Deck interpretation

The five swords are in a disordered position, pointing in different directions. The main character in the picture holds three swords, and the other two are scattered on the ground, right beside the other two characters. The movements of the sword are varied, which shows that the sword has been in a state of truce after a fierce battle. In close range, the protagonist holds two sword handles with his left hand in front of his chest, and puts the two swords together on his shoulder, pointing up. Holding the handle of a sword in his right hand, let it stand upright, with the sword tip inserted on the ground and beyond the picture. The figure stood with his feet outstretched and turned to look at the man he had defeated with a proud smile on his face.

He was dressed in red with a green coat and orange boots. The two men who are facing away from each other in the distance are those who abandon their swords. They both hide their faces and bow their heads. They both don't turn their heads. It seems that they don't want to face this scene. Their swords fell to the ground, just in the right position to isolate the protagonist. The man on the left of the picture has a green sleeved brown coat, and his cloak is hung on his right shoulder. The person on the right is farther away, with a vague figure, wearing brown clothes.

The three are facing each other with their backs in pairs, and two fallen swords separate the winner from the loser. The scene is on the shore beside the water. The water surface is undulating and may fall into the water due to failure. The land bank on the opposite side is faintly visible. It is a remote area that may be able to accommodate. The cirrus cloud in the sky presents a strange shape, surrounding the protagonist, as jagged as the protagonist's hair. It can also be seen that the wind is blowing from left to right, and the protagonist's hair and clouds “ Trend ” agreement. The sky, the clouds, the sea and the distant mountains on the opposite bank are all gray, depicting a bleak scene.

Interpretation of edition meaning

The appearance of baojianwu usually implies a conflict, quarrel, or loss. In the general sense, this card implies that you are facing the possibility of conflict with others once or soon. At this time, things will go in two directions. One direction is that you may temporarily compromise the other party or such an environment, but you are not willing to admit defeat. You also constantly reserve your ability in private and look for opportunities to fight again; On the other hand, you have temporarily defeated the other party or the environment, but you should pay attention to that these are temporary. You keep growing, or you may be chased by the other party and eliminated by the environment. That is to say, no matter which side wins in the above two directions, it is only temporary. In sword five, this concept is very important.

Positive meaning

Sword five is a little man card. There are three people in the picture. The person in the front shows a strange smile. The two people in the rear are obviously lost and left. They are seriously injured by hidden arrows. The whole scene is quite messy. The floating clouds in the sky and the scattered swords on the ground show the rapid flow of thoughts and the emergence of contradictions and conflicts. The scene described here is a tragic victory after the argument. They won the game but lost their relationship, Sophistry may be a common trick. If it comes to Yin, it wins but loses more. If it has a smile but regrets, it is a dispute of spirit. There will be major problems both emotionally and at work. The reason is that although the attitude of striving for strength makes the other party unable to parry, it does lose trust and only gets the vanity of self complacency and superciliousness.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: there may be a third party in your emotional world, and there is a dispute between betrayal and humiliation. It is necessary to calmly deal with whether this relationship can continue!
  • Wealth: I have a strong desire to master wealth, so it is easy to get rich by overcoming the obstacles necessary for success, but unfortunately, it is easy to lose friends in the process of pursuing.
  • Career: the five swords symbolize conflict and tension. In career development, you compete with your opponents and partners secretly. Although you win, you lose respect and friendship. Learning to open your mind is the task you face.
  • Appearance: energetic, so you give people the feeling of a sunny appearance and clothes.
  • Health: mental diseases need attention. Emotional anxiety and inappropriate reactions are easy to cause unusual changes in personality. More attention should also be paid to cardiovascular diseases.

Inverse meaning

The reverse sword five may have found a way to deal with the villain. Although the villain is still there, he can deal with the other party. When the other party uses cheap moves with hidden guns, he knows how to deal with it, or the other party apologizes for his behavior, so he has a chance to make up with each other. Or the conflict has been irreparable, the party who has been bullied has failed and left with sadness and resentment. The feeling of conflict and quarrel still exists in the reverse sword 5, but the situation is not very serious and much calmer. To a certain extent, such a conflict is possible to be solved, and both sides are willing to calm down and think about their right and wrong in this conflict, and are willing to readjust their mentality and steps.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: the reverse sword five is still full of incongruity and separation. However, the handstand card indicates that there is still the possibility of communication and progress. You need to take more responsibility for the root of the conflict.
  • Wealth: as the saying goes, if you don't manage money, you don't care about money. You still have a very strong ambition for wealth and pursue it. But it is more open-minded than Zhengli.
  • Career: you don't belong to a team at work. Strong individualism will make your interpersonal relationship poor. If you take a hard-working approach, even if you succeed, you will lose more in the future. It can be said that both human and financial losses!
  • Appearance: Although can accept bold dress, very fashionable, but may sometimes open too much.
  • Health: thinking every day and dreaming at night may lead to insomnia. Empty your mind of sundries, a calm soul will help to improve your troubles.