Deck interpretation

Eight swords were inserted on the ground and distributed around the woman in red, surrounding her. The woman was not only surrounded by the sword, but also bound, and her eyes were covered. (this is similar to sword 2) five swords are located in front of the castle on the right side of the picture, the other three are on the right side of the woman, two are on her side and one is in front of her. The woman was wearing a V-neck red robe. She stood upright, wrapped in white strips for several times, and her hands were tied behind her back. The posture of the woman's feet is actually very special. Her right foot is on the ground and her left foot is in the water, which is very much like the picture of the temperance board. It is also a field of probing into consciousness and subconsciousness, and crossing over reality and spirit.

The ground is a piece of muddy, red soil, and low-lying areas are filled with water, which flows here from a distance. The woman was dressed in red, indicating that she had a warm disposition. However, she was bound by the silent white, and her shackled mood was common. The red clothes and white bandages, as well as the whole scene are red and white contrasting colors, almost no other color. There is also a castle in the background, which is gray white as a whole and red at the top, representing high spirit, which is also opposite to the color on the woman.

The sky and Castle Rock walls are gray white. The mountains in the distance only indicate that the terrain is high, which is the reason why the water flows here. The woman was bound, blindfolded and surrounded by the sword. She was in a terrible situation, but the danger was over and she could come out again. Although I once ran into a wall everywhere, now I dare not move forward and refuse to break free, which means that I am bound in a cocoon. However, as long as you are willing, you can open your shackles and get out of trouble. This is temporary bondage rather than permanent imprisonment. This picture of baojianba is well-known. It is also a highly original picture of Waite Tarot. It has almost become a classic picture and an important picture indicator in psychology, art and literature.

Interpretation of brand meaning

It's another interesting card. The hint on the sword 8 represents being bound or hoodwinked. Maybe in some cases, you can directly think that this kind of bondage or hoodwinking is caused by the environment or others, but it's not the case. Let's take a look at the most interesting part. The shackles and hoodwinks on sword 8 are all caused by ourselves, and I have enough ability to get rid of the shackles, but I am not willing to leave this situation. To some extent, I feel a little self abuse, or maybe I am assuming an unknown force to bind me and make me unable to break free. In other words, I don't trust myself and put myself in a somewhat ridiculous hypothetical safe space just because I am afraid that I will be hurt.

Positive meaning

  • In isolation, a new life of struggle began, and it fell down.
  • There is bad news coming.
  • There are reproaches and slanders around you.
  • Be bound, lose freedom.
  • There are always disputes in life.

Sword 8 is a trapped card. The character in the picture is trapped in the sword and mud. The safe place of the castle in the distance is far away. The blindfolded and cloth wrapped on her body show that she is trapped in ideas. The powerful role of ideas limits her ability to move. She is carefully, through the water marks on the ground, feeling the feelings in her heart and trying to get out of trouble. These sharp swords beside her may be some suggestions from others, or thoughts and comments from her own heart. However, these thoughts, opinions and suggestions do make her more trapped in them. She is in a stalemate situation and is in a troubled mood. She doesn't know what the right direction is. She can only grope a little, but she is afraid of being hurt. She shows a sense of powerlessness, fear and retreat.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: time can change everything. If your feelings encounter setbacks at this time, the best way is to calm down and wait for things to change. Remember that acting rashly will only make the situation worse.
  • Wealth: because your pattern is not open enough, your performance in gathering wealth is slightly inferior. If we want to develop, we must abandon the thinking of limiting ourselves.
  • Career: the development of your career is in a quagmire. Dealing with unexpected problems makes you feel awkward. But are you a man who can easily be defeated? Take time to find a plan, and the problem will be solved.
  • Appearance: red or orange is preferred in dress, which is dazzling but conservative.
  • Health: pay more attention to the occurrence of pathological changes in the respiratory tract and chest cavity, which suggests that asthma is more likely to occur, because the eighth sword means that it is difficult to breathe under pressure.

Inverse meaning

  • Free from bondage.
  • The crisis is over, and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Life has begun anew.

The reverse position of the sword 8, who got out of the situation of thousands of swords, was relieved. After thinking clearly, he knew how to go and what to do. He became more and more cheerful, opened his mind, got out of the dilemma, and moved towards the future direction and goal. In the reverse position of sword 8, it means that you can remove your own constraints, re-establish your self-confidence, and are willing to face problems. You can also say that you have removed the hypothetical safety zone in your heart, and opened your heart to accept the external reality. To a certain extent, this reverse position card also represents a new start, or preparation.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: clouds can't cover the sun forever. Now you can finally open your heart to see things. The worst is over. You must release yourself from the limitations, and the relationship will stop falling and recover.
  • Wealth: throwing away the traditional burden can lead to success, but it requires a lot of effort and acceptance of the test. It can be said that it is hard and sweet.
  • Career: if you were locked up because you were not satisfied with your business in the past, now is a time for relief. On the contrary, you should also let go of your old beliefs and start again. A new force is constantly supporting you towards success.
  • Appearance: simple and elegant clothes will be your favorite, giving people a sense of modesty.
  • Health: keeping a pleasant mood can help improve the condition of the patient, and control respiratory diseases. Want to relax your muscles and bones, but be careful not to be too reluctant.