion opportunity; Some Aries are transformed. This transformation often has a change of identity and image. For example, if you are a doctor or teacher and start online popularity with your major, you become popular all at once. When you become popular, you become busier and have greater professional pressure.

Generally speaking, Aries will have a breakthrough in 2020. This breakthrough may be due to the upgrading of identity brought by Aries' strong action force, or the adjustment of its professional image and positioning. Because of red, Aries will become more professional. To some extent, Aries' breakthrough in 2020 is the most powerful of the twelve constellations, Give Aries some applause here!

Fortunately, by 2021, the most difficult period of Aries' self transformation, breakthrough and pressure resistance has passed. No matter whether Aries is transformed or upgraded, by 2021, it will be invested in a new collective with a new identity and image, attract friends and expand contacts. This also greatly shares the pressure of Aries and makes Aries more famous. Is it worth looking forward to!

1、 The eleven palaces of wood and earth are full of contacts and lively, highlighting the topics of social networking, friendship and teamworkIt can be seen from some recent personal consultations of Aries that Aries at the end of last year will have two differentiation: one is to stand by and wait for promotion, and then meet new teams and contacts in 2021; The other is to transform the business field and become one, so as to introduce new contacts in the new year and deal with a wider range of social groups. No matter what kind of Aries, there will be interpersonal issues in the new year, but the topic of the eleventh house is obviously much easier than the pressure of the tenth house, and Aries' status has established a new height. Therefore, in the new year, we are also standing at a higher starting point to deal with the topics of team operation, organization and coordination, friendship and contacts and circle integration.

On the one hand, Saturn's entry into the eleventh house will bring team cooperation topics. For example, there are incompatibilities with colleagues, customers, corporate culture and business philosophy, but it does not mean that you can get rid of them because of incompatibility, because Aries's status has been integrated with the surrounding environment and formed a complementary supporting relationship, so even if there is pressure, You must also deal with it through your high EQ, but Aries has the advantage of action. It is easy to highlight your will in the process of running in, and does not compromise, which will bring the risk of isolation. Once isolated in the workplace and in the team, it will affect the development of work and the exertion of ability.

In addition, Aries, as the organizer and leader, also needs to face the pressure of team dissolution, renewal and coordination. For example, there are many contradictions among subordinates, and Aries always needs constant mediation, otherwise the work will not be deployed. There is also a rift between some Aries and their friends, girlfriends and confidants. For some reasons, the distance between them is getting farther and farther. If they can compromise in the past, they may find that there is no need for compromise in the future. However, the human relationship is not broken. It probably involves the comments of other friends and their own style in the circle of friends, If it is not handled well, there may be a butterfly effect and even a sharp decline in their reputation among friends. During this period, Aries' values, character, EQ and pattern were all taken out for assessment. People floating in the Jianghu are not hurt. What is the part of friendship, whether it is self-interest or seeking common ground while reserving differences? All these test Aries' great wisdom!

On the bright side, Aries also has many new contacts that will go online. For example, it knows many new friends. Some fresh faces make Aries feel unrestricted understanding and happiness. Networking resources are fruitful. It may be the group benefits brought by the expansion of quantity or the practical help brought by higher quality.

In the same sentence, everything is one and two sides. The warmth of contacts and the pressure of human relations are accompanied by each other. When we reach a relatively mature and harmonious stage, we will find that the management of relationships is not a one size fits all, that is, if they are combined, they will gather, and if they are not, they will disperse. It does not refer to the external form of the relationship framework, but the definition of the distance between our hearts and the control of the distance between our relatives, Because Aries has not yet reached the time to recuperate, it still needs to experience in the sophistication of the world.

2、 In the middle of the year, he began to pay attention to spiritual health and temporarily stay away from the Jianghu in order to better integrate into the JianghuFrom the middle of May to the end of July, with Saturn retrograde and Jupiter turning into Pisces, Aries also temporarily withdrew from the busy social life and wanted to deal with some private topics. For example, if you had too much entertainment before, take a break in the middle of the year, keep healthy, read books, or contact religion and mystics, so as to make yourself more connected with spiritual things, The focus of life has temporarily shifted from outward expansion to inward exploration, and there is a new understanding of the gains and losses of life.

Aries will also want to do some charities in the middle of the year, such as fund-raising and public welfare activities; There are also some Aries who will retreat to make behind the scenes preparations for the contact management and organizational operation in the second half of the year; In the middle of the year, with the advancement of Tu Tian punishment, Aries' financial situation also has a great shock, which will be related to children, hope, team and friendship. For example, Aries will lose money for children, or make large investment for the operation of the company, or involve some financial involvement with friends and partners. However, Aries has two effects in the middle of the year, One is that the past efforts have been rewarded, and the other is that they are willing to sacrifice their actual interests for the time being to consolidate their network.

