Dream of a car

Dream of a car, good luck, but dream of empty car, is a bad omen, business will lose money.

A man dreams of a car without wheels, good luck and success.

When a married woman dreams of a car, her parents will call her back to her mother's home.

Businessmen dream of the car, business will be very prosperous, financial resources. Farmers dream of cars and harvest.

Tourists dream of cars, travel will be safe.

The patient dreams of a car and wants to go to a far away city for medical treatment.

A married man dreams of a car, which means he will have a son

Dream of a car that can't be driven, dreamer will be framed by his peers in business.

Dream of a wife or lover driving, will be separated from her.

Dream of buying a car, sorrow and pain will come.

Dream of giving someone a car, to make new friends.

Dream of the car lost, indicates that there will be some new troubles in daily life.