Deck interpretation

This is the picture of a man sneaking into the barracks to steal a sword. He only stole five, and the other two remained where they were. A man's strength is always limited, so he has no way to confront the enemy openly. He can only use such cunning means to weaken the enemy's combat power. The two swords left behind represent the danger of this behavior. If you are careless, you will have a tragic end. However, he did not flinch because of difficulties, but showed full confidence, which is commendable. His expression seemed to have succeeded, but it was not. As long as he left a sword for the enemy, damage would inevitably occur. Sword seven tells people that if you want to succeed in a difficult task, you must pay a great deal of effort. At the same time, it also tells people that this kind of rat stealing dog's head may succeed once or twice, but it will not work forever.

The clothes on men are very similar to those of fools, with many patterns. Blue pants indicate smart action, and wearing a high hat is very funny. In fact, this is a hint of spiritual activity. The hat and shoes are red, which means that the actions and thoughts are fast and high. The background of the picture is very complex. Except for the military camp, the left half is a natural scene. The close view is the undulating land. The long view is a hill, trees and a small house. There are low clouds on the horizon. The dark yellow sky indicates dusk and dusk. At that time, it was at the junction of day and night. It was a good time to take secret action.

Interpretation of brand meaning

In the general sense, sword seven represents not giving up on things or giving up any opportunities, and has the feeling of trying to seize them. It can also be said that although I have encountered some difficulties or unsolvable problems, I am not willing to sit idly by or passively wait for the help of others, and continue to find many ways to solve them. To some extent, it can also be explained as that you are dissatisfied with the current situation and constantly look for opportunities to make breakthroughs. However, sometimes, such practices are beyond your ability. This card is also a trick, or a dishonest hint exists. It is possible to break through because of dissatisfaction with the current situation. Therefore, some extraordinary means or improper methods are selected, but usually such practices or ideas do have the possibility of successful implementation.

Positive meaning

  • There is always carelessness in life.
  • There are hidden enemies.
  • Let the cat out of the bag.
  • To be or have been stolen.
  • The plan has / faces failure.

The sword seven is a strategic card. The sword already represents imagination. In addition, the number seven of imagination is the ultimate play of ideas. The characters in the seventh sword sneak into the enemy's camp to steal their weapons. Sneak in to weaken the opponent's fighting strength. For the character in the picture, he is bold and dangerous. If he doesn't do well, he will be caught by the enemy and cause damage. However, when he was in the right position, the skillful man took the sword without being noticed, which also represents the success of strategy. It is a brilliant idea, careful design, excellent scheming, and the best opportunity, with stimulating pleasure.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: this card also implies that people on both sides may have cheated! It may also mean that your relationship needs a new direction and it is easier to find the return you are looking for.
  • Wealth: This is a card with secrets and no confessions. If you want to do a business or invest with others recently, please review it carefully.
  • Career: you will want to make some changes if you stop working on the status quo. Of course, it is necessary to make some sacrifices. Carefully reduce your "bad luck rate ′, We should be modest in self-examination and not sum up our frustrations with bad luck.
  • Appearance: dare to try bold clothes and distinctive costumes, it can be said that clothes are not amazing and die endlessly.
  • Health: exercise will always ensure physical and mental health. At this time, your physical strength is full of vitality. Positive exercise habits can greatly improve your health.

Inverse meaning

  • Unexpected good luck.
  • Consult others' advice.
  • Good advice or guidance.

The reverse sword 7, although sneaking into the enemy camp, was found. So this idea may be a bad idea. It is not well planned and causes damage. It does not weaken the enemy's ability, but it is injured by the enemy. Appear in the feelings, sneak to do some things under the table and be found, exposed and caught; Or it is simply impossible to think of, and can only maintain the status quo.

From the reverse position, I can see that although I am still using some methods to change the current situation, I have not noticed whether such methods are not applicable. Of course, since it is not applicable, there is no possibility of success, but there is a slightly desirable point that I will not give up and try to find more unsuitable methods. However, cheating and dishonesty in the positive position still exist in the reverse position, but it is external cheating in the positive position, but it is internal and external cheating in the reverse position. It can also be said that it is a bit like stealing a bell.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: don't cling to the old thinking mode or feelings about things. Maybe you are holding an unreasonable belief and deceiving yourself that everything is OK. If you are dissatisfied with the current situation, change your attitude!
  • Wealth: you have made efforts to make money but can not get the feedback you want. Just like fishing, don't give up. Looking for another method will have surprising results.
  • Career: if you are poor, change will make sense. You may be full of unexpected ideas, but now you need to listen to others' advice. Looking at things from different angles will make it easier for you to lead to success.
  • Appearance: I will ask for my clothes. I can see the word "taste" in you.
  • Health: Life reversed day and night will affect your health. If you want to do some exercise recently, you should pay more attention to protective measures, which is more likely to cause sports injury. In addition, diet should be controlled.