Dream of killing snakes


  • Dreaming of killing snakes is a good omen, which indicates that difficulties will be eliminated and everything will be smooth.
  • Dream of cutting off the snake's head indicates that you can solve all difficulties and find ways to overcome them.
  • Dream of killing or cutting off a snake. This is a lucky dream. It means that although you have encountered many problems recently, you can solve them smoothly and eliminate your troubles quickly.
  • Students dream of killing snakes and will pass the exam smoothly.
  • Job seekers dream of killing snakes and will soon find jobs they like.
  • The merchant dreamed that he would make a lot of money by killing snakes.
  • The patient dreamed of killing snakes and his body would soon recover.
  • The prisoner dreamed of killing a snake and would soon be free.
  • People in love dream of killing snakes, which means that love will develop further!
  • I dream that others help me kill snakes. I hope others help me through difficulties.