Business operation:

On the whole, the pressure on the top of the career has been greatly reduced for a long time. No matter whether Aries alleviated the pressure through the integration of upgraded contacts or began to integrate into the public after changing its identity, in the new year, the career field has finally started to expand outward from a new starting point. It was a vertical promotion before, and this year is a horizontal promotion. Therefore, in the new year, contacts are the key to career achievements. The way Aries manages its career is no longer a simple way to move forward, because when you rush forward, there will be a lot of human and worldly obstacles, and these human pressures and opportunities will just affect the pattern of career development. The era of fighting alone has passed, and there is great unity!

Aries in the workplace should pay attention to the interpersonal relationship and right and wrong in the new organizational team. Aries needs to pay attention to the relationship between corporate culture and team integration. Do you recognize the enterprise or the team? If you recognize the enterprise and your own role, the human problem is no longer a problem, On the contrary, calming down to manage contacts will be very helpful to the stability and promotion of future career.

For Aries who have just integrated into the new environment, you can make full use of the support of small partners with the same concept as you. They will be generous, forthright, responsive and unrequited; However, we should still pay attention to that everyone treats you well and welcomes you, which does not mean that they will always recognize you. This requires you to have enough personality charm to constantly consolidate your popularity, otherwise a gust of wind will leave nothing in the past, and there will be an emotional gap in the follow-up. How to make yourself play a role in the team and raise your value with the help of the team is the biggest topic in the new year. There is also the promotion of Aries, which has the pressure of team building and operation. For example, members are updated, personnel flow or old employees do not cooperate with new employees and lack of experience, Aries needs to organize and coordinate. However, these are the promotion of daily work, which can be dealt with as long as it does not affect the general direction.

Aries looking for a job needs to rely on their own contacts to find a good job. They will help you thread the needle or partner with friends. However, there is a taboo in entrepreneurship, that is, fraternal partnership. If there is no division of rights and responsibilities and no clear standard for benefit distribution, then most cities will be dragged down by friendship, They can't do a good job and lose friendship, so such Aries should think clearly and talk clearly before starting a business.

Emotional luck:

Single Aries, in the new year, mainly brings friends' peach blossoms with the help of active contacts, and may also develop some seed players from friends. This kind of peach blossoms will be more relaxed and pleasant without pressure, but it is also easy to have a certain sense of distance. Moreover, Aries should be careful to be involved in the love triangle between her best friend and confidant lover. Many ambiguous events are easy to occur. Common plots, such as having an affair with her best friend's boyfriend, lead to fundamental contradictions between feelings and friendship that need to be solved. So in this year, Aries should pay attention to the consistency of ideas and values with its young partners, especially from May to July in the middle of the year. If there is a great conflict of values, the happiness on the surface can easily flash. However, if there is a great resonance between values and a sense of hope, this relationship is worth cultivating.

In the new year, the feelings of single Aries are like brothers. It still needs a long way to go from happiness to marriage. However, if Aries only wants to enjoy the present, this 2021 will definitely meet your desire for happiness, call friends and respond to all kinds of calls. As long as you want to do, most of your friends will support you, flirt, ambiguous, and greatly increase the chances of flirting with brothers and sisters!

The other half of Aries has stable feelings. If the family involved the interference of their elders before, it will be solved this year. As for how to solve it, it may be a breakup or a compromise by their elders. This transformation was basically realized at the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Some Aries will start brewing to have children or invest in their children's training and education. Some Aries are eager to have a second child. These probabilities are very high. However, if they want a second child, the expenses of Aries will increase rapidly.


Because Uranus goes straight in the first half of the year and retrograde in the second half of the year, and is in a criminal phase with Saturn in the middle of the year, it will bring financial shocks. For example, Uranus is stuck with friends because of money, or has a sudden investment in order to join a cooperation, or has a large expenditure for children. Aries should pay attention not to lose money for temporary face or favor, but if you have used the money, don't destroy the friendship because of the insecurity of money. In short, the money is unstable. Before investment or recovery, you should carefully think about why you should do so. In the financial operation, Aries will pay special attention to the sense of hope. For example, if it thinks that something is promising, it is willing to sacrifice and pay for nothing in the short term, especially in the middle of the year.

Care tips:

Worldly sophistication is the core topic of the new year. Aries has a high probability of changing its identity and investing in the public. Everything is one and two sides. Contacts are both resources and obstacles. How to balance interests and protect yourself is a topic that Aries needs to learn.