Deck interpretation

These nine swords are closely arranged horizontally up and down, with the sword tip pointing to the right side of the picture. A woman in white pajamas got up and sat on the bed. She was covering her face and sobbing These swords cross the woman in the picture, and the lower ones penetrate her upper body. Now count the third sword and wipe the woman's head. Let's count the second sword, which penetrates the woman's neck. Let's count the first sword, right in the heart. These swords pierced her head and heart and passed overhead, causing her to wake up with a headache The woman's lower body is covered with a quilt. There are yellow and green grids on it. There are red patterns in the Yellow grid. On the blue grid, there are signs of the zodiac and the ten planets. The arrangement of these astrological phenomena is misplaced and disordered, many of which are repeated and incomplete. Mars, Taurus, cancer, Pisces, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, moon, Capricorn, Aries, Saturn, Sagittarius, Leo, Mars, mercury, sun, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus. The woman couldn't sleep. It can be seen from the flat bed that she didn't lie down for a long time. She covered her face and wept, as if she had been wronged and grieved.

On the side of the bed version below, there is a strange picture depicting a story of violence. The man on the right is bullying the woman on the left, making her lie on the ground. This can be said to be the story of her persecution, which is also the psychological root of her dreams. Since this place is not covered by a quilt, it can be explored The whole background is a black space, dark walls or corners, which is a portrayal of the deep fear in the heart.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Baojianjiu is a card that produces fear, fear, worry and worry in the spirit or heart. Usually, these problems have a great impact on themselves, so much so that they may affect the physical condition to some extent. However, such a response is usually not easy to solve, or it can be said that such a situation is not that it cannot be solved, but that they are unwilling or reject external assistance, which makes them feel a little worried. To some extent, sword nine also represents suspicion or lack of self-confidence, which usually extends the possibility of escape. To some extent, such a situation is easier to be highlighted when looking at emotional problems.

Positive meaning

  • Being in or about to suffer.
  • Because lovers will cause unfortunate events.
  • If you die prematurely, the flowers will fade easily.
  • Break up with someone or lovers.
  • Illness refers to the physical discomfort of a parent.

Baojianjiu is a nightmare card. It reappears in the dream because past injuries are suppressed. Past injuries run through the body and heart of the figure just like the prickles behind it. Because the dream truly shows the injuries, it directly suffers from various kinds of injuries. For a while, it is impossible to make a response. Therefore, the figure in the figure covers his face with both hands and does not want to face them. These may be the secrets of the past The injury of past experience or the betrayal of others, the most unwanted traumatic experience, extreme physical and mental trauma pressure, panic and panic. In terms of emotion, there is sword nine. The past experience of both sides has caused setbacks in the current relationship. It is too great for the two people to face and it is difficult to have a chance to heal. The ninth sword appears at work, and many annoying things continue to appear. The failure and mistakes of things are also branded with indelible pain in the heart.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: if you want to see me, I also know "Dugu Jiujian &prime" written by Jin Yong; Come on! If past misunderstandings exclude others, loneliness and sadness will haunt you. As long as you are willing to open Jinkou, the matter will be settled.
  • Wealth: relatively lavish in spending and generous in spending. Therefore, it is difficult to accumulate considerable wealth. But choose your friends carefully to avoid being cheated.
  • Cause: how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms without going through a cold spell. Bad luck will come to an end. The current pressure makes you breathless with anxiety. Soon there will be noble people to help you out. The premise is that you must open your heart.
  • Appearance: prefer dark color clothes. The appearance looks cold and does not easily express the feelings in your heart.
  • Health: the difficulty of sleeping is what you are facing now. Headache and irritability and anxiety come one after another. You may have many problems waiting for you to care about!

Inverse meaning

  • It is difficult to cope with life for a time because of the constant occurrence of humiliating events.
  • Have many bosom friends.
  • Indecision in doing things.
  • There is a sense of fear.
  • Rumors and slanders spread all around.

On the one hand, the reverse sword nine may gradually ease the pain and get rid of the melancholy state. Things are gradually turning around, but we still need to stabilize our mind and recover from sadness. However, on the other hand, it may also mean that you have been immersed in these sad experiences, and the reverse position may also mean that you will be unable to extricate yourself from them. From the point of view of the sword nine in the reverse position, the problem in the positive position still exists. It is only slightly improved in the reverse position, or slightly reflected in its own external level. To some extent, inversion also means that they are willing to face up to the problems that have occurred at present, or psychological and spiritual problems, and seek improvement to some extent. In other words, at present, I am trying to strengthen or evolve myself, and this reverse card can sometimes be seen as a turning point.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: now you have too much energy in your head, which makes you easy to think. You can take the other half to contact nature, redistribute energy, and precipitate your anxiety and desire.
  • Wealth: you have a clear idea of financial management. At this time, you can try to invest. Trust your intuition that unexpected wealth may come. There is a chance to turn a loss into a profit.
  • Career: dreams may reveal some information, and you may act according to the intuition brought to you by dreams. In fact, you should pay more attention to such information, because this is the consciousness that your body and mind no longer hide themselves.
  • Appearance: eager to communicate with people, so clothes should be designed with lively and bright colors.
  • Health: heart, spine and head problems should not be underestimated. Diet to reduce the intake of cholesterol, strenuous exercise should pay attention to their own safety protection.