Deck interpretation

Sword six is a sad departure, leaving the process of reaching the other side sadly, and is going through the current difficulties. The figure in the picture holds on to his cloak tightly and hides his heart, which shows that he is in a low tide. Fortunately, he is not alone. The children beside him and the boatman in the rear are all there to comfort her. Judging from the surface of the water, the boat rowed very slowly. The boatman just moved forward slowly with a pole, rippling on the surface of the water, indicating that the current situation must move forward slowly. The sword in front of me is standing upright and tied in front. In addition to feeling heavy, it also means that the direction of progress is planned and step by step. Positive position means that although it is slow, it can still reach the other shore smoothly. Therefore, the existence of a message from one end of the card to the other is conducive to communication. All kinds of contradictions and misunderstandings can be solved slowly through communication.

Interpretation of brand meaning

Sword six is a very interesting card. In the general waite card, it is usually drawn that a ferryman drives a small boat to an unknown or known direction, and six swords are inserted in the boat. In the waite card, there is also a woman and a child. There are no women and children in sparrow. So where is the interesting place? Let's study it. These six swords represent a problem, and the ferryman is also deeply troubled by this problem, because these six swords have inserted six holes in the boat, that is, the boat is in danger of sinking at any time, but it can not be removed, because if it is removed, the possibility of the boat sinking will greatly increase. If it is reflected in real life, you can see that you are suffering from some problems, which can not be easily solved, but you have to take these problems with you. At some time, maybe these problems can help you learn the experience of solving things, and let you slowly change the situation. But in some cases, this card means that you just bring these problems from the past to the present and go to the future, but the idea of solving them is negative.

Positive meaning

  • The surging water overflowed to the shore, indicating that there will be more difficulties in the future.
  • The wound was unable to heal and refused to accept help.
  • There are no good countermeasures.
  • You need to speak up to people who misunderstand you.

Sword 6 is related to eliminating problems. The way of ferry symbolizes overcoming current difficulties, and also symbolizes that communication is smooth, thoughts are unimpeded, and problems can be solved. Going downstream is related to transportation and tourism, especially water transportation, water travel ~ navigation, going to sea and air routes. It also means all activities related to water. All the journeys and itineraries can also be included. The traffic is smooth and the journey is pleasant, but you still need to be attentive and focused. This card represents a small smooth, but also on behalf of smooth communication, things can be easily solved. The way to get through difficulties or take refuge may be to solve problems by escaping or going far away. It also means to run for success. It is a kind of expedient behavior. This act of refuge is not too hasty, but it is also simple, low-key and efficient.

This card also represents that some current situations must be solved or handled, or the current affairs must be handled in order to achieve another goal, and it also represents the exploration and pursuit of another new life. Find a new order, and no longer in chaos. The women and children in the picture represent the people who need protection. The display of the six swords represents the role of protection. They will have legitimate defense, indicating that they are safe from being invaded by others. However, they need to be cautious in the process of rowing.

This card can also represent entrustment and entrusted care. Of course, the entrusted person also has a mission. This advance is not aimless. The opposite bank is the goal of the advance. However, we must be wise to move forward, and we must choose a calm journey rather than a rough channel. The left and right sides of the boat in the picture are the contrast of calm and fluctuating, representing two directions of things. Baojian Liuzheng means that it will be able to reach the opposite bank smoothly, which also means to change the status quo or leave the original environment. For example, changing jobs is a good suggestion, that is to say, changing the environment will definitely lead to the opposite bank.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: there are quite a lot of baggage in the relationship. In the past, although you tried not to face it, you followed you like a shadow. Now you have to face it, release your emotions, and the storm will gradually flatten out.
  • Wealth: it is possible to face financial difficulties, but the current situation is improving. All you need is steady control. Don't be whimsical. Revenue and expenditure will be balanced.
  • Career: the bottleneck encountered in your work recently is not enough for your current ability to cope with, which indicates the beginning of a new life. You must learn on-the-job training, acquire new skills, and cultivate your indispensable role in the work.
  • Appearance: the appearance looks simple and dumb, not good at words, and the clothes look simple and casual.
  • Health: emotional control is very important. It is easy to be unstable. Pay more attention to your happiness and avoid hysteria.

Inverse meaning

  • All is well after all difficulties.
  • Hide yourself from the world.
  • Need help from an intermediary.
  • We have weathered the storm.

The reversed sword six may have capsized. The water above also means that the waves are too big to get through the difficulties. The ship can not reach the other shore, so the representatives can not communicate. Many emotions can not be told and listened to. They are even more trapped in emotions. They think that there is no one to help her. From the reverse position of sword 6, you can easily feel two different paths with the same result. One thing is that you are unwilling to wait for the slow change and progress, but you have made some drastic actions, hoping to solve these problems as soon as possible, but you have ignored the bigger problem behind this problem. The other way is to stop all changes and progress and stop yourself, Waiting for the help of others, or that is to say, they are not willing to face up to the existence of these problems, a little unrealistic feeling appears.

Meaning of corresponding life at all levels

  • Love: don't let yesterday's arrogant sprinkling of salt on your wound, want to get rid of the present unhappiness. Although the transformation may require a storm, you will be glad to see the dawn after the calm.
  • Wealth: it is inevitable to speculate in the pursuit of wealth, but this move will face a storm. You must be bold and careful to take the helm, and eventually the rain will pass.
  • Career: the pace of work tends to be slow. Now you have new problems in order to seek change. Progress has always been slow and steady. At present, success lies in striving for victory in stability. A reminder: be careful when you are tight and break the bowl.
  • Appearance: strong action force. Sometimes it seems a little urgent, like a panic attack. I like to wear light clothes.
  • Health: the obvious decline in physical strength, the most progressive work is easy to feel powerless. Have the tendency of autism, get closer to others and reduce their time alone.